How dare you come here.....
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Then yeah i have no idea hey. Part of me thinks this may be a anti piracy thing because good luck getting multiplayer to work haha.

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4 gigs of ram could be the reason i heard but im not sure.

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Stockholm syndrome is a psychological condition that causes hostages to develop sympathetic sentiments towards their captors, often sharing their opinions and acquiring romantic feelings for them as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.

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Honestly this topic needs to start trending because it should warn people.....

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I also find it funny nintendo fanboys defending this action... its like they have Stockholm syndrome.

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Dead on arrival.

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Im honestly calling it now this console is DOA.

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Yeah like why not mention at the conference when we can lead with 1 2 switch...

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Of course it has!!!! Honestly i was so so excited for that conference and then it happened and instantly killed me wanting the console. Hearing you have to use a mobile phone to chat to people is really stupid.... I could go on but why kick a dead horse.

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Yep 100%. Ever Since they have removed the flash sales where you have to log in and check each day what deals they have going. I loved that it was like a surprise each day! It sucks now and always has since they removed that.

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This is why Trump won!

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I'm pretty sure this song sums up there chances of regaining gamers trust.

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Lost odyssey and Blue Dragon would be my dream

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Nintendo has such an amazing backlog of games can you imagine if they spent some time in them and made it possible to play them all online. For example spend a little time with mario kart 64 and make it possible to play it online shit i would easily buy that game again to do that. No one else is doing it as well would be amazinggg.

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It never felt so so good using adblock going to kotaku.

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Rival Schools Please.

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I love Gwent and wish they would bring out a stand alone game. One can dream.

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I 100% agree and the sad fact is i bet there is alot of people like me waiting for the nintendo nxt to see if it has backwards compatibility with the wiiu. If it does its a instant purchase for me if not then i guess i will have to bite the bullet.

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Tim Schafer: (1 Year later hat in hand) "can we please have some more money we seem to have run out...."

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It's coming there has been some rumours of it coming out. PLUS if you think about it, it came out on the ps4 so it would be very easy for them to release it.

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