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*Date subject to change.

**Minimum 8 per store. No rainchecks. Limit 1 per customer.

***$5 deposit required.

****Remote control tank available for pick up with game on 11/7/08.



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just like fable 1, some of the best music in gaming. destroys anything on BS3rdplace.

p.s. promotion code doesn't work. poor fake website.

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I KNEW this "game" sucked!!!!!

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lol, poor jewkin :(

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crap games in crap bundles. should be halo, gears, mass effect, bioshock, or something like that.

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and yes, ps3 still sucks and wishes it had this game ;)

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ROFL @ the MORON who clicked BUY and then wanted his money back. what an IDIOT. then he goes CRYING to apple about it. PANZYASS B1TCH.

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really? cuz Lara was raiding tombs decades before his wannabe Gears of Raider queerass showed-up.

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the creator of the first 9/11 level has a great attention to detail. he even did the thermate detonators the jew world order bush regime planted to blow-up the towers for the fake oil war in iraq.

I'm impressed. perhaps this game isn't so bad, after all. what u think, droids? that's some good detail right there. I personally would have made it last a little longer than 4 seconds, but it's a nice first run.

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Ive had SD storage for over a year now. 3 cards a gig each. 1 for games. 1 for porn. 1 for music! ;)


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looks horrible.

gears destroys this.

poor droids.

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Attention BS3rd-place owners: You bought the wrong console!


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uhhh... WII???? why not 360????????? are these the same AMAZING remakes on GayPube? those were awesome. too busy to read article. gotta go!

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ps3 now has only 128 megs of ram.

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only good game? lol. I won't even humor you.

Gears ALONE destroys anything on PS3 out now or ever to be.

poor crackhead!!! :(

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#1 - It's not a BS3rdplace.

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POOOOOOR DROIDS. YET ANOTHER 360 EXCLUSIVE FOR US. (your version might as well not exist, just like Bioshock. ROFLMAO.)

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No, cuz then it would SUCK like PoSN.

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