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I'll give the game the benefit of a doubt and try it. If the microtransactions are handled poorly, then I'll drop it. If they are handled well, then I'm down...deep down. #10
Personally, I think the gap between the PS4 and Xbox One will be a little smaller than that, but, yeah, I can see those numbers panning out. #1.6
If there was ever a game that would make me want to get a Xbox One, it's Titanfall. #15
Do you really have to do this, man? Come on... #1.1.9
I've come to love reading the comments that the obviously butthurt, pro-Nintendo fans leave on these types of articles XD

Some act as with the poster of the article has committed the ultimate act of blasphemy by daring to criticize Nintendo. Most always fall back on pointing out the success of the 3DS. Some just post some incomprehensible nonsense.

Nintendo is not doing as well as it could be. Just accept it, guys. It's nothing to blow a gasket over. #12
I won't. Aside from Smash Bros., there hasn't been a Nintendo franchise that has caught my attention in years. #10
Maybe, but as of right now that is purely speculation. What is not speculation is the fact that Nintendo and, in particular, the WiiU are performing as well as they could be.

One can cite the success of their handheld market, but there is more to gaming and Nintendo than just handhelds. Also, unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is strictly a gaming corporation. They don't have other markets that they can fall back on.

Nobody wants Nintendo to die, but the... #10.1.1
Yeah, I bet you do, Phil. #6
Nah, mine are still going strong. #13
Fallout 4 and then Elder Scrolls 6. #30
Are you going to produce games that actually utilize your console's power or are you just going to produce more casual/family games in a world where serious multiplayer is king? Will you continue to rely so heavily on your traditional franchises or will you branch out more?

The world changes. Change with it. #10

No, but seriously, what is this even? #6
A little on the nose, but I'm down :D #7
As far as I'm concerned, he's not wrong. #23
Half-Life 3 confirmed. #2
Shaq Fu to run at 720p on Xbox One with cloud-powered AI. Calling it now. #1.2.1
This is the game we deserve, but not the one we need right now. #9.1
1 v. 1, but don't worry, there will be loads of bots. #16.1
I wouldn't mind seeing something like that. I just want to see some more impressive displays of the Force tbh :P

I mean, it's the Force for ****'s sake! The most impressive bits of Force use we got in the movies were Luke lifting his ship out of the water and Sidious throwing around senate platforms when fighting Yoda... #9.2
I liked the Force Unleashed.

Admittedly, it wasn't the best game from a technical perspective; however, it was very fun to play, and isn't that what's most important? #6.3
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