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Squall dies halfway through the game. #2.3
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Lel that made me chuckle. Bub + just because. #7.2.1
I'm referring to different lighting. I want to see two pictures of same thing at around same time to better compare the two. #7.1.1
I have a squeaky trigger on one of my ds4 the other is fine. #24
Dont compare on two different times of day. #7
Sooo your making Yamcha? #3.1.2
I really want him in the Game. I want Punk vs Reigns. #1
If this is true... CM Punk is the Phil Fish of Wrestling... #7
According to my disagrees.. I lied about what I have and like. #3.2
Well his question was between the two, I agree with your observation. #3.1.1
Should mention Ill end up getting both versions. #4
I have both a PS4 and Wii U and while I like the gamepad I just dont see Octodad being a good fit. If they give pro controller support I could see it being slightly better than PS4 controls due to higher up thumbsticks. But in my personal opinion get the PS4 version I own it and love it. #3
I think they're adding stuff to it. I don't know why but I have a GOOD feeling about this. Don't let me down (like usual) Capcom! #1.1.2
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You don't support them trying to stop people from pirating their games?

Or you don't support everything they took out of Sims? #3.1
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Marketing... #1.1
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Ill admit I downloaded this game for my wife so she can try it out. Weve always bought our games but this one seems so... Not complete i want her to try it before she wastes her money.If she likes it we buy it if not... Ill delete it simple as that. I have a steam name with 65 games on it and a few legit off steam games but with pc you dont always get what you pay for. #12
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Btw are you having issues viewing videos on n4g using chrome on the g3? #7.2
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I just did the samebon Sprint framily... #7.1
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Point was overall it still the better ram. I wasnt knocking at Microsoft. Calm down bro. #6.1.4
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Those are publishers not developers. Oddworld would be an indie. Dev I missed R* they would also be indie. #3.2.5
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