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It's also on Wii u.

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But that's 4k at ultra, you can hit 4k with as little as 4 GB vram if you play games at medium/high.

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Sounds like a paid pr statement. Ultra settings on pc find ways of using more resources. 12 gb ram total is a good number, but it won't be really that hard to use it if they strive for 4k at high settings.

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This is such a meaningless statement when there is no context to go with it. Game of the year according to who? Personally I think the game is brilliant, but I hate articles like this.

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Delayed dlc has very little to do with it.

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Because everyone played skyrim. Honestly it's not even the best game in the series.

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i think its good that they are making it a third option, let the gamers decide what they want :).

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and if digital foundry didnt say anything everyone would have been happy with the lite mode. An unlocked framerate that mostly hovers around 40 fps is better than locked 30 fps as long as the frametimes don't spike. I also think its great that they are adding another option instead of forcing gamers into one way or another though.

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10 years is such a long time in the video game industry.

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the biggest problem with vr is that its been around for a long time and previous iterations failed to impress.

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because they are releasing a niche high end console?

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The pc version is pretty bad, but hey it's free.

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1440p is 4 times 720p and twice the pixel density. They double the pixels of the length and the width.

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That would be 1440p.

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they are greedy, but we let it fly because we love their games.

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Why would someone make such a wild assumption based on their local stores having a few copies? There wouldn't need to be 350 000 copies in stores for you to see a bunch on shelves, it could actually be well under 100 000 left over. And of course some people probably went digital instead of physical, it's an option many got used to with current gen consoles and even the wiiu/3ds.

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I don't get the unrealistic Scorpio expectations, it's a niche console at best.

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Most likely they are just counting shipments to stores and not actual sell through to customers. They are behind on switch manufacturing but were able to meet store demand for the game.

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well of course, the game had good marketing the first time around and didnt sell all that well for something with that much hype. Im still baffled why it got a remake.

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