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That was dark. I like :)

Regardless, magnetokinesis (magnetism manipulation) would be awesome! #6
1) Some ***hole

2) Recognition, some personal sense of accomplishment, possibly some money in some way, etc.

3) Maybe he looks VERY similar to Yves? Ironic hacking? Clever documentary manipulation? Who knows. #5.1
Ways to Stop Bleeding:
1) Dress the wound with Band-Aids or gauze
2) Rinse using running water
3) Apply a layer of Vaseline
4) Dab with white vinegar
5) Sprinkle cornstarch or sugar into the wound
6) Use spider webs
7) Use a styptic pencil
8) Burn it
9) Elevate the wound
10) Apple pressure


On topic:
If they put some great games out there, then should be able to turn this around. #6
Spears all the way.

Accuracy > greater power/defense. #11
I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that it is impossible.

Latency is the amount of time it takes for the host server to receive and process a request. So unless the server can magically receive and process a request instantaneously, latency will always exist. On top of this, the data has travel a variable distance. #2.1.1
Such a game NEEDS to happen.

Such watching.
Much vigilante.
So hacking. #12.2
As others have mentioned, this could just be a name change.

I really hope this doesn't get cancelled. The concept and the setting in which the concept will play out are very enticing. #21
No problem :) #11.2.1
True. I guess it really depends on how well the AI opponents and the story are implemented. #11.1.1
I see what you did there :D

Don't forget the droves of multiplayer AI cannon fodder that Call of Duty will have. #3.1
It looks like an addictively fun game, but I think calling it a "game changer" is a bit much. #11
About what I expected it to be then. Regardless, I might give it whirl if only to unlock those weapons and get a few of the campaign-based trophies. #3.1.1
These are two different games, so this isn't a fair contest; however, since Titanfall is a FPS, looks similar to CoD, and is releasing on multiple platforms it's almost guaranteed to sell more...

But as any true gamer knows, sales do not make a game "better". I'll totally be supporting InFAMOUS: Second Son all the way. Already pre-ordered the Collector's Edition. This is a franchise that I feel doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves. #26
I've had Battlefield 4 since December and I'm going to be honest, I haven't touched the campaign yet.

1) In my opinion, the multiplayer is the main attraction of the franchise.

2) After everything I've heard in regards to bugs and campaign saves being erased, I don't even want to bother. #3
Wow. This is WAY better than what I expected it to be. #5
Exactly. Resident Evil used to survival-horror, not it's more akin to an action-shooter with zombie-esque enemies. #4.1.1
It increases immersion.

Character customization allows the player to put their personal touch on the protagonist of the game. It makes the experience more personally appealing. #5
Somebody always has to try and turn these conversations into fanboy wars.

For this thread, that somebody was you. Congratulations, here's your cookie crumb. #1.2.3
What is Resident Evil?
A franchise that fallen. #4
Yeah. Sure. Because being a thrifty spender and looking for the best bang for your buck totally equates to being a lesser human being.

A little advice:
Pull your empty head out of your fat, pretentious ass and get a reality check. #1.1.11
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