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well I already have the ps4, Ill wait and see what happens. Its always tempting to get the latest and greatest, but I bet whatever comes after the neo is what Ill really want.

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with most other technologies I only upgrade every second iteration, I think im going to try and do the same thing here.

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The problem with teraflop specs is that they are really only theoretical. I don't even think about how many teraflops any of my devices can output, only real world performance matters to me.

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Im interested to see what 199 gets you by next christmas.

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I think microsoft simply saw an opportunity to start upgrading hardware without starting a new generation. People buy new devices all the time with the expectation that older software will mostly all still work, usually better than before. at the same time older hardware is still usable for a few years after a new hardware replaces it. Im not sure how well it will work out, but people are buying new phones all the time.

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Hard to get excited when they always over promise and under deliver.

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I havent played most of these yet, but Bloodborne might be my favorite From software game.

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PC gets nearly everything now.

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hands on with the final fantasy 12 international zodiac job system port(yes thats what this version was originally called).
but to be fair the game looks pretty nice rendered in hd and they are including higher quality cut scenes. Not to mention that most people probably only played the vanilla version of the game, the international zodiac job system makes the combat system much better.

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to be fair the voice actress in mass effect 2/3 was better than the actor.

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I wonder if they concentrated on less platforms to start if it would have been better.

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I actually did use linux on my ps3 way back when, it didnt work very well anyway.

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I think obsidian deserves a lot of credit for the first one being so awesome.

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Not made by obsidian though, I'm not so sure about it.

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My bad, mistyped. Still, the most popular GPU right now on steam is a 970 and many devs target that as the top end.
Even last gen PC graphics got way ahead of the consoles as time went on and PC gamers had better video cards, console games were literally the lowest possibly settings on PC, 720p or less and at 30 fps or less.
And now they sell what PC gamers had and call them remasters :)

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Well this is a 1080, developers can't be targeting something that high end just yet. Give it a year or so, there will be some impressive games.

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I doubt it, the one we have now was supposed to do 1080p 60 fps easily and some 4k was possible according to microsoft back in 2013.

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@Abash nintendo is doing their own thing really, wii u didnt sell like crazy but the 3ds did and they are making money on both. Im sure nintendo would love to sell 70 million wii u systems and have tons of third party support, but they dont rely on it to make a profit.

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I think they just want to blur the lines between pc and console as much as they can. The goal for microsoft for years and years has been to merge mobile/pc/media center/ and now console.

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They will need roughly the same amount of GPU power, it's the cpu overhead that's really much lower on console.

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