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The PS3 version looks better, but not by a huge margin and that's good. I was originally going to get MW2 for the PS3, but it bricked so I'm getting it for the 360 instead. I was worried because MW1 on the 360 looked... not great. Adequate, but not great.

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And of course I just renewed my Live sub. Uhg. Been nice to get this deal a week ago.

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Just like the Cylons had a plan. Whatever. Just make L4D 2 a great game, Valve. Then I'm sure L4D 1 fans will cool down.

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Live is a great service. Depending on my connection, I can download half a dozen largish demos on Live in the same amount of time it takes to dl a 1gig demo on PSN. Connections seem to be faster and more stable when playing online with Live as well.

However, Live costs too much for my household. I can swing $50 dollars a year for a single account, no problem, but there is no way I can afford to pay for multiple accounts for members of my family who also play on-line games. I wou...

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I understand the urge to ignore fps SP. The four or five hours you spend playing the SP is time you can be spending building up your online profile so as not to be left too far behind by the hardcore grinders.

I was tempted to skip Modern Warfare's SP. It was the first online game I ever played that wasn't poker and I was really excited to get into the MP. But I went ahead and played the SP and looked at it as one big training level.

So far, I've played through Mode...

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I'd demand a sequel to Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, but we're kinda already getting that. So I guess I'll go with sequels to Psi-Ops and Breakdown.

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It doesn't matter a good god dang if IGN or X-Play or anyone else thinks FF7 was a waste of disc space. No one can ever take away how well received and successful FF7 turned out. It will always be a legendary game that people still pop into their Playstations or PCs or emulators, and enjoy playing.

Would the game be as successful today? No, but neither will Call of Duty 4 or Gears of War or even Killzone 2 ten years from now. By then they'll all be old hat.

FF7 was ...

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I disliked the campaign mode in Killzone 2. I liked the campaign in K1 better. The ally IA is so damn worthless in K2 it brought down the whole experience, even though I liked everything else.

I lost track of how many times I screamed at the ally AI to do something! Anything! Don't just sit there! I'm looking at you, Rico, you dumb bastard. Those of you who played the final level might understand what I'm talking about.

The Halos' ally AI isn't great either, but the...

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Yeah, bonesmccoy, I'm thinking the movie taking place during the Street Fighter Tournament is the way to go.

About the review, I'm not surprised KK was the best actor in the film. Or at least the least objectionable. When KK isn't playing Lana Lang she can be a good actress.

Still, worse than the JCVD Street Fighter movie? Whoa. Like, whoa.

My favorite line in the JCVD version:

Quick! Change the channel!--Zangief

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Seriously, would she have been "outed" if her profile had stated she was heterosexual? I bet anything she wouldn't have been. No one has a problem with a straight girl stating her sexuality. Hell, she'd probably get a hundred requests for a date... or a bl*w job. I've seen that happen before.

That's what makes Live's policy so arbitrary and unfair, a lot of gamers are mostly bigoted to begin with.

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Sexuality doesn't belong on Live? Huh. That's weird, considering all the times I've heard people get called all manner of sexually offensive things, including gay on Live. But that's okay, because those people said it through a mic, not write it on their profiles. God forbid little kids read about a girl being a lesbian because it will warp their fragile little minds (even though kids online seemed to be the most foul-mouth gamers).

Hypocrisy. Yum, it's what's for dinner!

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*Struggles with laughter*


Bwahahahahahaahaha! Lame!

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I'm not sure it matters if the PS3 is graphically superior to the XBOX 360. Last gen the XBox was superior in almost every way to the PS2, but the XBox never was able to truly compete with the PS2. It's going to come down to the games and console price.

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I just pray God Of War 3 isn't one of the multi-plats. I've been a huge fan of the franchise since I first played the demo, and there have been few games I paid full price for, but the God Of War games number among them. God of War 3 was a big deciding factor when I bought the PS3 after I saved enough to buy either a PS3 or a 360. It was a bigger factor than Killzone 2, MGS4, and FFXIII. I want GoW3 to blow my socks off and that might not happen if it has to be hindered by the technology prov...

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Actually, I didn't find RE5, demo wise, racist at all. I took no special note of the parasite controlled meat-bags' race, they were just enemies to destroy before they destroyed me. I suspect only certain gamers who play this game will turn it racist (I can imagine the on-line comments already). Especially if this thread is any indication of the maturity they'll apply to RE5. Then again, a lot of gamers are d-bags anyway, so...

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I was happy that the last thing on my mind when I played the demo on my 360 was: "OMG, THAT'S RACIST!" Hopefully, it'll only be a-hole players who'll bring the game down with their racism.

Anyway, I completely agree that the controls were very last gen. Of course, I hated them in Resident Evil 4, so... The least Capcom could have done was make some part of the aiming or the character's movements quicker. Even though I had big problems with Gears of War's controls, I thi...

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I am very happy about the DivX 3.11 support. Now, we need mkv. and flv. support, too.

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Would have been perfect as Chun-Li even though she's not Chinese, which is a strike against her. But she was very convincing in Live Free or Die Hard (and Balls of Fury to some extent) and trained with Jackie Chan. Jackie-Freaking-Chan!

Kristen has a martial arts backround and is half Chinese to boot, which considering how screwed up Hollywood is about casting Asian roles to very not Asian actors, I like that aspect of her being cast as Chun-Li, but her acting on Smallville is ...

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The XBox 360 controller is better all around, in my opinion. All my XBox controllers have lasted longer than my PS duelshock/sixaxis controllers. Every controller for the Playstation consoles--except the original non-duel shock controller--that I've bought have been flimsy and entirely too breakable. The analog sticks wear down way too fast, especially the PS3 versions; they either get too loose or too tight. That can be maddening if I'm playing a game that requires any kind of precision or t...

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It could be that a lot of gamers think like I do when it comes to buying multiplatform games:

If a game is multiplatform I will buy it for my PS3, since I know if my 360 ever breaks down for whatever reason, I won't have to worry about not being able to play those games.

Maybe it all comes down to the PS3 being a less risky system to buy games for.

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