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FF15 had the worst gameplay of all the main series final fantasy games if you ask me, but it did have good graphics and soundtrack.

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@teflon if you are running windows 10 that’s probably from ram compression. There are a few tweaks you can enable to fix it. You can either turn compression off with powershell or you could run a script that clears windows ram cache every ten minutes or so... just look to reddit for instructions. The problem is once ram compression is activated it adds cpu overhead to access the compresssd data.

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Fallout 4 runs perfect for me, just not at max settings. I only have an i5 4460 and ddr3 ram, for max settings you need a fast cpu and fast ram. At my reasonable settings it’s an easy 1440p 70+ FPS and it pretty much looks the same. It’s thing like maxing the shadow distance that tanks FPS.

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It is a pretty sweet game!

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What are you on about cobra? Some aftermarket cards have better cooling and higher clocks, but not so much so that i would say they have completely different specs...

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Tflops arent that’s useful a number, just simple to market.

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best example is them charging customers per game to use their emulators instead of just letting them use their old versions.

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lmao, competition means they will just die out?

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@zackeroniii so since you dont care about bethesda games nobody does? Interesting logic.

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They just do whatever microsoft wants pr wise, this even includes bashing the pc platform which has always brought them more sales than xbox. Now you see them do the same with playstation, another platform that makes them more money than xbox.

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For the incredible amount of hype there was for vr that's really low.

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Seems like a waste of time lol. I can’t imagine any pc gamers using this.

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Every battlefield after 3 feels like an expansion.

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No, rebooting is just foolish. I hate when we have to refer to games as whatever the title is (2018).

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@Babadook7 the thing about Samsung is that they are beat by pretty much all the other android makers let alone iPhones, Samsung has by far the most marketing though. The reason I get so upset with Samsung is that not only do they spend billions more than anyone else marketing, a lot of that money is put into attacking other companies and even their customers. Remember the apple sheep commercials, what a joke Samsung is.

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you probably already do lol. China isnt socialist.

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please explain lol, chances are you live in a much more socialist country than china lol.

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Trump says things like this to get votes, half the time he doesn't even make sense. For example Canada already has a deficit with them. That doesnt even account for all the american companies making money all over the world, the same companies that lobby the american government and get whatever they want. The us government also tracks trade in a purposefully misleading way.

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