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i think thats ok these days, gran turismo sport did the same.

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Seems like its worth downloading if you have gamepass though.

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I hate articles like this.

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under powered compared to what portables?

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I hope they make the combat system much better in 3 than it was in 2.

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Lost odyssey is so much better on the x then it was on 360, and it’s not even enhanced. Simply just cutting down those loading times and increasing the frame rate really transforms the experience.

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IGN reviews are pointless, even if you ignore the score their reviews never really give me an idea what the game is like.

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it seems like it could be a hit.

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it hasnt really changed anything for pc gamers, unless of course they want a powerful console.

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I don’t see the harm if they want to add a mode. Obviously people like battle royale type gameplay.

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I doubt they tested the software with third party docks. I’m also skeptical since a few complaints on twitter and a YouTuber claiming that their console was bricked by this doesn’t mean much to me.

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Simpsons now get higher ratings again.

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I’m not even sure why I didn’t like 4 that much, maybe the missions just aren’t as good.

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Seems logical.

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exactly, with piracy the numbers always seem high but its because pirates will just download every major game.

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i wish shareholders weren't so convinced that excessive drm is a good thing, pirates can still pirate but legit buyers are punished. There are folks that do a good job at showing how most sales happen near launch, but they never actually show that pirates wont wait...

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i think they can just do a quick port that will obviously run at a higher resolution and maybe even 60 fps, they can even call it a remaster if you will. That way they can bundle all three games for one price and people who missed it the first time can try it out.

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the game wasnt worth the wait on consoles in the first place, but its still an ok game despite the battle system being pretty lame.

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Just watched the df interview with these guys, they are doing some really interesting things with their remakes!

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disagrees? Are people saying nobody started playing these games only after Dark Souls came out? You dont think a ton of people missed this game?

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