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When you pay just as much for a Digital game, I'll take the case and physical copy for the same price. Plus I have something to show in my collection, and the fact that when I want to replay a game I don't have to worry about it not being available to re-download or worrying about space on my HDD if I'm playing several games at once. I bought it, now I can play it anytime. #1.1.4
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I'm doing my first playthrough on Death march, but I like a good challenge too. The first fight in the game I died a few times but once I got my s**t together and took my time I was fine. The first ability I'd do is Sun and Stars, that helps a ton. I use my shield a lot since it knocks enemies back when they surround me and gives me a chance to distance myself. I have found in battles there are sometimes the advantage points to use, like Drowners when there are 5 or more by the wat... #1.1.1
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@JamesBondage but that will mess up the Trophy/achievement if going for it on the harder difficulties. #1.1.8
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I had the loading screen issue with PS4, uninstalled and reinstalled, played without the day 1 patch and it worked just fine. Saved, installed the patch and then game loaded good. But I tried twice with the day one patch and had to sit through the first cinematics which can't be skipped 2 times before the 3rd try without the patch. #1.13
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I wouln't mind a Remaster collection of the Onimusha games. Just sayin #1.9
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One big problem with developers is the copy paste concept. Most big franchises now days that sell well are very similar to the previous. Madden and sports games sell like mad, same game, different players, skins and some new features. Many shooters too, COD's feel the same, run around and shoot but different guns, different maps and features how upgrades work are different. but the overall concept isn't much different. Another Big problem now is rushed games, broken and over flo... #1.1.5
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So this theme is basically the menu loop? I was thinking when they said Awesome, that it's be from some of the cutscenes in the game or summoned beasts. #2.7
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If the game launches without issues, then I'll pick it up. Otherwise Ubisoft needs to know broken games are not accepted. #5
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Makes me more glad I didn't go with the Collectors Edition, Statue is cool but that's really it for the extra cash, the art book, medallion and other stuff will go back in the box and in storage somewhere or on a shelf. Like the light up Frost Giant base for Disney Infinity Marvel PS4, takes up so much room. #1.2
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It's mostly where people pre-order from where money down is needed. That's usually the biggest pre-order thing most avoid. I pre-order my games on Amazon, no money down, it's like a list of games I am interested in and can remove the game at any time, free Prime shipping gets the game on my doorstep the day of release, no out of the way retail stops. Plus like you said, helps lock in truely limited editions I really want. #5.1
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Sony will surprise with a No mans Sky Demo release right after the E3 conference. That's my prediction. #1.5
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@Crimzon, Shaun White Snowboarding was fun too. I would like a new Next gen Snowboarding game over a skateboarding game. #1.1.14
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According to Amazon, one of the description details is:
"The Witcher 3 is standalone adventure, easily entered into by new players. Witcher fans will find subtle references to their adventures, but these elements are not necessary to enjoy the game fully."
I too have not played the previous 2 and there is also a free hardcover comic with the Amazon purchase that sounds like will help fill in some background. So I'll be reading that when not playing. #2.5
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@TrollsBringer, you mean because they'd be forced to play with skill VS letting the choppers and airstrikes pad their kills? That was the good old days for me, fighting players with skills VS dodging AI crap. #4.2.2
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I'd like WW2 one again or even a WW1 or Vietnam one. #4.2
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I just bought one of the Aqua Cat game themes I think it's called because it plays some fun 8 bit music. Reminds me of the old days. #9.1
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I'd love that or a screen shot I took #1.3
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I'm hoping for a Fox Die Studios spin off, Kojima takes Konami's developers and heads up a new spin off studio. I doubt that would happen though. #1.5
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I'm still picking it up mainly because it's mostly done by Kojima but future MGS games would be questionable if Kojima has no part in them. Glad I didn't delete PT, will have a special place on my HDD. #7.3
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Dice is a good studio, the problem is EA is the problem and Dice gets the heat. If EA bans peoples accounts because they complain the game is broken, Dice gets the heat for a broken game but why is EA treating gamers the way they do? I hope every developer is like Dice and very passionate about their product and feels hurt when they find it's broken, if you treat gamers good then we open our wallets up more. I am excited for this game but wish there was a campaign more than space battl... #1.2.5
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