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Do girls or boys actually buy a game just because he does the voice acting to where this would affect his career being married? "Hey did you play the new game?" "No, way since he's married now I'll never play a game again with his voice, Waaah"

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I drove by a historical site which is an old house (one of the first in the city) on the way home that I know has 2-3 pokeposts there and normally people picnic because it's a nice area and along a creek. Only now was about a dozen people standing staring at their phones. I play Pokemon Go, but I'm not going to wander all over to get them, they appear often enough while sitting at work.

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I started playing this the other day to see what all the hype was about, now I'm hooked and my Wife laughs at me. Of the 100's of games I've played, this is my first Pokemon game and this got me into it. I showed my 5 year old how to play and when we drive he sits in the back seat collecting Pokemons and stuff at Pokepoints saying "Daddy I got you 4 more Pokemon". But I tell him we are a team, fun to have a game we can both enjoy playing. Now I wonder if he'll wa...

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You betcha!

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Something tells me we'll see the Xbone One get left out on new games that devs will make only for Scorpio. 4.5X more than the previous console is like moving on to the next gen of consoles. At first you'll get Xbone one and Scorpio both but as gamers buy the Scorpio and that base increases the support will slowly die off for the Xbone.

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I was confused as well, since it was shown after VR stuff, is COD both the remake and new game VR compatible? I thought it was a new VR title as well but then wondered after it showed COD if it works with VR.

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I was wondering if Sony didn't mention the Ps4.5 to see what power Xbox put in, to see if they can squeeze just a bit more before they reveal to out do Scorpio. I've been holding off for an Xbox one but after the Sony press, I'll be busy just keeping up with what's coming out.

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@Aleithian congrats ahead on the new baby!

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Am I the only one who has never heard of ZHugeEX? But is Star fox not profitable because not a lot of gamers own WiiU's and those that do may not want Star Fox to begin with?

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More companies need to have lifetime bans, when I used to play COD on PC, every other match had someone hacking or cheating. I just don't get the point, use it on single player if you want but MP competitive play, everyone knows the cheaters and no one is impressed. To be honest, i'm there to game and have fun, if you are good or suck, I look at you the same, as a gamer unless your trying to ruin it for everyone.

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Do any real gamers even pay attention to metacritic score? I have never been to this site because the scores can be altered either way so easily.

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On a positive side, at least some of us will be able to catch up buying the figures. My son loves the new Star Wars levels. Fun games and I enjoy the toy box creating.

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Double post

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Cartridges have faster loading, I grew up playing cartridge games after Pong and welcome them to consoles. they work well for handheld.

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If you have Amazon Prime the $79.99 game goes down to $63.99 with preorder. To soften the blow a little. With that I'd feel like buying COD4 remaster and for $5.00 extra getting the new COD which I might not play much of.

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But to make it sell, Sony could phase out making more of the current PS4 and only make the NEO depending on it's price point. In the past when a slim model is introduced, doesn't that slim become the newly manufactured model? Once old stock of PS4 is gone, the only option to buy is the NEO.

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I loved the old COD games, was in a COD clan for many releases since the very first one. Miss the old days of COD.

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Serious question, at what K does the human eye no longer see a difference? W What I mean is can we see a difference between 4K and 8K (that's coming) on a 50" TV? At what point does technology surpass the Human minds ability to see the differences?

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53 Currently listed on Ebay. I'd love to have on but when they sell out so fast, I missed it and I'm not paying extra to some scalper. I'll wait until I can order one.

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Yes I did considering I have no idea how many total are available. I'd love to have one, but face it, Ebay was flooded with PS4's around launch. Just checked Ebay for Playstation VR and 53 currently listed.

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