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And people wonder why law enforcement makes bad judgment calls sometimes because they don't know the difference between nonsense and an actual threatening crime until it's too late. It's because of morons like this that makes such a problem for everyone. All types of false reports are going out there everyday without the law having knowledge of that while responding to a call. I hope this kid and anyone like him gets the full extent of any law broken. #1.7
At least now we can all say gaming is the cause behind someone's death and not blaming some crazy person with a gun. #1.1.3

A level cap of 30 without paying for DLC is not true. You can rank up to a high 31 but the reason you can't reach 32 is because you need the raid armor and the only way to get that is by buying the dlc to unlock the raid. But outside of raid specific items, everything is possible to get and use if you don't buy the DLC. As for your opinions, I complet disagree with them entirely. #2.4
I don't know. I might pick up the $29.99 PS+ One year subscription with the purchase of a dualshock 4. For whatever reason mines been acting up so why not have an excuse to get a new one. #1.1.1
I wonder if the light bar affects the color of them at all. #1.1.5
I'm sorry but I have to completely disagree with your statement about fans of popular FPS games not being caught dead to be playing minecraft. I'm a huge FPS fan and minecraft happens to be one of my favorite games because of the completely different experiences it offers. #1.1.1
An 8.4 really isn't a bad score and there were fair points made as to why it wasn't higher. Just because we're all used to inflated review scores, scores like this one seems like an insult which is absurd. In the article he mentions the system is still "maturing", meaning it will grow into an even better console and receive a better score in a future review (if they do another one). And 8.4 shows room for improvement which is nice. If it was given a 10 then you can't... #1.1.9
Haven't had my PS3 hooked up in about 5 months now because of a flukey situation, but are the heists still not out? Now I have no one to blame but myself but I paid a total of $176 for the collectors edition of this game and honestly played it quite a bit (think Im lvl 110-ish) but I'm sure I'll skip on this if they don't do something similar to the way the TLOU Remastered edition was done to where you trade in your PS3 version for half off. Then I'm stuck in the situation... #1.1.1
Nice to see some screenshots of fully dressed women in these mods for once. #2.1
I finally got a crew together and beat the raid two nights ago. Got the chatterwhite shader which most get when you beat it the first time (but not garaunteed) and the "Vision Of Confluence" legendary scout rifle that has solar burn damage and is making me change which exotic weapon to use since I had my "Hard Light" exotic auto rifle that I've fully upgraded. That solar burn damage on a primary is well worth it. #1.1.2
This is how I've been doing my farming since about the third day the game was out. Got about 300 spinmetal after an hour and a half of looting chests and the ones lying around. Another good engram farming spot is the first mission on the moon and keep dying after killing all the Thralls that run out the door and continue to do it as much as you want. There's also a spot on the Nexus strike. There are plenty of places to farm in this game but everyone abused the cave system. #1.1.2
I recently got the "Hard Light" auto rifle so I don't need this weapon. I'm hoping an exotic scout rifle will appear sooner rather than later. #1.5
These really do look great but in all honesty, is anyone else wondering why these mods always have to be so pervy??? #1.1.11

While I agree with your premise with the old views, you have the Japanese and American view backwards since it was the Japanese that attacked us first. So it would really be like us saying we (Americans) hate the Japanese which we don't. At this point all it is, is history that you remember. Hell, even Germany isn't frowned upon anymore. But just let Docknoss come up with whatever nonsense he needs to, to make him feel better about his own purchase. #1.3.4
I'm not saying that this isn't true since I haven't played this but why would the PS4 version have ZERO sun flare/glare in it??? You would think there'd be something there at least, right? #1.1.12
I got the same as nicominoru and so did my friend. I got it as a reward from completing a match in the crucible. Definitely threw all my stuff into the vault though just like in the alpha, in hopes that it would someway, somehow carry over even though I knew it wouldn't lol. Always worth the shot of trying though :P #4.1.2

You're definitely right about that. The thing is, is that I don't see why these kind of things happen when so many incidents like this have happened before. Why not just get prepared for these things? I'm definitely no tech geek so maybe I'm missing something about how hard it must be since it happens pretty frequently with things like this. And I'm not talking about JUST the psn store because even the bungie website was down, I'm ta... #1.1.6
This is just unfortunate for the day :/ #1.16
Yes, I know where to get it from but I thought it mentioned it would send an email to alert you when it was ready. And like I said, was down so I was unable to check. Now however, I have my code and currently stuck with the psn store not working properly right now. #1.11.2
Got the redeem code. Then got lucky and was able to get in the psn store. Entered the code and pressed "Continue" and now stuck on the loading bar page. #1.1.4
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