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I stopped playing a couple months after it came out. I did the story and looking at the grinding needed to level up Vanguard rank and the others, I just said forget it. Too many other games coming out I'd rather play that repeat and rinse every day. I don't mind leveling up characters and stuff like in games (BF/COD), it's different there. Destiny just felt much slower progression. #1.1.6
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Same here, but I mostly play Single Player too so I don't notice it as much if it is down, but I don't play until later in the evening too so it might just be back up by then. #1.1.11
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Game devs should release versions of their games on torrents to pirate free, but once the game draws you in, some monster stalks and attacks you relentlessly that won't die. When gamers turn to others on how to kill them, they are identified as being pirates and laughed at. #1.11
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My 5 year old son is going to freak out when he sees this. Heck I even want to play it. It looks good. #1.9
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Any game with difficulty especially when there is a trophy to help with the motivitation, I put it to the highest difficulty I can. I'd prefer being able to choose the highest difficulty right away, now beat it on hard then unlock harder ones. The only time I use easy is when I beat the game on the hardest and just need to mop up a trophy or 2 for the platinum. I might curse my way through games like Spec Ops the line suicide mode at times, but when the game is beat I have a better fee... #1.4
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I'd love VR even in games like Fallout, just more of an immersive experience. #1.7
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@Inthezone, the problem though making it televised is the "street cred" crap, they see themselves on TV and it's like bragging rights. look at L.A. and the news coverages of high speed chases and such. They should be public though or something but not televised, nowadays there is much less regard for life. Not far from me here in MN. a man a few months ago killed his whole family before himself even small kids. It breaks my heart even more now being a parent. #1.1.14
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I want to see what games he liked with no complaints. Sheesh, if a game isn't perfect it's not a disapointment. #1.3
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I've used VR with my galaxy S6 that just uses my phone and have fun with it, these better quality and designed more for VR will be even better. I'm excited! #1.10
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The article makes it seem like he switched from PS4 to Xbone one, he's been on Xbox since the first one and tayed loyal to MS when the PS3 and 360 came out. I don't really call that switching more of a decision why he stuck with Xbox. #1.25
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Here is a link to what CaptainObvious referred to #1.2.5
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If SW Battlefront had Single Player I'd have picked it up, but given the fact it's MP only, I passed. SP for me has always been where the work is, story telling and with characters to unfold. #1.1.3
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@ Moldy
I've been too busy playing Fallout 4 to care for Rise, heck I won't be able to touch Just Cause for a while for the same reason. If there was nothing else to play gamers would be upset, but Fallout took care of that. #1.1.7
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For anyone who follows Lizard Squard on social media, all you are doing is giving them the attention and outlet they want. All they want is attention and to cause headaches, the more you retweet and spread their message the more they will do and stay around. #1.1.10
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Is this bug seen more on PC or console versions? I've had the game crash on me, usually after playing coming off rest mode on the PS4. But send the report and just load up the save file and I'm good. I save constantly so hope I never get this. #12
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These fans really need to chill the F*** out. It's not realistic for a ghoul to survive in a fridge for 200 years but it's realistic that you'd pick up a syringe from a urinal and inject it into yourself for health or a syringe for that matter laying around for who knows how long? Or that you can build a wooden shack from pencils when the wood you get from the pencils is nowhere close to the wood needed for the fence? WHO CARES? just have fun and enjoy the game. #1.1.3
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Not surprised Considering how many TV's were broken with the Wiimote being thrown, they don't want people walking or flailing about into objects. #1.1
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Remember, people get outraged over a red coffee cup. Nuff said. #1.7
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They have stupid 12 year old stuff like Boobies and A$$face but not common nicknames like Buddy? My name is on the list but my Sons isn't. #4.4
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I've been doing side ops since losing her and it's just not the same. In honor of her sacrafice I changed my helicopter music to Quiet's Theme, so no matter where I go her Music plays sending her a message, if you are out there, my tribute to you. Once I max the bond with D Horse, She's back at my side. I did replay mission 11 and she is in my Brig. but will need to replay it to get the reunion mission. #4.2
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