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So much smiling on my face right now ^_^ #1.1.7
I hope so badly that this game will be a solid and fun game when it's all said and done. First announcements for the game, my expectations were through the roof but as time has passed I got rid of my pre-order only to watch the gameplay video and got excited again and went to pre-order it again but now all of the hype for me is gone and I'm just patiently waiting for it's release to hope that it fulfills some of the expectations I had for it. Regardless if it's a great, good o... #1.1.3
Gotham city impostors is a great game. So much fun with friends. The servers were always a bit laggy though but I did convince 5 or 6 friends to buy it instead of everyone just being annoyed of getting "noob tubed" on cod. #5.1
Someone in the comment thread has a link saying it's Destiny but I already got that issue last month..... #1.1.15
The tutorial video was pretty funny lol. I'm not new to minecraft but I would assume that it was also helpful for beginners. Haven't played on PC yet but I got it when it came out on the 360 and now I have the PS3 edition and still having a blast. Just wish the PS3 edition had some texture packs right now. #1
The brake lights work in gt 5 #1.1.6
I've had it since it came out. It really is a good game. I just wish it was a longer experience which is why I hope for a sequel. #1.3
I don't know why you're getting disagrees, you're right. Notch has said that you can but the amount of TNT needed would crash your computer. #1.1
It's not really much of an article as it is just a picture with a tweet and a few sentences to explain the obvious(that it's lacking in color). In no way did this mention anything bad or any kind of slander campaign. It also doesn't come from someone anonymous, it comes from tom warren. Did you even click the link? #3.2
They even added a curtain to the window at the tops of the stairs for the ps4 @0:48. Compared to their current gen systems, the next gens do look very satisfying. Still going to wait a year to get a ps4 though. There'll be enough games to keep me entertained on my ps3 #1.1.2
Your first sentence, I completely agree with. The second one, I highly doubt. If they do get bored, they'll just make a new account and just hack/cheat all over again. #1.1.1
Sounds like they've maybe already resolved this problem in the tweet statement that was released. Regardless it'll be fixed by the time it officially releases. #1.2
Yeah, I agree. Not much anticipation for extinction. I might be in the minority here but I also don't like zombies. I just enjoy CoD for the multiplayer, whether that's a good or bad thing, it's just what I enjoy. #1.1.2
For some reason I really like looking at the tire tracks in the sand on the first picture #1.1
And you didn't have to wait two weeks to figure that out. e.g. GTA V #1.1.3
I had a blast playing single player and I would give it 5/5 but it's hard to find joy in gta online without playing with a group a friends and even then, it's hard to mess around and have fun because they complain about losing money when they die since money is a bit tedious(in abundance) and repetitive to obtain. I got to rank 30 in the first couple of days since gta online was released, now I'm at rank 37 and it's been weeks. #1.4
Well with the two weeks they gave everyone before releasing gta online, I would certainly hope some people already completed the game. I have an iPhone but even then the app was useless thanks to all the problems. I was around 75-80% done with single player when they finally got it working. #1.1.1
The only cod game mode with more than 6v6 is ground war so it's really not that lame because that was one of the fewer played game modes offered. #1.5.1
Call Ron and get the base invader job. 25k and takes 5 min to complete. Unfortunately you can't press replay on this mission so have multiple people to call until you get the job. #1.1.2
Well in the video it DOES say, "The indie game that refreshed the combat racing genre". #1.1.2
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