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Woot! Woot! Arlington on the rise!

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I have two 42 inch tv's, one is 720p and the other is 1080p and I can tell a big difference. I am ok if a game runs at 720p but anything below that is a no go for me.I always hear that a human eye cant tell the difference between 720p and 1080p until 50 to 60 inches but I can notice a big difference between the two on a 27 inch monitor.

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The last gears was a huge letdown.

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My list
1.Bad Company 2
2.Last of us
3.Gears of war 3
4.Killzone 2
and Little big planet one and two
Thats my list for this gen, hope next gen will be better.

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Got to try this at Quakecon for a few seconds and it was awesome. Res was shit but it was alot more than what I thought it was.

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Reply to theWB27
I read that link and Im even more worried now lol. Any way, is their any good news for Sony right now or in the near future?

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So this is running on pc maxed out. Hope ps4 and xbox one look this good

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Sometimes I wonder how in the hell Sony is still around? I have a lot of Sony products but every year I read how they are doing bad. Im hoping they return to the billions in net profits soon because I don't want to worry about them anymore.

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So Microsoft believes that if they worded their bullshit better that gamers would of taken it. Gamers have a hivemind mentally but they are not that stupid.

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I still want them to release halo games on pc.

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After multiple rrod I told myself I would never buy another launch console from them. I waited until they fixed it with the slim models then I got another 360. Same can for for Sony with the whole ylod but that happened to me 5 years in my consoles life span. Other than that I would of had trouble choosing to.

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I completely agree with him but he needs to at least come out one of this times a say Xbox fucked up and leave it at that. I seen him do this to Sony but cant remember him doing it to Microsoft. Either way he made a good point

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I tried so hard to like windows 8 but that os is not a desktop os at all.

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That whole cloud computing was a cool idea but not like the scale Microsoft was hyping.

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I really like this gamesticks ideas a products that have been gaining motion. I just got a andriod pc stick and the problem I keep coming across this sticks is overheating. A couple of people are modding theirs with heatsinks. I hope this gamestick avoids those problems because this is very promising.

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Exactly thats way I avoid games that have online passes now. Glad I still have the option on PS4.

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The faces they have at the end cracks me up everytime.

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I just got a tronsmart 908 and basically does the same thing. Mine is still a little to new so roms are still getting there. I like what they are trying to do but they got a lot of competition.

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I was wondering this too. Was kinda hoping they would of included it but no big deal.

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Holy crap this guy got destroyed. lol

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