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This is the kind of business practice that makes me feel like I can support Microsoft in the future. Stuff like this, plus the Kinect-less XBO, is what Microsoft should be doing. I'm not saying I'll buy an XBO anytime soon, but I can certainly see myself buying one eventually.

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It's fine on the PS3. In some ways it's even better than the X-Box 360 version, if for no other reason than my saved games haven't been corrupted. 80 hours of game play on the 360 version down the drain. I also haven't experienced the quick travel carriage glitch on the PS3 version either. I will admit the 360 version is somewhat prettier-clearer and better lit, especially during night time game play.

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I'm going to wait for Yahtzee or Angry Joe to review Second Son. I can't take anyone who gave the glitch riddled Batman: Arkham Origins a 4/5 seriously.

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I'm not sure if what happened in the video is indicative of the XBO experience as a whole, but, yeah, the guys in that video looked mighty pissed.

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How can GQ review consoles that aren't out yet?

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Titan Fall (I'm crossing my fingers the 360 version is good) looks more interesting to me: more varied in its game play, more colorful, and faster paced. From what I saw in the video Killzone Shadow Fall isn't bringing much new to the series. I'll probably still get it, but I'm not super excited.

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Okay, wow, I really want to be a fly on the wall at Microsoft's X-Box division right now. I wouldn't count Microsoft out yet, though. Who knows? Maybe they'll ease up on some of their more... controversial stances and come back swinging.

Anyway, I got my PS4 Launch Edition confirmation from Amazon.


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$399? Well, shit...

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TitanFall looks awesome and I'm looking forward to Mirror's Edge 2, but other than those two games I don't see many reasons to buy the X-Box One. And TitanFall will be on the 360, so... Yeah.

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I know, right? Un-fucking-believable!

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Wonder Woman wouldn't even feel his grip around her neck.

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Yeah, the figurine is questionable, but more than that it's really, really stupid. Wonder Woman would wreak Batman's sh1t in a fight. Hell, she could break every bone in his hand if she just brought her chin down, that's how strong she is.

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Man, does this bring back memories! I still have my copy of San Andreas and I play it at least once a year. It ranks in my top five favorite video games of all time.

R.I.P. Chris Penn.

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Awesome! Good looking out!

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But that would take money and effort on the developer's part. But who knows? Maybe they are and this is their way of trying to get rid of the competition.

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That's what's going on and it's insulting.

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I read this article's title and nothing else, and all I have to say is:

No thank you.

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I'd rather they just fixed the other weapons in MW2 instead; half of them are underpowered and the other half are just plain useless.

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Wait a second. Isn't this game being released on the 360 as well? Why is this article asking if FF13 is the PS3's last chance. Didn't Microsoft pay like a billion dollars (an exaggeration, I know) to get the game, too? What the hell? I swear, the console wars this generation is completely nuts.

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