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Requirements are pretty useless these days since cpus haven’t increased much in power and there hasn’t been many new video cards in the last two years.

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There was only 2 games after 3, 4 was quite good and dmc was outsourced.

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I think everyone should just watch the digital foundry review to get the entire picture.

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I think its still quite awesome, but over time devs were able to find ways to make games that used to only work on pc work on console. I still think games like pubg and divinity original sin 2 are head and shoulders better on pc. Heck many console games get ported down to phones, it doesnt make the console versions any less special.

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This makes so much more sense for interactive media, and even for non interactive media other services allow you to download.

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I think they could do it, but it would be even more difficult than getting 360 games running on the one.

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I like it much more than god of war and think it has a wider appeal. Its one of the few games where I actually care about the story as well.

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Wonderful, it’s still going to be best on pc if that’s what you really care about. The Xbox one library being almost the same as the PlayStation library minus the mountain of great exclusives makes it hard to justify. Especially since you need to pay for online for both consoles.

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Nice, I’ll have to try it out. When mouse and keyboard controls are done well I prefer them for even games like this.

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I wonder who paid for the negative press.

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Seems most articles are throwing shade on the psx classic, seems weird that they all agree.

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keep in mind some newer switches cant be hacked the same way.

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Misleading title, all they did was figure out how to load roms with nintendos emulator.

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I dont think the author understands the appeal of these devices, its not just the games but the look of them.

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A lot of potential in this series, plus the name just sounds good.

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I got spider-man on ps4 and dragon quest on pc.

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@KwietStorm because this is misleading journalism and should be called out, I thought this was obvious.

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@WeebLord All these games have settings that tank fps, deux ex has soft shadows that eat 20-40 fps and they dont even look good. So yes the 2080ti can do 4k 60 fps end of story. Even if there is one game that only gets 50 fps no matter what, that is the game more than the card wouldnt you agree?

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@instantstupor Yes the prices are high and Ill wait, but people are buying them like crazy at this price so I cant blame nvidia. Keep in mind these are only the high end cards, there is no mainstream option other than an older card.

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You are missing the point, they found 4 games where they can turn settings high enough to tank it down to around 53 fps. Deus Ex soft shadows look horrible and tank fps, why would you leave them on other then to make the card look bad?

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