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it will run at 50hz and output at 60hz, it will look janky on an lcd.

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Sorry they did change someones face i guess, does this make the game a "remaster"? I would say no, just something that was changed in the ps4 port. There are often slight differences like this in even ports from one console to another in the same generation, would you call those a "remaster". Its an insult to our intelligence to call a port like this a "remaster".

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wow a disagree... do people not even know what they are looking at? Render resolution is just a setting, even if it makes graphics look cleaner when you set it higher. Try different resolutions on pc games, or even just look at xbox one x emulation of 360 games where they increased the render resolution..

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video games arent even mastered in the first place, and no they arent changing physics or anything else. Its just configuration changes, nobody seems to understand enough about how graphics are rendered to understand this. Look at this video, they clearly changed nothing but render resolution.

Now its cool its being ported to better hardware, but lets not kid ours...

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Can we stop calling ports with a different configuration "remasters"? If I change a game setting from 720p to 1080p on my pc I didn't "remaster" the game... I love sony, but damn you for using it as marketing term for your ports of god of war...

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the game doesnt run well on any platform, its just easier for people to measure performance on pc.

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Some people think because they sue rom companies, or charge full price for games that still sell that they are evil.

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You say it as if e3 is some sort of milestone and not a glorified convention.

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Yet dsog tries to make it seem like its the hardware... Any game they can find that doesnt run at 60 fps max settings 4k on a 2080ti gets coverage, doesnt matter if how bad or old the game is.

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I could tell it was dsog as soon as I saw the title... says something about the tone they set doesnt it?

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It’s not a game industry bubble, it’s loud people on social media and bots.

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Either way it’s progress, but this is only uk retail.

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and the fact you can still load them up and they are still very fun to play and control perfectly. They are timeless. Even something like quake is still playable and fun,i ts actually more advanced gameplay wise than most shooters today.

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RDR2 and Breath of the Wild are actually that damn good... Mind you reviews were much harsher back in the 90s.

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Graphical dated, but they both hold up very well if you actually play them. Both those games have level design that puts modern games to shame. The biggest problem with modern games is that they insist on taking control from the player and showing them things constantly instead of presenting interesting game play.

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If anything today's standards for review scorers is much lower, as long as the graphics are nice.

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Older games were scored much more harshly, but that was before big marketing money was involved. Ill probably get a bunch of disagrees from people too young to remember.

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E3 isnt very important anymore, its basically a glorified fan convention these days.

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Publishers dont want to take a chance.

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Valve would just buy them and let them do what they want, if they bought them. Valve is also a private company still, no shareholder meddling.

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