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My Phat PS3 60 GB Died about 2 Years ago, luckily i had recently bought a Slim PS3 as a BD Drive and to play in the living room while the Phat PS3 was running long Gran Turismo races so I blame long races to killing it. Still have the Phat PS3, and tried fixing it but it worked long enough to backup saves. #3.5
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So you are saying is new gen games and selection is so bad you win a new gen console race by playing last gens games on it? Hmm OK. Msft should bring back Project Gotham Racing for a new racer. #1.12
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Nintendo understood that Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas that don't play games made Wii successful and thought all would return to buy a WiiU. The problem is Nintendo distanced themselves from Core gamers which is where the money is at with Wii and pointed the finger at gamers being the ones who abandoned Nintendo. We all get Nintendo does their own thing and that's what makes them great but the WiiU was the first Nintendo home system since the NES I didn't buy and by the sal... #1.12
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If they go back to normal controls and not gimmicky stuff like the last 2 consoles I will pick it up. But Zelda U might have me getting a Wii U console. #1.13
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Exactly, when the PS3 first came out I had a Phat 60Gb and played FF12 for a while but once the games grew I only played PS3 games, was hard enough to keep up. Now with PS4 my Son plays my PS3 and I moved it to a different TV. #1.26
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So these first appeared on a Chinese forum and GG didn't know how they got out? More Chinese hackers supposedly? #1.6
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Let's just hope Square Enix keeps the combat the classic style and doesn't ruin it by modernizing it. #1.7
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If Sony announces TLG then gamers will just put the hype through the roof and when gameplay comes out, screenshots and such if it's not super stellar then N4G will be flooded with gamers tearing into the game for tedious things like we see over and over.
I'm just excited to hear more on the game regardless how it looks in the end. #6
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I'd like the option to keep a weapon though and holster it. Not around being a shooter though but take down a guard and grab their gun and keep it just for a sticky situation with limited ammo. #2.1.1
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The article points out one problem with retailers is the limited selection, where online you can get it and why for me more purchases from Amazon grow even more. Retailers can't stock everything, I get it but they need to open up opportunities like REI does, you buy online and ship to store free via computers around the store. Or ship to home for a charge. I go to Target for say 3 things, they stopped carrying 2 of the 3 so I just end up ordering all 3 from Amazon. Also the Dev here st... #1.4
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I Platinumed all of these and ND never forced MP onto storyline players which was nice, unlike other games to get the Plat you have to reach like level 50 in MP. I hope ND does the same with UC4 and not force MP. #1.4.8
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Wasn't it not too long ago about how consoles will kill PC gaming, and PC gaming is duying. Coming full circle. I mostly play on my PS4 but with a GPU upgrade my PC will handle new games so this will be a good E3. Following Cyan's Obduction project and excited for that. #1.4
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Trailers come out looking stunning and then when the game releases we hear "The final game isn't as good looking as what we saw 2 years ago". maybe Bethesda releases the trailer and the final graphics are even better in the end. But I'm still interested, I have tons of fun with games that even look 8 bit. Just enjoy the game, you know it's going to be good regardless how it looks. #1.11
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And somehow dodged chunks of ice from cracking her head open wearing a skull cap and not a helmet when ice climbing. Maybe she is a Mutant. #3.3
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When you pay just as much for a Digital game, I'll take the case and physical copy for the same price. Plus I have something to show in my collection, and the fact that when I want to replay a game I don't have to worry about it not being available to re-download or worrying about space on my HDD if I'm playing several games at once. I bought it, now I can play it anytime. #1.1.4
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I'm doing my first playthrough on Death march, but I like a good challenge too. The first fight in the game I died a few times but once I got my s**t together and took my time I was fine. The first ability I'd do is Sun and Stars, that helps a ton. I use my shield a lot since it knocks enemies back when they surround me and gives me a chance to distance myself. I have found in battles there are sometimes the advantage points to use, like Drowners when there are 5 or more by the wat... #1.1.1
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@JamesBondage but that will mess up the Trophy/achievement if going for it on the harder difficulties. #1.1.8
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I had the loading screen issue with PS4, uninstalled and reinstalled, played without the day 1 patch and it worked just fine. Saved, installed the patch and then game loaded good. But I tried twice with the day one patch and had to sit through the first cinematics which can't be skipped 2 times before the 3rd try without the patch. #1.13
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I wouln't mind a Remaster collection of the Onimusha games. Just sayin #1.9
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One big problem with developers is the copy paste concept. Most big franchises now days that sell well are very similar to the previous. Madden and sports games sell like mad, same game, different players, skins and some new features. Many shooters too, COD's feel the same, run around and shoot but different guns, different maps and features how upgrades work are different. but the overall concept isn't much different. Another Big problem now is rushed games, broken and over flo... #1.1.5
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