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I disagree with all the "5 weird places". If other art forms can do them, why can't video games? If anything, video games should be doing all these things to be taken seriously.

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Not half bad.

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Fair review.

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That video was awesome. Nice article.

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This is awesome, I love it. Good work. Baby,

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Looks like they are trying to compensate for the badness of the actual game. Thats been in development for years.

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Good review.

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I think people need to learn what context is. I think it’s justified in terms on Nazi Zombies. Anyone else putting it for the sake of hatred or the “lulz” of having a Swastika is just wrong.

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As the writer of this review, I can understand the nostalgia effect in video games. But this game takes it to a new level. Nothing has changed. It cannot hold a candle to games of this generation. Just because something is old and nostalgic doesn't make it good. This has been proven with Crazy Taxi.

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