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sorry, forgot about Sunset Overdrive being stuck only on xbox one.

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I won't let Engadget judge for me, but a good story can't overcome bad game play.

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you guys are correct, sunset overdrive is stuck on the platform nobody likes.

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not a single exclusive on that list.

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I've heard people say that on here, but those people are lunatics imo. If last of us and uncharted weren't fun to play they would not be selling in the millions.

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All 3 of those are on pc.

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It wasn’t fun to play at all.

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I don’t think any of them have an actual good story, just entertaining characters doing crazy stuff.

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It’s pretty amazing on pc with all settings maxed out and some mods, but don’t turn traffic density up to 100 percent ... last gen consoles used something close to 20 percent on that setting.

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Pause the game during a cinematic and it actually will tell you there is one playing. I understand they are rendered in game, but they are still cinematically/cutscenes.

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Of course they could do it, they might not want to though since it would break the no cutting camera.

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Did you think we would hate it only 3 years later?

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League of legends is the most popular core game period, people cant seem to wrap their head around it for some reason. Its really telling when they have to group all console together to compete with pc revenue, and mobile is beating both easily.

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Yes, not every game will release for a handheld. It’s amazing that we are seeing some games get ported over from ps4 though! I really don’t think publishers will ignore the switch though, there’s a lot of potential for by far the best handheld ever.
Oh and it’s not about what developers want to do, the publisher tells them what to do. Not sure why people here want to hate on the switch, it’s not taking anything away from the ps4 outside Japan. Unless you are salty that Nintendo kee...

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Of course they would say this either way, don’t be surprised if they announce it at e3.

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can you really say single player campaign was half the experience since Call of duty 2?

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call of duty 1 and 2 were good single player, that's about it really. I'm sure some console players liked the campaign in 4 since it was 60 fps and was so much more responsive than other shooters at the time. For evidence of how little people play the campaigns just check trophies and achievements. In any game after 2 the levels are so incredibly linear, the enemy ai so incredibly dumb, and then they try and cover it up with cinematics until it just ends.

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just stop... you are simply regurgitating what someone else said 2 years ago, do some research.

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I think people here are missing the point, anyway good work devs.

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most people dont even know what e3 is, and even if they see the trailer they wont believe its real.

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