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Planescape torment is the best game ever, looking forward to this

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The pro is getting plenty of support though, it's showing no signs of having a problem.

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You have to realize forum goers and meta critic trolls are a tiny part of the market.

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If you are the kind of gamer who bought a ps4 pro you will notice the difference.

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And it simply isn't catching on, otherwise all those headsets made for phones would actually sell.

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Well it's certainly going to do better than psvr ;)

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If course it did, how many were even available?

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Although the best I've seen on ios is stuff like the bioshock port and xcom. It seems the market for console like games just isn't there yet even though it's completely possible on ios.

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3ds has decent support, I'm hoping the switch can get the same support.

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People hoarding psvr and trying to rip people off is not a sign of demand.

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probably simply because the english isnt done yet.

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Maybe, it feels like Sony is already starting to pull the plug on it.

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I don't see that as a major victory, the pc market is split between two products and the Playstation camp only has one.

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Are people actually buying them for those rip off prices?

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blame the greedy scalpers for trying to resell them for profit.

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that should create more buzz, but its not. Sony never made that many of them and dont seem to have a lot of faith in it.

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in stock everywhere here in canada.

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you are one to talk, they set up a studio nearly 2 years ago that has shown us nothing, but that somehow cancels out what they have done recently?

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