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No. Just no.

Forza 5 had to suffer so many cutbacks to get it to 1080p/60fps that it's laughable; particularly when you compare the E3 unveil to the final product. It's barely next-gen.

Same with Ryse. They had to downgrade the game graphically in order to even run it on the Xbox One. It's your typical Crytek game: graphically beautiful, but has disappointing gameplay. #1.10.6
As a PS4 gamer, this video kind of hurts my heart, but I'll be damned if it's not ringing with truth.

I cannot deny that the PS4's launch line-up was a little thin, but I bought the system because I knew that high-quality games would be coming down the road. #1.10

Forza 5? Don't make me laugh. That game is barely next-gen:

1) It's a racing game. The only important things the developers have to spend their time on are the track and the cars themselves.

2) To even hit that fidelity, they had to make several cutbacks to the overall product.

3) Gran Turismo 6 manages 1080p/60fps on the PS3, hardware from 2006. Forza 5 doing the same on next-gen hardware is nothing impres... #1.1.14

We're not talking about the list or the author. We're talking about Justin Bieber, or as like to call him: "You-Know-Who"

Anyways, I say we toss him into the fires of Mount Doom. #1.1.5
I can only assume that English was not the first language of the author of the description.

On topic:
I guess I can maybe see some sort of resemblance to Skyrim; however, if there was a next-gen Elder Scrolls, I doubt it would look like this. #1.1.3

So you're trying to tell me that all video games - regardless of genre, developer, setting, scale, pacing, art style, mechanics, etc. - are just different versions of Call of Duty?

Yeah. Sure. That's makes total sense and is not laughably asinine at all. #6.5.2
Intelligent and well-thought out articled.

Personally, I've managed to mostly avoid suffering the usual stereotypes that come with people discovering that I play video games, but I do have a few unpleasant memories. Stereotypes are always aggravating. #3
Epic solution is epic :) #6
I gotta agree with him here. That would be pathetically moronic. #4
All the sports. All the TV. #3.1.1
It's CoD with mechs and wallrunning. If you grew tired of CoD, then you'll grow of this. #6.5
You died from anything? #1.1.2

I am in love with your name XD #1.5.3
Yeah. I know.

I found myself growing more and more tired of the games as time yet on. I still play it every now and then when I'm hanging out with my friends, but I've stopped buying them.

Even if I hadn't grown tired of it, there are just so many other great games out there that my time would just be too divided. #19.1.1
All the fabulousness. #7
On paper, the concept of Early Access is a great one. People play the game as you develop it and give you constructive criticism. However, like seemingly all good things, it can abused and corrupted.

The most prominent example of Early Access abuse is Battlefield 4. Not because it is the first case of such abuse, but because of the following and popularity that the series has. The true test will come when Battlefield 5 is inevitably released. Will we see a repeat of Battlefie... #4
With Call of Duty: Ghosts, I finally managed to break out of the vicious, Call of Duty cycle. Titanfall is, to my eyes, essentially just Call of Duty with mechs and wallrunning, and I am not interested getting back into sort of Call of Duty cycle. The game looks fun, don't get me wrong, but I've had quite enough of that particular brand of fun for a while.

inFAMOUS combines some of my favorite things in life: superpowers, video games, and art. It's like it was mad... #19
Just like that one series that everyone has been playing over and over and over again for years now. I can't quite place the name though, Call of - something... #10.2

Guys, don't feed the troll. The best way to fight him is to let him starve. #1.2.4
I laughed when I read the title. It's hilariously desperate. They are literally sending out mass emails asking people to send in their competitor's old console along with $100 in exchange for a Xbox One.

Short of hosting discounted Xbox One kiosks on the side of the street, this is about as desperate as it gets. #1.5
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