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Player unknown keeps growing ...

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Of course it has by now.

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Can it please just be a sequel,my goodness.

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This reminds me of when I was a kid :).

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It’s not just the camera view, it’s the entire way they integrate the gameplay with cutscenes.

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The gameplay they showed was exactly like a naughty dog game, it used to be a unique style.

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the influence of Naughty Dog is almost too much on the rest of sonys teams, I love their games but now even god of war feels like a naughty dog game.

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youre really stretching, not to mention most of that stuff was done elsewhere first (except charging for online, congrats Microsoft...)

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they could probably make a game like fallout 4 every year and have it sell well.

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I don’t put much importance in reviews, but this is still surprising.

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They are trying to put Sony out of business by copying them.

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sweet, I kind of wanted the game but not if it was a mess.

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It’s not the worst on pc, drivers will probably boost performance. I couldn’t quite get 60fps maxed 1440p on a 1070. But if I wanted I could do 4K 30 FPS maxed, but near 60 FPS is so much smoother.

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Ya they could have done better, optimization on pc is not the best either.

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To be honest most websites including digital foundry would call these differences barely noticeable if it was the other way around. The fact is the one x graphic capabilities are about 40% better than the pro, which is about the same as the og ps4 vs Xbox one.

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They have always came off as slanted towards Xbox, any small victory by the Xbox one was filled with hyperbole. They were also part of the Microsoft campaign against the ps4 pro when it came out, even if they were a little more careful not to sound stupid.

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It’s about 40% better.

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Sony isn’t the company known for paying bloggers, websites and even astroturfers without telling the public. Heck digital foundry was even posting hyperbolic videos about the Xbox one beating the ps4 by a few FPS in a few games, not to mention the super hyperbolic video trashing the ps4 performance in a few games because there were dips to 28 FPS. This is what Microsoft does,

coming from the company who does this sort of thing all the time, and even go so far as hiring astroturfers. Yes, it’s obvious. Remember the campaign saying windows 8 was so awesome that every website paid by Microsoft put on? Or even this, http://www.trustedreviews.c... there are countless reviews like this as well.

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