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It's possible you received all of the disagrees because your incredibly poor spelling and grammar made it impossible for anyone to believe you know what the hell you are talking about. Just a theory.

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That's exactly what people said about music CDs. When is the last time you bought one of those? Thought so.

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The real question now is, what team's bench is Chad Pennington going to be riding from now on?

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It's actually some deal where the more he plays, the higher draft pick the packers get. They can end up with a first rounder if by some bizarre set of circumstance Brett leads the Jets to the Super Bowl

Note: Bizarre set of circumstances means the Colts/Jags/Pats/Chargers/Brown s/name your team decides that they don't want to play football this year.

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260 some games and never been think it will happen now?

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I don't think the "dirty secret" is that they don't inform you of old pre-orders, but more that this guys manager told him that corporate WANTS employees to "forget" to tell people!

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Where can I buy one of those? I love my 360 but Dualshock is the best controller hands down.

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That would be a great point if thats the only ad that was on XBL

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That is the exact same thing the record industry said about CD's and we all know how well that worked out for them.

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I play the actual guitar and have played in bands since I was around 13, butI love playing guitar hero and rock band too. The two have little to nothing to do with each other. Matter of fact, I am much better on the actual guitar then guitar hero. I play on medium or hard, sue me.

as far as jon mayer goes, can't say I agree with him but you gotta give him credit for his track record with the ladies ;)

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you don't pay to play and never will...until Sony starts charging for PSN

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another one of these hit-whoring articles!?!?! enough already.

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john needs a tissue and a tampon

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Fox (same company that gives us Bill O'Reily) actually owns IGN. the man is everywhere!

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I am supposed to believe some joker who didn't interview anyone who would have actual information, who only cited 2nd hand sources, and basically just concocted a theory and presented as fact? Yeah...ok. Internet bloggers FTW!

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GTA IV blew me away for all of those reasons in this article. I know it's early to say this, but if we are talking greatest games of all time. GTA IV is up there.

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*whish* that was the sound of the article going over your head vigorous

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I wrote the article and I live in Chicago. I think that qualifies for a large urban area. Also, its easier to get a game in large areas because of how many stores there are. If you live in a one stoplight town you might be SOL, but here Gamestops are on almost every corner, let alone every other retailer that sells games.

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i'm guessing rockstar is going to make sure that anyone who wants a copy of the game will be able to get their hands on one.

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I'm glad that I dont have wacky japanese por.n on my PC

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