Just beat legend of dragoon 100%, now onto final fantasy 8


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Heart and head should be 1 shot kill, not my freaking hands, arse or feet. Playing kz2 and 3 is annoying as f*ck, when punks don't aim and get a 1-hit-kill. It's why dillan took that crap out of starhawk, both in warhawk and killzone (even cod) people just camp and do (at times) kills from across the map, its nonsense. Many times (especially during objectives) I find myself almost completing an objective for my team, just for a punk sniper to shoot my arse and kill me? Many times I t...

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You can give feedback but if it cost them money they won't listen. Majority of the fans are asking for dedicated servers ad nothing.

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I never met an old person/couple playing wii. The only old people I seen play a wii was actors in its commercials. Not even people my age (female or male) wanted to play it for my sis bday.

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Ps1 was better at rendering 3d polygons, Saturn better at rendering 2d. So its a matter of opinion of which was stronger. Dreamcast was the weakest of the 128 bit era. Though they say, the Dc had a lot of untouched power, but I don't know if it would of made a difference. Ps2 games were looking better than Dc games of its last year and only got better with time.

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Ayakashi ghost guild and this game both suck arse. Zynga over charges (3.99 for 1 card that can be a low level), and forces you to buy every single little thing with real cash. This game is no different either. It's pretty much over-the-top sexy anime girls to throw you off bad gameplay, crappy story, and over-pricing.

If you want a good free-to-play card game, try Square-Enix guardian cross. Every 5 days you get a chance to win an x-amount of rare cards ranging from 3-5...

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Try resistance 2, 8 player co-op in huge environments bigger than gears of war and 60 player competitive, again bigger than gears of war maps. So it can be done.

I mean if you wanna talk power try MAG 256 player, real-time explosions/events with some destructible environments. Ps3 can handle anything the Xbox 360 can, but can the 360 handle our games? Because so far, nothing in the likes of resistance 1 or 2, MAG, starhawk, killzone etc. is there on the 360 to compete agains...

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Lol could be the website staff, you are marking them down and divulge a virus threat from thier site.

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The original green ranger does MMA and fought in the UFC. He doesn't tell people to kiss arse, he kicks arse.

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This Dante looks bland and out of place. He looks like he should be in a twilight game then a DmC game. But from you're first point, I'm sure looking like a bland, talentless twilight character doesn't bother you.

P.s: I'm alluding that you like twilight.

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When did Nintendo abandon the hardcore gamer, you ask? When we didn't get much mature games, RPGs outside of the cartoony looking ones, rarely any new IPs, a crappy online, a diminutive amount of third party support/games, is when Nintendo abandon us.

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If you can't wait, try MAG or starhawk and the soon to be released Dust.

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It's an entertaining show, but I like American dad, Simpsons, futurama, king of the hill and South Park more. With that said, I was hoping in favor of this game doing well.

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Besides gears, halo and forza (after years) 360 games don't break or barely break a million. At least most ps3 games can break over 1-3 million from different genres and not just "shooters". That's what Xbox fanboys need to understand.

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Since forza 2, the forza games had a diminutive upgrade over the other. I really would like to know how genuine its reviews were for it. gt5 got nit picked with staged videos and journalist admitting they only played 5-10% of the game? Racing sims fans are loyalist and if forza was truly the best "sim" it should easily make gran turismo sale figures.

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Tittle should be "this journalist has it wrong; the wiiU is powerful, just current gen powerful.

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Yeah just like the console versions, except those get perfect scores, weird huh? The problems in this game can be seen/experience in blacks ops 2, yet that game is being praised left and right.

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Yeah, I wouldn't say there's more people playing online on the 360, as majority only play shooters on the 360. You have to include games of other genres that sell more and have a bigger community on the ps3. Examples would be grand turismo (racing), tekken (fighting), mmo's (ms xbox 360 doesn't have any), create play and share (Ms doesn't have any), you get the point?

Sony is also making free money of off Ps Home, but you blind individuals declare that &qu...

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Hey you wanna play phantasy star universe? Oh... The servers were shut down. Guess ill play resistance: fall of man (a game that came out 6 years ago).

Also, last time I checked, Ms didn't have many genres the ps3 does. Compete with LBP? Nope. Compete with god of war? Nope. Compete with mod nation racers? Nope. So you must have a very small diverse taste in games. Or do you mean you have a widely varied taste in shooters? Cause that's was sells the most and releases t...

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I wouldn't go by famitsu as they were caught many times doing slimey things. They even admitted (or caught) giving games high scores to increase the sells of games in Japan

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