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people with no friends and people who play games mostly for the story

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it costs more for blizzard to sell on console, plus the used game market is a big blow. multiplayer games dont usually ever get pirated much on pc.

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I think it's going to have HDMI 2.0, hdcp 2.2 and maybe a built in scaler for 4K output. There is no way they can make a console that games at 4K without making the console bigger, much more expensive and use much more power.

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Nintendo is doing well on handheld, Sony is doing well on home console. But you would have to say the wii u is much more successful than the vita. Games like super Mario maker and smash brothers are actually relevant, bayonetta 2 won a bunch of game of the year awards and xenoblade chronicles x is the best console jrpg we've had in a long time.
zelda on the wii u will likely also be a very awesome swan song.

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It's already been done, although I'm sure they aren't getting the full potential of the ps4.

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Single player only is ok but multiplayer only isn't? I know the typical site visitor here mostly only plays single player games with story focus, but for the rest of us..

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i dont think overwatch and uncharted 4 will really affect each other that much.

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Thats a good number for sure.

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you mean ports, sure why not.

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dont bother guys, most these site goers have never experienced what a pc can do. to be fair, uncharted games are awesome.

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witcher 3 is better!

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It has some of the best exclusives of all time, the gamepad was a gamble that didnt pay off though. I also think the name "wii u" was a terrible idea marketing wise.

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Too bad about the used game market though... And this is why we have so many "remasters"

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ryse is terrible.

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but i thought this only happened on PC games, sorry had to.

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people keep talking about goty awards, what about best game of all time awards? nintendo is king.

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the easiest and non arguable one is nintendo.

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do you think last of us stands up to something like ocarina of time, super mario 3, final fantasy vii, street fighter 2?

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nintendo , simply the best not even an argument.

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