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"How dare you come here....."


Exactly what i was going to say. Well said. #9.1
Pretty much this sums it up: #20
It is the future and its shocking imo. You see it with games now dlc to speed things up.....These games are NOT f2p ffs. People also say ohh we have no problem with that but lets be honest whats to stop them from slowing it way down to a point where it would be stupid not to purchase the speed ups.

IMO there needs to be a gaming crash so the greediness and all that nastiness takes a hit. #2.1
Im sorry but this is getting really really stupid now..... My goodness a stupid comment can ruin your entire career (Years and Years) in this HEAVY PC/SJW ERA.... We need a new internet. #1
TRIGGERED!!!! haha You are 100% right. I think its due to social media and being raised you are number 1 special son/daughter!!! #1.1
I feel like i should link Homer Simpsons boxing ring entrance music.... #6
You know what i would honestly love them to release a stand alone game of Gwent. I don't care what anyone else says I LOVED THAT GAME. One can dream. #5
I think Bob Ross is the real winner here. #9
I really hope this game goes well and maybe just maybe they will make a battle royale game......One day... #2
Honestly the world we live in.... We so need a new internet. #1
I feel like Grandpa Simpson walking into the bordello and walking out with this article. #5
Ok people we have listened to you all and decided to put it on the popular portable console PSP VITA!!!!! Enjoy people. :( #4
Wide as an Ocean and deep as a puddle imo this game is. No amount of mods can make this game playable for me. #3
Gameplay wise YES! Story wise NO DICE! #4.1
I honestly believe Kojioma took his own name off this unfinished product. #6
Love Assassin's Creed i think 3 is easily my favourite because it reminds me of Last of the Mohicans..... I do think they need to take some time off maybe every 2 years only to make the game fully optimized. Honestly if Unity was optimized my goodness it could of been GOTY with its graphics alone. #2
Please don't be bad please don't be bad :(.... Im a massive assassins creed fan i don't think i could take another unity. #2
I want this game so so much. #1
Yes it would be for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II. I loved that game. #5.1
Honestly this needs to happen. They are making $0 dollars when they no longer sell a game and the only people making money off the game are the second hand market. I would honestly love to see Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Red Dead Redemption on PC. Damn lost odyssey was good. #8
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