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Hopefully he won't get anything serious for this. The fear and panic that he's probably feeling right now are punishment enough and should ensure that such a thing won't be happening again. #4
Yeah. Lewd and vulgar creations are inevitable when you give users such tools of creativity; however, with these same tools other users will create awe-inspiring works of art.

Pros and cons. Just something you have to accept. #7
What decrypt and Snookies12 said. #3
I honestly don't care about how many launch games there will be for either console. More will come out in the future. Don't sweat it. #3
I can't really see a difference tbh. #5
The PS Eye and Move probably won't get much use to be honest. People don't necessarily hate them, but they just aren't interested. Yes, I'm well aware that some people really love them, but I think I can safely say that most people don't.

Same for the Kinect. Most people just aren't interested. Most people see it as a gimmick and not one that adds to the gameplay experience, but one that hampers it.

Microsoft's basic idea here seem... #13
Stop trying to make people dislike you.

You are 2 weeks from the Xbox One launch. It doesn't matter if you were within your rights, this is not what you need right now. You already have Penello being a patronizing idiot by bringing up the old DRM policies and basically talking about how it's the consumers' fault that it didn't pan out and that we "weren't ready".

Stop making it harder on yourselves. #15
That...was absolutely beautiful.

So accurate, so powerful. Oh, how I love a good rant. #1.9
These are actually pretty awesome. WAYYY better than the 360's. #3
Any game, huh?

Let's see. Surely there's at least ONE Kinect game gathering dust somewhere in my neighborhood... #3 actually pretty cool of Microsoft to do. Good on them :) #1
Uncharted 4

I don't want TLoU to get a sequel. Not because I didn't like it (quite the opposite), but because I want that masterpiece to end on the high note that it did. TLoU doesn't need a sequel imo. #8
My Top 5:
1) inFAMOUS: Second Son
2) Destiny
3) The Order 1886
4) Killzone: Shadow Fall
5) MGS5 #5
All Ghillied Up:
Best single-player mission ever. Period.

CoD4 was absolutely amazing. It actually had an interesting story with several epic, memorable moments. However, All Ghillied Up stands out from the rest. I remember playing that mission and blowing a hole through the front of my pants it was so epic. #25
Yeah. I imagine that the controller would look like that if you were intentionally jamming your thumbnails into it and never washed your hands... #1.7
Dreamcast 2? Oh man, James Small would be in Utopia...

*Insert heavy British accent*

This Is So Stupid...
"The only reply that was worthwhile was from refurbishments department and it goes: ‘Tell people to not press so hard, or that is what my Sony rep tells me’, to which was replied ‘That is stupid, it is meant to be beat on’"

No. It's not meant to be 'beat on' and 'used harshly'. It's a controller. Not one of those ****ing stress relief toys. If you have hundreds of random people playing with it and rubbing their dirty hands on it - some of who... #11
I feel like when we get our hands on the next-gen, we'll look to the 'power of the cloud' and see that it only provides minor enhancements.

I feel like it's being way overhyped. #10
So you gave us a warning about something that has already happened?

Well this was pointless... #8
I have played every CoD since CoD1. At this point, I don't need to play Ghosts in order to know what I would get out of it.

It may be said all the time, but there are very few differences between the new iterations in the series now-a-days. Yes, there are the few new game modes and minor multiplayer elements that they add/change every year, but that's about it. #6.4
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