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So 1080p.
Such framerate.
Much awesome.

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This whole Nintendo thing has become quite the debacle...

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Make a decision. Do you want an action shooter or a survival horror experience?

Stop trying to be both. Pick one and stick with it.

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Dem tank controls.

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My comment wasn't meant to be an objection. No, it wasn't meant to be more of an attempt at introducing and explaining an alternate way of looking at the situation.

I agree with your concern. Throwing in nudity and drug use just for cheap, shock value is lazy and tasteless. If it is done well, then I liken it to reading a good novel: the nudity, language, drugs, etc. don't exactly add to the plot, but they do lend the novel a certain atmosphere that I can apprecia...

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Harsh, but ringing with truth.

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Sex, drugs, language, graphics scenes, etc. can all be found in real life. Personally, having them in a game makes it easier for me to immerse myself into the experience. It's more realistic. I also appreciate the fact that the developers aren't afraid to treat you like an adult.

If it is done well, then I have absolutely no problem with it.

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One of the reasons that I loved Witcher 2 was because it was a mature game made for a mature audience. I didn't treat you like a kid. It treated you like an adult. Sex, drugs, language, graphic scenes, etc. are all a part of reality. Having them in a game only makes it that much easier to immerse myself into the experience...that is, if it is done well.

This news has only made me more excited for the game.

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That trailer looks so sick! :D

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That is, if our internet infrastructure gets the upgrade that it so sorely needs. Fiber optics, mofo.

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I'm not completely sure what my first game was. I think it was either Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the Game Boy Color or PaRappa the Rapper for the PlayStation.

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Annnnnnddd they're gone...

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The first current-gen game that I pre-ordered :)

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Keep in mind that this is still just the Alpha. The final product will no doubt be impressive.

The prioritization of AI count over player count kind of bugs me, but overall I like the concept. This is pretty much the only game that makes me want to get a Xbox One.

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Maybe some people just get off on seeing humans being turned into pancakes.

...this got dark.

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I agree with BakPAin, that would suck. Competition is good. It keeps everyone on their toes.

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Sony has created a very attractive platform for 3rd parties. It is, in fact, so attractive that (according to these people) Nintendo is having trouble securing 3rd party deals.

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That's suck, man. I love cool, gaming-themed toys and collectibles like this. I totally would've been down for a Lego Titan.

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Couldn't have said it better myself :)

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N4G: News for Gamers...who like to war and troll.

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