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"How dare you come here....."


Am i the only one who is excited about the HD MGS collection coming to PC? #28
Why doesnt anyone ever mention the fact that once violent video games were introduced the youth crime rate has been going down....... This is a proven fact ffs. #14
Also guys/girls we must never forget: #8
Exactly i was very very surprised to see it 33% off :D. #6.1
Metal Gear Rising and Ground Zero thanks very much for going on sale :D Dark Souls 2 also got ya. Love it. #4
How about you release it on more then 1 fucking console.... honestly i would love to play this on pc arghh. It would be a instant buy from me on steam. #2
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Would love that as well especially if its on pc. #11.1
RIVAL SCHOOLSSS!!!! *crosses fingers* Please make it happen! #8
I remember watching Robocop as a kid back in the day and my goodness ed 209 scared the living crap out of me haha. Good times. #3
My body is ready..... #1
F**k her right in the pussy. #5
I would give anything for the RTS genre to return... I miss it. #6
Uh Oh SpaghettiOs #1
IMHO i would love a better LOOT system. Im sorry when you finally realise the items suck and there is no point to going in that cave its sort of disappointing. I would love a arpg style loot system. #6
No need mate its all in the game you buy just check it on steam. It says it in the info.

Additionally this brand new PC digital version comes bundled with all previously released DLC, including:

Hard EX Mode (harder versions of skirmish missions in the main game)
Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy Detachment” (a side story campaign)
Selveria’s Mission “Behind Her Blue Flame” (a side story campaign)
Challenge of the Edy Detachment (six chal... #6.1
roflmao so what exactly were those 3 games bahahah. Well done ;-) #11
Just purchased on steam i really hope they bring the other sequels out on pc as well. Like seriously if ubisoft can release assassins creed liberation they can release the sequels on pc. #4
Its really a shame the best power ranger games was the snes fighting one. I have been waiting ever since for a great game... sigh.

haha this case takes me back:

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.... #1
It will be i reckon since most of their games are :D. #4.1
I feel like we are in bizarro world with this coming to pc. Firstly FFXIII all 3 coming and Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse. Wake me up people because i feel like im dreaming. #5
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