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If you have Amazon Prime the $79.99 game goes down to $63.99 with preorder. To soften the blow a little. With that I'd feel like buying COD4 remaster and for $5.00 extra getting the new COD which I might not play much of.

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But to make it sell, Sony could phase out making more of the current PS4 and only make the NEO depending on it's price point. In the past when a slim model is introduced, doesn't that slim become the newly manufactured model? Once old stock of PS4 is gone, the only option to buy is the NEO.

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I loved the old COD games, was in a COD clan for many releases since the very first one. Miss the old days of COD.

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Serious question, at what K does the human eye no longer see a difference? W What I mean is can we see a difference between 4K and 8K (that's coming) on a 50" TV? At what point does technology surpass the Human minds ability to see the differences?

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53 Currently listed on Ebay. I'd love to have on but when they sell out so fast, I missed it and I'm not paying extra to some scalper. I'll wait until I can order one.

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Yes I did considering I have no idea how many total are available. I'd love to have one, but face it, Ebay was flooded with PS4's around launch. Just checked Ebay for Playstation VR and 53 currently listed.

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And possible 30-40% of those orders will just end up on Ebay too.

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I used a Roller Coaster app on Google Cardboard and I had to adjust my balance but only used it for short times. I put it on my 5 year old who laughed as I had to keep him from falling over. I am waiting for the videos and reports of people crashing into things, knocking their TV's over or something, similar things to when the Wiimote was being through about rooms.

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I think gaming since Pong for me growing through the years on various consoles has my thinking more "meh" on all the features people complain about not having on a console. I've always played on consoles that just play games, now having more features it's cool but just added bonuses when I primarily want to play games. What I will not understand is how people sit and watch people play games on youtube VS playing yourself. When i have time to play, I want to play, not sit...

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Why pay $60.00 for a game and not have anything to show for it? I like my physical copies and group all in a series on a shelf when I am done.

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The article is just another rant from an entitled gamer who didn't get what "HE" wants. Some features Sony is bringing I am happy for and welcome. I'm happy enough with the console that lets me play great games, the rest is more icing on the cake.

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PC gaming used to have more dedicated servers for MP, look at the early days of COD. I would like that trend to come back myself. Some good rifles only times. But more PC's built the more combinations of hardware and the more chances the game won't run as well for some. It's something us PC gamers are used to but still sucks when you buy a game and it crashes on you. I buy most games now on PS4 unless I can only get it on PC.

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Making this much, they should just makes games free to play like mobile games, then pay if you want to add on.

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When I used to play COD on PC, I used to laugh at the young teens whining about their K/D ration because our side beat them. Most clan guys I used to play COD with all went to League of Legends, I'm been busy with great console single player and honestly don't miss all the online crap. When I play online in PS4, I mute everyone where I can.

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I prefer keyboard and mouse over controller for FPS games, but take convenience of the console relaxing on the couch while playing over everything. I plan one day to build an adjustable stowaway desk to use a keyboard and mouse on in the living room, but need to build a better PC, 3 years is an old PC in PC gaming.

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I have held off buying an Xbone because I stay busy with games on PS4 but Quantun Break looked promising. With it on PC now I can play it without spending extra $$$ on another console. Save that money to for PSVR even.

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I'm ready, wallet could be with planning, take the wife out for a nice dinner, take her clothes shopping, then tell her what I want to buy with a smile... Who am I kidding, i'll just buy it and go "look what I got!" Better to ask for forgiveness than permission sometimes.

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I stopped playing a couple months after it came out. I did the story and looking at the grinding needed to level up Vanguard rank and the others, I just said forget it. Too many other games coming out I'd rather play that repeat and rinse every day. I don't mind leveling up characters and stuff like in games (BF/COD), it's different there. Destiny just felt much slower progression.

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Same here, but I mostly play Single Player too so I don't notice it as much if it is down, but I don't play until later in the evening too so it might just be back up by then.

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Game devs should release versions of their games on torrents to pirate free, but once the game draws you in, some monster stalks and attacks you relentlessly that won't die. When gamers turn to others on how to kill them, they are identified as being pirates and laughed at.

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