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I canceled my Xbone pre-order shortly before launch because I wasn't comfortable supporting MS tactics. If they had not received a backlash, all those features would be in the console, if the Xbone was strong and outselling the PS4, MSFT would bring them back. This is good for gamers because it sends a message to the Industry what we support in terms of policies. #1.1.22
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Best buy does that, they charge your card like once a month for any pre-order "to make sure you have the money" otherwise they drop your order. Annoyed me off seeing the $400+ charge for the PS4 pre-order keep showing up and their customer service said it's just a check. Amazon charges nothing until like a couple days before release so they can start getting orders ready. #3.2.1
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Guessing Assassins Creed or maybe a Metroid game. #1.1.7
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I agree but I would have liked it if Ubi could have made the ship more incorporated into the world. When I came up to loot the storehouses, I so wished I could fire the cannons and cause havoc. Run in, get caught and have then ring the bell, run back to the ship and wipe the enemies out with a volley of fire. But sadly the game wouldn't allow that. But I agree in that the naval almost took on too much like the dive bell stuff too. #1.1.1
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The thing with shareholders is they have a strong arm in running the company. IF shareholders who most likely the majority holders are business men and not gamers demand for MSFT to sell off the Xbox brand then it's do or die time for MSFT. Shareholders can vote out CEO's and Board of Directors who drive the changes remember. Something to keep an eye on is what shareholders say. #1.2.4
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If sales pick up and do really well, maybe MSFT will get the hint core gamers don't care for Kinect as much as MSFT though, and they will focus less on Kinect in the long run. #1.1.20
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No Chinese gamers will buy the knockoff OneBoxX for half the price instead. #1.6
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The only time I view You Tube and game coverage is when I need help figuring out what to do to get a trophy/achievement. I have yet to use You Tube for a review or anything like that because I want to make my own judgement of a game. But in either way, if someone can get paid by a publisher themselves for the work, good for them, since it's the publisher themselves who are paying them. #19
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During my old NES days it was a bunch of us gaming and eating chips and salsa. Boy how times have changed :) #43
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GT5 had head tracking but I only used it a tiny bit, now something like Morpheus would be fun in a racer. But I too am not a motion control fan but might see what they do. #3.2
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Where the petitions from Sone Gamers on Insomniac? I have not heard of the same cries when Insomniac made an Xbox exclusive games. These self entitled gamers give the rest of us a bad name. #1.2.12
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This is quite early to look at a new console development. Thinking of Sega's rushing of the Dreamcast after the Saturn was still new. #1.10
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You could build a decent PC for $400 bucks but need to upgrade stuff in a Year if you want to run good specs on a game. #80
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Exactly, if they release the BETA too early and it's glitchy, then some will say this game is super buggy, it fails, it's quality is poor etc. and it leaves a bad taste for some and it could hurt sales. Most don't seem to get that a BETA is an unfinished and possibly broken sample. #1.2.1
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@UltraNova not sure of shareholders but it really started with the 360 and PS3 launch. For those gamers who remember, it was like they had training on how to push the 360 and trash the PS3 in every way. I went in to 3 different game stops then and walked out when the guys working saw me looking at PS3 games. "you don't want that piece of s***" "get the 360 it's way better then the PS3 will ever be" stuff like that. So the MSFT and GameStop thing has been around... #1.1.7
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Remember too, kids have their parent buy what their friends are playing on, if they played COD on 360 last gen but now on PS4, they'll play on PS4. The whole "get it first one Xbox" has no meaning if everyone you play with is on another console. PS4 now having cross game chat drew in many former 360 gamers. #1.1.15
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What a joke of journalism this article is written purely for flamebait. No one is forced to pay these prices, it's not a requirement to pay for PS Now. Some people get so over dramatic! If the price is too high then don't pay it, I can buy older games cheaper from Amazon VS through the PSstore. We gamers speak with our wallets, I won't support high prices and neither should anyone else. if Sony fails to make money off this, they will make changes. #1.1.31
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I thought the same thing, the light could turn off for all I care, I am looking at the TV not the console when playing. I'd even rather have PS Home or Themes over light bar changes. #12.1
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Time will tell, VR could just be another gimmick in gaming or the next greatest thing to gaming. It all depends how Devs take advantage of it, and incorporate it into games and more. the Rift could end up only have Mobile type games and lots of them and if Sony doesn't get serious support for Morpheus VR could fail overall. I for one am excited for VR, since the 80's VR came into the market and drifted away, the tech wasn't there like it is now. I still want my holographic Sta... #4.2
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27M subscribers and I've never heard of him until now. But then I very rarely go on Youtube unless following a link. I'm more a liveleak person myself. #1.1.28
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