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I can understand if somebody is not interested in their products, but nobody should want Nintendo to die. #1.4
I would think that your cloud backed-up saves would alright. I could be wrong though, the article didn't mention if the corruption was limited to your HDD or SSD. #1.2.1
Nothing better to do, huh? #1.1.4
Well... #10
Nice :)

If this pans out, then I'll be dying very often in glorious current-gen beauty. #21
Eh, I'm sure that they'll patch soon enough. I haven't really bothered with group messaging yet. #15
Only two more months! :D #7
It definitely can. Personally, I like what we've seen so far.

Also, keep in mind that Aliens: Colonial Marines and Alien: Isolation only share a name. They are otherwise two completely different games developed by two completely different developers. #10
-_- #4.3
Yeah, this is disappointing. This means that once you've reached a certain level of skill and comfort with the game, they'll basically just become cannon fodder and will probably be farmed for points. #1.12
Nintendo fell by more than 1400 positions? Jeez... #19
Same. I'm not sure what he/she is trying to say. Are they trying to say "6 Games That Have Never Been Sued", "6 Games That Have Been Sued a Great Deal", or "The 6 Games That Have Been Sued the Most"?

If they are trying to say "6 Games That Have Been Sued", then what's the point? Many games have been sued.

What a mysterious title. #2.1
The game looks like regurgitated cat feces. #14
I would consider:
- Bioshock
- CoD4
(Say what you will about CoD as a series, but you cannot deny that CoD4 had a massive impact on the military FPS genre)
- Dead Space
- The Last of Us
- Batman: Arkham Asylum
- Braid
- Dark Souls
- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
- Fallout 3
- Gears of War
- Journey
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- Mirror's Edge
- Red Dead Redemption... #14
LOL Brilliant XD #1.2.1
Dat Quiet. #1
Not a bad proposal. Not bad at all. #4
In the words of Mr. King: "I have a dream!" #10.1
I like what I'm hearing about the game thus far. Some people are trashing the fact that it gives you a motion detector, but I think that it amplifies the horror aspect by basically telling you how close death is to you. The latest GameInformer gave some cool details. #8
Seemingly everywhere now-a-days. He's basically omnipresent. #13.1
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