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Console optimization is mostly just on the cpu side, that's why the consoles are able to have such weak jaguar processors. On the gpu side they can't even hit 30 fps on most modern games. A similar gpu on pc but paired with a much better cpu is close to console.

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Oh shut up, this is fantastic free marketing.

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Its a great game, but not what people were expecting at all.

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But what about for the 3ds?

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It looks like the pc version has sold around 900 000 copies so far according to steamspy, I'm not sure what they were expecting. I think the game will have long legs in various steam sales though.

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Planescape torment

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Nintendo third party support comes from Japanese devs, Japanese devs develop for mobile and handheld these days.

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Hilary is just another crooked politician, we can survive her just like the ones who came before her. But Trump wants to run the country like a dictatorship, is that what you want?

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Hope for what exactly? Trump doesn't even have a true campaign, he just goes on loud rants about what he feels is wrong with everything. But I guess occasionally he says something that sounds like hitler when he was campaigning, so there's that.

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It's also much smaller and the power supply is inside the system. I wouldn't bother comparing to Sony, the current xbox one is the size of a tank and the power supply is external to the system.

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I'll have an opinion once it comes out, as of right now I have no idea how much better it is compared to a regular xbox one. I'm not going to have an opinion based on what Microsoft has marketed either. For all we know the console will have a huge failure rate or it will be as loud as a jet.
However, it's certainly a better value than other ultra high Def blue ray players .

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mario maker, nothing else really feels like it was made specifically for certain hardware.

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Fads can last a good while.

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for an rpg turn based is still probably best, even if its mmo style combat.

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I love Nintendo, but so what. When stocks get too high in value they are usually spit. Sony is still worth much more overall.

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sony wouldnt do it even if it was easy. Last gen they removed ps2 bc on newer models even though hackers were able to re enable it on even slim ps3s through custom firmware. This gen, they are so far ahead sales wise and dont seem to be losing any steam by not offering bc... so why would they bother?

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I'm hoping for something way better than that...

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Amiibo before that.

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so there you are, people complaining about price fail to realize just how expensive other shooters become with all the dlc. The dlc in other games also splinters the user base, this is so much better.

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Ill take the typical evil politician over the guy who sounds like a mix between Hitler and Putin. we have survived guys like nixon, bill clinton and bush... but a guy like Trump could screw the country over completely and for good.

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