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Console fans are so mad hehe they will never get this :D.Because this console gen will be the last(they will die)

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Pc its for games I dont get it why console they are very old and the new ones are noting special same outdated spec and no upgrate no OS noting thats why they are called console and will never win.PC ftw!

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The game looks great and the gameplay looks very good its not like other mmrpg games and console games cant rate this game this is PC ONLY.consoles need to die.

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just please dont make the game on consoles!!

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lets see if it better than titan

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yes sony and microsoft failed they dont have next get

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microsoft and sony(only console) are worse from all of them

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thats how you need to buy pc and to stop wasting money on console if you didnt bought ps3,xbox,wii u you can get this beast

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Its all because of this low end console tecnology its stuck for 5-10 years because of this junk!

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this is what you can do with pc!

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console what a waste of money

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yes this is true game played on pc and NOT ON CONSOLE TO PLAY SOME COPY PAST KIDS COD GAMES!

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you will get dislikes and I will because this page its its full of console fans just look the forums.And console its just for games everyting else you add will be junk because you CANT DO ANYTING WITH THAT joistic(its only good at no mouse games).Console are there worse think ever happend to gamesing world.Just look what cod turn it to in some copy past ugly grapich kids game!

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Valve never force you they add choises.

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Battlefield 4 its much more better than bf3 the gameplay its changed,the grapich are changed heavy(no blue tint,no big sun,EVEN MORE DETAILS,better effects,sound even better)bf4 its not 3.5 just look the diffrence in the water in bf3 we get 2d texture water in bf4 we get real life water 3d!

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I only buy bf games from ea noting more

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it will be on dinosaur island and you need to survive and distroy the labarotory

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this is much more powerfull than amd

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SOny and AMD are very losing if they dont get so much money from the new ps4 they are doomed.Nvidia its too rich to compire with amd and microsoft are losing ing everyting in windows and xbox.its time for new companys to rise up even more like valve and intel.

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