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i am too!

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Microsoft has been showed good reason for having so little faith in their product, the PS4 is has some much consumer good-will behind it and is dramatically out-pacing the xbox one in pre-orders. If I were the head of the xbox division I would try to do ANYTHING to get the customer back while not completely abandoning everything about my console. MS realized they can't fight their customers

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This should help although SD can also mean 720x480 or 640x480

as you can see its much larger than just HD and also much larger than the jump from SD to HD

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I think Zelda in 4k would look rather well too

Many people who have seen 4k tvs say that it is a significant improvement over 1080p and the simple bump in resolution is something you have to actually see to believe

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I read your blog great read

but the problem is that just as the vita cannot simply price drop because of the quality of the hardware the wii u cannot simply price drop because of the cost of the gamepad. But with the vita what makes it attractive is the quality of its hardware and potential of console quality games. But with the wii u the gamepad isn't really attracting gamers as much as the wii mote did

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For me what makes a game great is when it can be many things, the combination of its mechanics, it novelty of mechanics or if the game has a powerful message

Graphics don't make a game great because no individual aspect can make a great game. Also graphics are apart of the art style and direction, which may not always need ultra realistic graphics.

Also not every game had to be great some of them might just be enjoyable experiences, or interesting ones, o...

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Because they realize the value of a good relationship with their consumer where it doesn't seem like they're being cheated in anyway

It gives them an advantage over Microsoft because they can boast that their online network is virtually identical but is free of charge

But starting with the Playstation 4 you will need to subscribe to Playstation Plus which although it gives you free games is still a manner of getting y...

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The reason I believe Microsoft makes you pay for Xbox live is because although online capabilities are already on your disc and also you already paid for your internet connection, there are still many other costs with Xbox live. The fee or subscription is for the massive cost of the servers that Microsoft provides. The cost of the servers is continuous because of the cost to operate it virtually always and cannot be covered in the simple revenue from the game sales which Microsoft gets roughl...

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I agree but I think Nintendo has always opted for revolution over evolution

They would always rather revolt against the norm of the industry than evolve with it, and that should change

But I must say the wii truly was a success because it was aimed where the other two competitors weren't, the blue ocean strategy.

Also I assume you don't work for nintendo, if you don't it is unfair to aasume that all this mess is solely on Iwata...

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Iwata has admitted many things

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I think that a game is something where you're doing more than just watching/listening to it

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Video game and video game tournaments are massive competitions where competitors require skill and training

whether are not video games and pro gamers are sports or athletes respectively is your personal opinion and is decided by you and the US government clearly already has decided for themselves

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The ouya truly needed more time in the oven to be released and distributed properly and to have all the issues with the controllers and console fixed

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Phineas and FERB: quest for cool stuff

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I think Sony is really the only company who's got it down when dealing with your customers and your devs


take notes

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whoa, 3ds is killing it

luigi's mansion 2, animal crossing and dkc returns 3d are killing

Also congrats to ND for another masterpiece

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Great read!

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"If developers go bankrupt because they can't manage their money, then boo hoo. That's just business, right Cliffy?"

*Looks up to the sky*

*One single tear rolls down face*

*Continues to scroll through the comments*

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Microsoft policies are messed up but that's the problem, not the fact that they're trying to go digital or limiting used games.

Just because a game is new doesn't mean it HAS to be more expensive, just look at Steam, completely digital, almost 0 used games and they have 75% off sales all the time

Used games hurt Microsoft, publishers, and devs and ultimately hurting devs hurts us because we rely on devs for quality games. Worst of all used games ...

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