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I'm referring to what's out there now.

Anything developed for VR will work if that is their focus.

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You CAN play COD in VR. Vireio and Vorpx will help you do this. But you won't like it.

But some replies below are correct. You wont be as response. It is not immersive at all.

I've had more fun in HL2 or Quake 1 and DOom3 with the DK2.

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This is because VR needs its own subset of first person games. Not necessarily shootings like HOver junkers.

Platformers, 3rd person titles and RTS games are in the works as well...not sure how they will work though. I played Lucky' Tale. Loved it.

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Most FPS games don't translate well into VR.

I've played the Half Life series and other Valve games and they work well. SO does Quake 1 - which is FANTASTIC

Mostly because the HUD layout has been changed and the player's view (head) and weapon (mouse)are detached from each other.

I've played a number of popular games (COD, Battlefield series) in Vorpx or Vireio and THEY DO NOT WORK WELL. They feel wrong, and most of them are...

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I love Uncharted for the same reasons I love Indiana Jones.

Good characters great adventure. Fantastic comedy. You actually give a shit about the characters and the story.

Not to mention a great A grade Hollywood production value feel for the final product.

This is only somewhat true with the last Tomb Raider. The story, writing and voice acting plays out like a B grade adventure you can find in a $2 dvd bargain bin at your local gas statio...

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It cost me < $50.

Half the price of any console game here in AUS.

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I agree PC gamers SHOULD be lucky to get a cross platform title.

But I'm not console bashing. I'm bashing the system.

The below is all an example and numbers are not accurate.

1. Let's say Sony and MS boast that they have 100 million playstations or xboxes in homes.

2. A publisher (let's say EA) has a great relationship with these two manufacturers.

3. A dev company wants to make a game for P...

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Don't forget it's an FPS title as well. :)

You dont have to spent 500 on a decent ship.

THese are SHORTCUTS, and i'm a bit upset that they exist because not everybody will start the game on even footing... you said, pay to win.

I'm in with a basic ship and I plan on working through the content, building my virtual bank balance and my assets.

I dont plan on buying (with real cash) the greatest ...

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Sony and M$ put pressure on developers to make sure the PC versions of cross platform titles do not stand out too much over their "next gen" console brothers.

Otherwise how can you call your console "next gen".

Also Publishers (an evil StarCitizen doesn't have to worry about) won't provide the cash to develop the game if:
1. It may embarrass console manufacturers when a game is compared to a PC version and it is proved that...

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Only THIS big budget title will not be released with the VR component.

It was only implemented to show off yet more potential which they do not intend to develop or make available to the public.

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What is this battlefield mod...oh wait....

I don't care. this should have been dlc.

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Depth of field and blur mods are obvious.

Plus there's a screenshop in the mix.

Image 12 of 15 is hybrid artwork and screenshot

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A halo dev buys a DK2.

I'm just that same dev took a huge dump this morning.

It doesn't mean that Halo 5 is going to be a huge steaming pile of....oh wait.

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How the fuck can they battle when they're not even running the same race?

One is in the Olympics, the other is in the Special Olympics.

...and queue the bashing :)

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Femshep for the win.

The last thing I want to see while playing an RPG for 12+ hours is some dude's ass.

Jennifer Hale was great as Shepard.

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Hard line will do new single player via Visceral games.

The multiplayer beta appears to be a re-skin with new models and audio.

Music still sounds like a wet fart in a distortion mic.

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Unless it's and RPG.

THen you need a scantily clad chick in Bikini armor with beachballs for breasts and cleavage like the grand canyon!

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No, the modding community has been destroyed as a result.
Mods are handled in-house and SOLD instead!

You want to sell missions and customizations for single player campaigns? Go right ahead!

In terms of multiplayer, it fragments the community into the haves and have nots, creates a need for different multiplayer servers, catering to vanilla plus DLC owners.

Don't forget Modern Warfare 2, where DLC's broke matchmaking entirel...

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Fake, the stereoscopic was setup with Vireio, but no Rift was present during the recording.

The biggest clue is zero head tracking.

The player users keys to look around now and then, but there is no demo of head tracking working.

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Where I always admired and respected Luckey.

Now I just love the dude's balls! ....wait.

Seriously. 30fps, it's a slide show!

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