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Far from racist, I'm an Aboriginal, so show a little tact before you go accusing someone falsely. It was a bad joke, and I apologize that i offended you. But it wasn't an attack on Arabs as a race, it wasn't even an attack on Muslims. It was a comment made because I was pointing out that regardless of what anyone says, there are intelligent and friendly Arabs like Shahid. I myself have been subject to racist attacks, and the reason I said Osama bin Laden was because I don't li...

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He's half right. Whilst most muslims respect other people's rights to life, beliefs, and race, unfortunately their religion is built on the teachings of a man who believes that unbelievers should be murdered without hesitation. My dad spent a lot of time in Arabia 25 years ago and knows what the die-hard Jihads are like. He was in the military and was nearly axed when he and his mates were walking through the streets while the prayers were sounding over the speakers.

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Something not even Osama Bin Laden could do. Lol

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Oh, and it

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I'd be happy if it was either:

Monster Hunter 4 or even 5
How about FINAL FANTASY XIII ADAGIO or maybe Crisis Core 2
Crash Bandicoot, a series reboot
BATTLEFIELD 4: ALL 4 ONE (my own idea)
Uncharted: Drake's Legacy
Maybe Gravity Rush 2
And lastly, A HALF FLIPPIN DE...

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Some of my favorites would be:
Phantom Ganon - LoZ OoT. I was the only one of my friends who beat him first try.

Odolwa - LoZ MM. This boss has you screaming "WHAT THE SCHNITZEL! WHY IS THIS THE FIRST BOSS!" I'll never forget watching my LoZ-pro sis get owned by this boss lol.

The Keeper of Fists - Malicious. This boss was fantastic because fighting him you feel so weak to begin with, but by the end of the fight you feel so BA as you sla...

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I own a Wii U, and it's an impressive piece of hardware. I have a Ps3, and that's a fantastic console. I had a 360, I won't comment :-P. I think that regardless of whatever happens during next generation of gaming that, PS4 will be a great and very professional console of great quality and that PSN will really hits its maximum potential, but expect to pay a premium price for a premium console. The Nextbox will be a tad boring, MS just don't have enough first party games to exc...

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I agree, games should be reviewed in great depth, I.e. a full story mode play through, 3 hours of online (if applicable), and 2 hours of post story playing to test longevity. Games should be judged for their ability as a great game, not compared to other games in the genre e.g. comparing SS to MH when those games have very little in common, and games shouldn't be judged on their ability to sell systems. I bought a 3DS because I saw Kid Icarus Uprising, I couldn't care less about Mario...

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She ought to go and style the Biggest Loser video game. Whaddya think?

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Amen to that

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I appreciate great games, but even though I think the art style's a bit over-the-top, it adds to the extremity of the game. Besides, gameplay is 90% of my decision when I buy a game (unless it's Spongebob :-D lol). I can't stand it when women are treated unfairly or made fun of, but what about guys? If women can complain because video games depict over-endowed women as offensive, then why can't I be annoyed that movies and tv shows like Twilight depict guys as stupid pretty bo...

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I got kicked off Kotaku once, I felt bad about it. But I feel better now. It's a shame that Jotaku can't write great stories like IGN or report news like Siliconera, they just express the pessimistic opinions of video game journalism.

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This is absolute tripe. Even big reviewers like IGN stuff up sometimes. They gave Gravity Rush a 7.5/10. I've been gaming since Sega Genesis and I think the game deserves between an 8 and an 8.5 at least. It's gorgeous, technically polished, simple but stylish and fun evade and kick combat system, well scripted boss fights, a beautiful art style and story telling charm, excellent musical score, and a tight precise gravity shifting mechanic that makes the game unique. 8.6/10 in my opin...

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It's not a bad article, but it misses the basic point. The selection criteria for PS Plus games is their sales over the past few months, the reason games like Cave a appeared on PS Plus after only a few months is because it sold abysmally in its first 2-3 months. Sony offers incentives to developers for putting their games on PS Plus, in other words it's a last blast of income for devs' unpopular games, so it's a win-win situation for developers whose games aren't selling...

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Spongebob VS Sephiroth, hohooooooo yeeeeeeaaah!

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Stupid article, "Until he gets a little drunk, he (Vita) won't be popular with the other kids (devs)." That is a horrible unprofessional statement. Firstly, my brother never drank, never smoked, never bullied people, never did drugs, and never had a girlfriend, and he was the most popular guy in our school of 200+ students. He went on to get married, become an avionics technician in the RAAF (80,000 a year), duxing his training classes, and going on to serve Australia in Afghani...

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Very true man, according to official statistics, North American and European Vita owners spend an average of 18.6 hours a week on their Vita, and between 86-88% are extremely satisfied with their Vita.

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I stopped being concerned about the Vita, sales, games and whatnot months ago. The Vita is doing fine, definitely not great but passably fine. It has at least 100 new videogames this year,and what with the PS4 connectivity and PS Plus the Vita will steadily grow stronger like the PSP, the PSP was certainly not a runaway success, and even if it takes another year or two, the Vita will stabilize. Try not to be too concerned guys, Sony has invested far too much into the Vita to let it die, the V...

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Congratulations and good luck. Have fun playing Mario in your bedroom, seriously, give it a try. GO NINTENDO

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Lightning Returns miserable release will be the killer blow. Death to Nova Crystallis

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