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"How dare you come here....."


Won't someone please think of the chi-....Women! #5
Well said and don't forget that phony sympathy she is trying to give. #9.1
I am really getting sick of all this gamergate BS. Its seriously giving me anxiety and shit arghhh. Pretty much this sums up the situation:

Even if we get banned Le Resistance lives on! :D #4
All honestly I think this video sums up gamergate in a lovely song and dance :D #3
To me it sounds like he has ass burgers. #1.2.2
I kind of wished that dude won that blizzcon cosplay thingy. #1.1.1
Oh no you didn't. #3.1.1
With the sword of a 1000 truths. /sorry #4.1
2011 Holy fuck what the hell happened? #4.1
Am i the only one who sees this whole cloud gaming as a trojan horse for a drm? Maybe im too worried but i just have a bad feeling. #4
Well said and so true. The 1 year dev cycle pretty much kills it. #8.1
I got to say after just finishing The Amazing Spiderman 1 i really quite enjoyed it. Yes i could easily see the flaws in the game but the swinging through the city felt so liberating haha i loved it. #9
Yes the Ultimate Alliance Series was Great!. #2.1
On opposite day ;D. #3.1
@ UltimateMaster you leave lightning alone. She is set up to be married to the CEO of Square Enix. #1.2
Rival Schools and Captain Commando. Now i will take my leave good day sir. #3
Meanwhile at the hackers headquarters! #16
I am honestly not surprised by this considering Director Motomu Toriyama is in love with her.... #5
So people honestly believe "Activision" is doing this to stop cheaters bahahahahhha. Lets be honest the only reason they are doing it is to make you repurchase the game. Meanwhile at activision headquarters: #3
Spoken by the CEO of GAME: #6
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