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These statements feel sponsored by Microsoft.

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cd project red buying bioware would have been sweet.

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its $100 cheaper and available right now.

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i wish they would try an optional english voice over and really market one of these games.

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its the simple truth, it was much easier to notice a few years back when some pc games went multi-platform and got simplified greatly. The audience on pc and console is different, I dont know how anybody can argue that. Consoles have a much larger percentage of gamers who want games to be simple, heck its one of the biggest reasons they play on console in the first place.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the kind of game that only really works on pc, console players want something simple like call of duty or halo.

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I think the characters look good :/

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Those aren't the requirements...

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its a special edition, if the supply isnt low then what is the point?

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i cant follow your logic.

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the game that just wont leave n4g.

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I thought it was F.E.A.R. at first, still cool.

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so far this gen the xbox has survived thanks to offering some really good bundles and sometimes some really deep discounts. Why do they want to try and make a high end machine that sony will easily be able to beat in price? The power gap between the one x and the ps4 pro isn't high enough to change anybody's mind (especially for $100 more), what a foolish product.

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maybe its a price increase for psn.

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The series is already almost dead on pc, unless something drastic changes it will die on console soon as well.

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I noticed it's faster on PS4 pro, could be that extra bit of ram.

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why not just watch other people play games on YouTube if you are just playing on easy? To be honest there isn't many games worth playing on easy, the stories are usually laughable and game play is key.

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I'm confused, being a great game isn't enough to be a watershed moment.

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Wow that looks pretty gay.

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ya but without the key people it wont be the same.

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