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They always do, sometimes they forget to focus on anything else and the games are boring. Most people aren’t playing video games for story, but it’s nice to have a high quality one to enhance the experience.

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How can they actually ban it? They can make it harder to play, but realistically...

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we are catching up.

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because many publishers dont really understand the industry, they just want more immediate profit.

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I suspect zenimax is to blame, after they released fallout 4 with much less work done than usual and still sold millions and millions of copies they figured gamers would buy this like crazy too.

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My theory is they purposely released a terrible game so that the parent company would finally invest in a new engine.

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Even stick of truth was awesome.

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@Sciurus_vulgaris and it was still way better than fallout 3.

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thats because many publishers are horrible and end up sabotaging games because they think they know best, despite them being suits who dont know anything about games.

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Im pretty excited, fallout new vegas was light years better than any recent bethesda game including fallout 3.

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That’s probably why they aren’t going next year to be honest.

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But see Nintendo goes and doesnt try to put on some amazing show every year, this is why Sony dropped out. They have set the bar so high that if they didnt put on a good show the fans that care about e3 would be upset.

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you are generalizing based on a small percentage of csgo players? Million play this game every day, of course some of them are idiots.

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Its just people, in the past they would just be complaining to their friends but now everyone can see it. Its not even most people, it only takes a few hundred to make it seem like a lot. In this case, millions play csgo every day so ya expect a few negative nancies.

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Sit back and think for a moment, this is a game owned by millions and most people only reviewing it now are doing so just to complain.

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Every culture has morons.

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because somebody might actually buy it.

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I bet he just takes customer shipping info and buys it for them from ali express/.

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Love this game.

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why? There really isnt that many of them, its just most people like them and it just eats at n4g commentators who prefer story focused games.

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