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They confirmed in another video that you can customize the difficulty. Making being caught result in instant death, only one life, etc. With any luck, there will be a option or two to limit or completely remove all of Garret's lethal options.

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When he breaks apart his body and is floating about, use an EMP grenade on him. When he's stunned, go up to him, activate Blade Mode, and hit his head. His head will be thrown to the ground and then you can slash away at it (Blade Mode is not necessary at this point) to deal damage.


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Dude, the music in Metal Gear Rising was simply incredible. So sick!

The moment I knew I would love the music:

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I have always found these types of complaints and "issues" to be particularly aggravating. Largely because I see them as being unfair and just plain stupid.

There are only so many realistic ways in which a character can climb a wall, shimmy along an edge, or walk across a rope. Are we really going to raise a fuss over that? Similar animations?

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In my opinion, the Metal Gear and God of War series have the best and most memorable bosses.

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Ah. So more shouting and dragons then.

1578d ago 3 agree1 disagreeView comment long before we start commonly referring to the PS4 and Xbox One as current-gen instead of next-gen?

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"A mess"? I think you might be jumping the gun a bit.

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Hey guys, didn't you know that facts = opinions nowadays? Didn't you get the memo?

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I love comics, videogames, and art. The inFAMOUS series feels like it was made for me :D

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Personally, I love the new character.

Just like mike32UK said, Delsin is something different from what we usually see. He is not the atypical, broody action hero driven by revenge. He is young, modern, and sees his power as a blessing and has fun with them.

He is what the modern person would most likely be like if they gained superpowers. He is relatable.

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At the very least, give us a definitive time frame, Ubisoft. Something more specific than '201_' would be appreciated.

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The steamiest bull****...


Also, will we ever move on from this topic? I can understand that these articles may be targeted at those who are not up-to-date on gaming news and specifics, but it's been like 2 months. Any information that they could possibly be looking for regarding the consoles' specs is so well-published by now that more articles just seems redundant.

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Maybe there is a separate, multiplayer mode called Story Matches or something? Or maybe the intros and outros will change over time?

I'm just shooting in the dark here...

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To be fair, a simple story can still be captivating if it is done well.

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Always some drama. God forbid a game have similar, realistic animations.

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I'm so down for the multiplayer you just described! :)

This could totally work. The Last of Us has shown us that a game that you would expect to be only singleplayer can have a great multiplayer mode whilst still having an award-winning story.

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The best kind of humor.

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What was the point of this comment? It has literally nothing to do with the article. It's just you jerking it to PC gaming.

Bubble Down for Off Topic.

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Everyone should look a certain analogy from a developer about filling a glass full of rocks and water. It's pretty awesome.

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