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4k Blu-ray is dead in the water.

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the pc version already plays in 4k, all the they have to do is implement the configuration. And those games are actually ports, of course they are not free.

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if all we are talking about is configuration changes in the already existing game code then yes.

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well they have remakes as well, however most games labeled "remaster" are bare minimum.

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they are mostly just ports and I think they are great for people who havent played the originals. The term "remaster" still leaves a bad taste in my mouth though.

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Good to hear! I don't have an Xbox 1 and gran turismo is no where to be found so far this generation.

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I'm still not sold on Windows store games, I'll wait for digital foundry to examine it.

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56% of sales were on steam, you can buy on as well.
BTW pc has the most exclusives.

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It came out at the same time and it's also on I'm sure sales are much less than on steam, but probably still significant.

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It's fun.

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did it fail though? Im not sure what the expectations were, but it was backed by donations and Im sure every sale was pure profit. I figure they must of made their money and quit while they were ahead.

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they should add something that makes it fun.

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considering no mans sky isnt in any way shape or form fun...

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youtube video
I find it kind of looks poor in places on both versions though.

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i went for a 144hz monitor instead of higher than 1080p.

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youre watching a youtube video, you should know better. With youtube compression everything looks like a ps3 game.

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I dont think you get what a windows store game is, there are limitations that come with it. why do clueless console only gamers need to comment? Either that or you didnt even read what I said.

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I want to get this game, but its windows 10 store only...

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have you ever played call of duty on xbox?

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most games have worse ai than ce these days actually. I would go so far to say its rare that a game has ai as good as the original half life.

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