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@GamerHeaven people being hostile for no good reason bothers me, someone being silly about what the goty is inconsequential. Can you not see the difference?

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I thought the game shows equality, and its not like beating up innocent npcs has no repercussion in the game. So not only are they foolish, they are lying. And if we block women from being attacked in the game arent we just saying women arent equal?

Honestly why are people so insane now, they dont even make any sense.

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Maybe it was their favorite game, does it really bother you that much?

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Why do people care so much about an award show Ive never even heard about? They can name any game the game of the year and it doesnt change my day.

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doesnt really mean much to me since this is retail and red dead 2 came out already (many stores stock up for the coming weeks), but it did beat out pokemon and fallout 76.

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I don’t get it, millions want a game just like this so why the hate.

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XV had a battle system so terrible it ruined the game.

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cool, in this case i would rather play on the xbox one.

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pc gamers have been telling you this all along, thank you microsoft for finally respecting customers.

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They have studios that are just as talented actually, lets see if they give them the time, freedom and money rockstar and Naughty Dog have to make their games. Talent alone cant compete with 8 year development cycles and huge budgets. well over 100 million for a rockstar game and around 50 million for a naughty dog game that only runs on one system, thats not including marketing. Many publishers just don't set up their dev teams for success like they should, lets hope microsoft can be mor...

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Im not sure what to think at this point, microsoft hasnt been the best first party but it really seems like they want to be. Hopefully they dont get in the way too much, I would rather them try new things constantly even if that means some games will fail.

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The switch has less gpu power than the xbox one (not as much less as some people think), but similar cpu power since those jaguar chips are pretty under-powered as well.

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It was actually a pretty good system, but the marketing and name was very poor. People thought it was just a tablet for a wii.

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It’s really hard to take these guys seriously, not only do they seem to bash pc gaming in misleading ways they praise this trash.

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Actually fans seem to like it, it’s mostly the usual haters and trolls.

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Quake 3 was spot on, it’s not the age of the engine.

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Because no single player, nah those people aren’t buying these games anyway.

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Everything about this remake looks like crap.

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Barely any pc gamers buy retail, what is the point on buying a box with a code in it?

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