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"It's EU law. EULAs are accepted as valid for digital services and have held up in court. "

Wow. Do you even research your claims? Here's Microsoft's EULA:

"20. APPLICABLE LAW. - If you acquired this Software in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, or Switzerland, then local law applies. If you acquired this Software in any other country, then local law may apply."

The local law cited in this article supersedes the EULA. If it didn't ...

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That's US law, no EU law. And, even in US law, shrinkwrap or digital EULA acceptance is not universally (not even in a majority of countries) accepted as valid.

The Microsoft lawsuit was granted a stay, such lawsuits haven't even had time to go forward. I still have that feature on my installation. If Microsoft reached in an removed it, they'd have to pay.

MMOs are not a physical good. You're buying a month's access (or account) and getting software free, it's acc...

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They do have a risk. Still, you have to make your decision and pay for the consequences. In this case, that doesn't demand an apology, but it's already requiring cash.

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"My only point was that if you don't want to be "screwed" then you read the fine print. It was always a possibility and at the start you have a chioce to make. Take it back then and get your money or keep it and take a chance. "

Yep, and since Sony didn't read the large print on local/national laws, they have a problem.

EULAs are just things that companies throw out to protect themselves in small sections of the world that care more about corporat...

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"PS3 slim had this already removed. idk, it just bugs me that this man thinks that Sony owes anyone anything at all.. It's not they are forcibly making you update, you can still keep it. Just buy another PS3 for online play."

You can still keep one of the two features, PSN or linux.

I have to say "Just buy another PS3" is a fabulous piece of satire. But I think you meant it sincerely. In which case, Sony should remove features more often. Don't l...

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"I guess you need your govenment to step in and protect you from your own stupidity huh. Can't protect yourself on your own by not agreeing to something like this huh? I mean good thing they are there to make all your ignorant decisions go away. There was always a chance this could happen and if you couldn't do without it you should have bought a PC."

You're right it's ignorant to buy Sony products given their history of screwing users at every turn. But I liked the fac...

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"and how many percent of those with Phat actually installed Other OS"

You're assuming that only those that installed it can or will get refunds. It's illegal in the EU whether you use it or not.

I'd be going for the refund whether I used it or not as well. A manufacturer doesn't have the right to do this in that jurisdiction, people should go after them so that it prevents this sort of laziness.

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They're both evil.

Sorry. If I want to run linux, I should be able to access PSN. I'm running a Sony approved feature that they advertised without restriction and I haven't hacked anything. If they want to remove either of those features contingent on my use of the other one, then they need to reimburse me.

Luckily, in the UK and EU, they will have to... And I hope they lose tons.

The idea that they couldn't have patched this without screwing users is ...

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"Am I crying in my beer because OtherOS was taken away? No, it doesn't practically impact my life much. But I *do* figure Sony owes me an apology at the least."

If you live in the EU or UK, they owe you more than that. We'll have to see about the US. I'd imagine they'll owe several law firms a lot of money in a year or so.

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"And let's be honest here, how many people is this really going to inconvenience? Yeah there's a ton of us hardcore fans on the internet but there's what, like 28 million or more PS3 "Phat" users out there and I'd hazard a guess that there's a miniscule percentage of those people that actually use the feature meaning Sony won't mind pissing off a very small amount of the user base in order to protect the platform from hackers and piracy."

Doesn't really matter...

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"That's just it, not many people used the feature but because Sony are REMOVING a feature it somehow entitles them to complain about it."

It certainly does. Precisely because Sony advertised the feature, users paid for that feature and now it's being removed for anyone who wants to use it and who also wants to game.

Not only does it entitle them to complain, but it also entitles them to sue. As of now a user has two choices: 1) upg...

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"1-DAY shipping = next day"

Yeah... that's what I'm referencing.

I'm wondering why a netflix member would be surprised to get a disk the next day. I've never, except in cases where an obscure disc was shipped from a remote warehouse, had it take more than one day. And I've had my membership for over 2 years.

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"1 day shippings ?O_O "

Where do you live (approximately)? Near a metro area?

I always get discs the next day...

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so what's your real problem with it since there's nothing to "buy" with netflix?

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"Isn't this all the stuff they took away when they came out with the 1.01 version? "

Pretty much. Not much that's "new" here.

Glad it's free, though there's not much in this that I'd pay for anyway...

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Ask yourself this: Why is what you said true?

It's not just because there's no competition, because Sony and MS both have games out that they want to secure that market. It's not price, because the Arcade is cheaper than the Wii. It's not features, because the wii has less media features overall.

Ask yourself, "If Sony and MS could put out a game like WiiSports that would be a killer app and make their consoles fly off the shelves like the wii, would they?&q...

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"Saying that the Wii is a competitor to the 360 and the PS3... like saying that a BMW is a competitor to Ferraris and Lamborguinis. Sure, they are all luxury cars, but they aren't fighting for the same market. And i'm sure more Beamers have been sold than Ferraris and Lambos combined."

So let's say a BMW z4 is around $45k. What sort of sales do you think Ferrari would have if they dropped their prices to $36k? How about if Lamborghini announced that they we...

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There's a reason why car analogies are the bane of places like Slashdot.

Here's the problem. If Lamborghini's were selling for 20% less than the Focuses, or even 60% more... then there'd be a huge problem if the Focuses were outselling them dramatically.

Now if the Ps3 was $2500 I'd completely agree. That'd be a fab analogy.

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So we're both walking down the street and there's dollar bills on shelves or on the ground every five steps. In order to get every 3rd dollar bill, I've got to hop over a lava pit that we'll call "hd capability", it's too far so I can't. On your side for every other dollar bill, they're at ground level so you've got to stoop. But you decide instead that you'll wait for a mile or two until you've collected a few grocerie carts full. So for every three dollars you pick up I pick u...

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The question is, why would they not otherwise buy a 360 or ps3?

People like to have fun, the wii plays videogames that (those) people find to be fun. Why can't they play something like that on the ps3 or 360?

If there's no major architectural reason, then sony and ms are doing something very wrong. This has nothing to do with the Wii's lack of processing power.

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