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At least it didn't take them too long to sort it out.

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I really hope now that they're using Steamworks they can roll out PC patches pretty promptly like they are for these initial ones.

F1 2012 could be a really solid game but there are an awful lot of bugs again this year which is really disappointing from save game corruption to random engine blows to disconnects, not to mention chronic understeer at times when using a wheel.

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Another one of those myths that's still perpetuated around.

Since the AMD takeover drivers have improved hugely, and since they've moved away from a month release cycle the quality has again risen.

AMD aren't the only ones who have driver issues, Nvidia has had their fair share too but since AMD had the bad name first it's stuck with them. At least AMD don't delete posts and threads from their forums about driver issues.

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If anyone is struggling for a download link that works I recommend this one

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And before anyone says it, yes I know I'm not the greatest FIFA player ever :P

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Yeah crossfire 6970s will be good for at least another year yet.

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What PSU do you have?

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The touch is a viable option but the A6 in the iPhone 5 should be capable of some amazing stuff if it is indeed confirmed to be based on Cortex A15 internals.

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I went from a 5770 for a 7850 myself back in April and it was a really good upgrade, especially with how well most 7850s overclock.

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7850 price looks really good, tempted now to pick up a second for Crossfire.

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probably through Origin on PC


I presume it'll just be an hour ahead of us in the UK.

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9am UK time on PC, between 10am-2pm UK on Xbox 360, and between 10pm-2am UK on the PS3.

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Looking forward to trying it myself to see how it compares to the PES demo but I've got a feeling it's gonna be FIFA again this year for me.

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It's certainly a great time for creative minds, almost endless opportunities now to get ideas out there.

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Competition is good, and Windows Phone 8 is shaping up to be a potentially very good OS for phones.

With RIM falling by the way side we need Microsoft to push hard like they are doing.

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Very excited about the 920, could well be a stellar flagship device from Nokia.

Nice big screen on it for gaming and with EA bringing games over and the Unity engine supporting WP8 hopefully the platform can catch up to Android and iOS for gaming on the move.

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I really can't believe how much I love The Walking Dead game, if Telltale keep up the excellent work it is, for me at least, a GOTY contender.

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Yeah very true, bloody fantastic game.

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But not yet a properly viable option for PC gaming.

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Kinda mis-leading without Windows included in the price.

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