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ya sure, use a youtube video of someone giving their opinion as an argument..

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again no xbox version, the xbox brand is really starting to have a rough time.

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How about we wait until the year is over?

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yes, this is shareholder type logic and is so wrong.

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Multiplayer games are extremely expensive to make and extremely risky. Even if the game is good, if not enough people are playing it will just die off.

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and sometimes nintendo, but xbox never seems to get it right.

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I think the switch will sell quite well as well, probably around 100 million units. PS4 looks like it will pass 100 million though. The real story is that soon the switch will pass the xbox one, probably right after the christmas season. Xbox cant continue being so weak in Europe and especially japan.

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So this isnt a shipped number, number of people who played, hours spent etc... really bold of sony to give us real numbers.

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Great example of how risky and expensive multiplayer games are to make. Single player games are still cheaper to make, less risky and dont depend on having a community.

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How else are you going to get millions to play a game? It simply has to be accessible.

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How many of them do you actually think are successful? I wouldnt make one right now unless you have a brand like call of duty to attach to it, its a huge investment and risky as hell right now.

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One of my kids would play all day if i let him, but i force him to have balance in his life.

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Call me crazy, but two girls kissing isn't politics.

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yes i do have a very good idea, having to process games on the server end makes no sense at all the way tech is going. You want to see the future, just look at pc gaming. They try everything on pc first, streaming failed badly but digital games will take over physical. PC gamers are the one who often have the internet connection and the setup to make streaming work as good as it possibly can, it still cant match local hardware and seems more and more pointless as time goes on. Playing games b...

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it still doesnt make sense, the latest iphones can already compete with most laptops power wise. Wouldn't it be more likely we had wireless connections to displays and controllers? the original iphone only came out in 2007, imagine another 10 years. the cloud is just so redundant for gaming with the way tech is going.

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I just play on pc :)

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EA is probably saying it because Microsoft paid them too, this is the kind of tactic Microsoft uses.

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I cant see gaming going to the cloud, this is really just no reason for it. I can see them going 100% digital though.

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Why do people keep talking about it as if customers are actually on board? Even Sony cant get a significant amount of people on board, Microsoft will do even worse. All digital makes sense for many, and maybe even subscription models do for some folks, but streaming.. forget about it.

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I dont really care to celebrate how many systems they sold, but thats a nice looking system.

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