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That's great news, but will it last?

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I think they wouldn't have create a new interface if they had included analogue triggers in the Wiiu gamepad and pro-controllers.

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eworthington0- Ballsack said £150 which is $257.17 (at the time of writing)so really is not that bad of a price :)

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Anyone else thing the star music has become more 'dance' like? 15:18

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This looks pretty cool definitely gonna play this with my buddies!

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As pop songs go it's mediocre.

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Oh the last tweet duh!

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Where did you get that quote from, because it's not in the article?

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It should be framerates: PS3 > WiiU > 360

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Then why don't you just buy it?

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well this is more about the amount of people to required to make a HD quickly.

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If Nintendo hates Sony then why does Miyamoto have a PS3?

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Look at The Villager with those big beady eyes and never wavering smile he is nintendo's secret psychopathic killer!

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It is.

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They should get Mr Zimmer to compose for Zelda WiiU, it would make the boss battles feel epic!

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The game looks awesome, and I was not expecting 1080p, but boy am i glad!

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Commande mode would be quite cool on WiiU. I know it wouldn't look as pretty as PS$ and X1 but the controller does have a touch screen and a mic. I mean local and online multiplayer would be awesome!

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It's not completely off just paused, it must still be connected, it must be on, it will always be listening.

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I sometimes wonder if this site is being paid by Microsoft. Kotaku is telling us to make the best of a crappy situation, when we shouldn't even be in this situation, i.e. requiring Kinect to be connected, I mean is Kinect really necessary?!

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