How dare you come here.....
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Nintendo has such an amazing backlog of games can you imagine if they spent some time in them and made it possible to play them all online. For example spend a little time with mario kart 64 and make it possible to play it online shit i would easily buy that game again to do that. No one else is doing it as well would be amazinggg.

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It never felt so so good using adblock going to kotaku.

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Rival Schools Please.

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I love Gwent and wish they would bring out a stand alone game. One can dream.

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I 100% agree and the sad fact is i bet there is alot of people like me waiting for the nintendo nxt to see if it has backwards compatibility with the wiiu. If it does its a instant purchase for me if not then i guess i will have to bite the bullet.

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Tim Schafer: (1 Year later hat in hand) "can we please have some more money we seem to have run out...."

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It's coming there has been some rumours of it coming out. PLUS if you think about it, it came out on the ps4 so it would be very easy for them to release it.

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Honestly im so happy the PC is becoming the middle ground. I stil l can't believe Dragons Dogma is coming to PC Disgaea is comign to PC and now FF9. Please bring on FFX and FFX-2 and FF12 :D. Im still in shock here. This was the game everyone said wouldnt come because it never appeared on pc.... WOOOT

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100% correct and i see it coming from a mile off. Next will be laws on the internet and disagreeing with people = trolling = illegal = prison.

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South Park has honestly been hitting this kind of stuff out of the ballpark. Especially those old farmers talking about how long the PC era lasted in their youth. I just never thought it would come to a day where censorship is coming back in this world.....

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Exactly what i was going to say. Well said.

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Pretty much this sums it up:

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It is the future and its shocking imo. You see it with games now dlc to speed things up.....These games are NOT f2p ffs. People also say ohh we have no problem with that but lets be honest whats to stop them from slowing it way down to a point where it would be stupid not to purchase the speed ups.

IMO there needs to be a gaming crash so the greediness and all that nastiness takes a hit.

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Im sorry but this is getting really really stupid now..... My goodness a stupid comment can ruin your entire career (Years and Years) in this HEAVY PC/SJW ERA.... We need a new internet.

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TRIGGERED!!!! haha You are 100% right. I think its due to social media and being raised you are number 1 special son/daughter!!!

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I feel like i should link Homer Simpsons boxing ring entrance music....

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You know what i would honestly love them to release a stand alone game of Gwent. I don't care what anyone else says I LOVED THAT GAME. One can dream.

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I think Bob Ross is the real winner here.

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I really hope this game goes well and maybe just maybe they will make a battle royale game......One day...

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