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For anyone using Steam as an example to cheaper prices for digital, you are missing the big picture. Steam is competing with retailers, Sony and MSFT the same way retailers compete with Console makers to drop prices. if you compare prices I can get games for $9.00 off Amazon that are brand new, where digital versions on Sony and MSFT are $19.99. When your only option is to buy a digital version from one source, the price never has to lower because there is no competition for 1st party titl... #1.1.20
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Army_of_Darkness, agreed I too thought Zombie Vikings looked much more fun. I watched all the videos and Grow Home looked neat but then I got a sense it'd get repetitive. Hopefully the 2nd place one will be up for vote the next month. #1.1.3
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When the guard went to grab him he should have yelled "you can't touch this, stop Hammer time!" #1.1.5
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Last time I traded in a game at Gamestop, they were still under the Funcoland name. If I know I have no desire to keep a game, I sell it either at a garage sale or Ebay. But what percentage would I fall under when I have 100's of games in my collection spanning back to even before the NES? #1.1.7
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You mean EA is out of touch with gamers? Never thought that would happen. <sarcasm> When i get a Shooter, I always play SP first, to get comfortable with the controls. then go into MP. Plus I paid $60.00 for the gam, SP is really where it's at and them MP is good 'ol fun. #1.12
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This sounds exciting reminds me of the old game Mercenaries when you can destroy buildings and such, but I wonder what games like this that use the Cloud will be like next Gen, as we look at backwards compatibility and playing last gen games as a hot item. Will companies support these cloud servers years from now and well into next gen. #1.1.27
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I can't keep up with the current Gen games, gotta finish Witcher 3 before MGS5 comes. I still have my PS3 and 360 but don't use them with all the Free Plus games and backlog I have now. So no, I would not care if PS4 had BW compatibility nor do I that Xbone does. It's a cool feature though for those who use it. Sony could do similar with PSNow if they felt a big enough market for it. #1.1.18
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My 4 Year old plays it and really enjoys it. I have yet to try it though but heard really good things. #1.7
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Escape Plan is really fun, my 4 Year old and I play it and he's even beaten the whole game by himself. Got that free on Plus and it's a fun game. #1.3
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I've played since the patch but when I meditated I didn't regain health but damn i hope it didn't change. if so I have an older file same and will have to re-do a bunch. #1.2
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Many speculated a 1 Year deal, which maybe by the time the PS4 version comes out, they polish it off, add some DCL into it and it becomes a definitive edition or something. Or works with the Morpheus if that's out. #1.9
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I have a 4 year old who knows I or my wife will handle all discs for games or movies. He puts them away on the shelf, pulls them out when he wants to change games and doesn't touch discs. I do some digital and he can switch between games but for the price I am paying which digital is the same as physical, I'll take a physical copy any day over digital. #3.1.8
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Agreed but both games look good. UC4 day 1 for me and I'll just wait for Tomb Raider to come to PS4. I prefer having all games on the same platform line when I can. By the time the PS4 version comes anyways it'll be more polished. #1.16
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When does she eat, or use the bathroom over a almost 6 day period and the toll of no sleep for that long on her body. #3
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I didn't check it until late and picked up for my Son Lego Batman 3 on PS4 and TMNT Secrets of the Ooze on PS3 for $14.00 each. Other than than even the 100% sold out items had nothing that interested me. #1.1
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I read his tweets and knew what he meant, I am not a fan of Michael at all so not defending him but his tweet wasn't as bad as some make it to be. Because he has been critical of Iwata and saying the opposite would have just meant tweets tearing into him otherwise. Just a bad choice of words. Either way some people just need to lighten up. #1.2
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My Wife knew I was a gamer when we dated and married, she heard me talk about games and systems and when I moved in with her, I got her old roomates room as my Man Cave to setup PC's and my Consoles. She buys me games as gifts and our Son now plays some of my older consoles as well. Only time she complains about it is when I have the volume too loud. #1.1.14
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My Phat PS3 60 GB Died about 2 Years ago, luckily i had recently bought a Slim PS3 as a BD Drive and to play in the living room while the Phat PS3 was running long Gran Turismo races so I blame long races to killing it. Still have the Phat PS3, and tried fixing it but it worked long enough to backup saves. #3.5
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So you are saying is new gen games and selection is so bad you win a new gen console race by playing last gens games on it? Hmm OK. Msft should bring back Project Gotham Racing for a new racer. #1.12
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Nintendo understood that Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas that don't play games made Wii successful and thought all would return to buy a WiiU. The problem is Nintendo distanced themselves from Core gamers which is where the money is at with Wii and pointed the finger at gamers being the ones who abandoned Nintendo. We all get Nintendo does their own thing and that's what makes them great but the WiiU was the first Nintendo home system since the NES I didn't buy and by the sal... #1.12
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