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Agreed. The game absolutely nails the sights, sounds and ambiance of Halo.

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The triangle button initiates the melee. The swipe comes after. I'm not clear whether you can turn it off, ignore the prompt, or double tap triangle to complete the melee sequence as didn't try it in my hands-on.

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Baby-Jedi, this could be the title that convinces you to purchase the Vita. Keep in mind that you'll also get the benefits of Remote Play with the PS4, which you'll inevitably purchase. Remote play should work just like the WiiU's tablet controller (which works quite well), so you'll be able to play your PS4 games remotely.

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I completely understand. I'm typically iffy about gimmicky swipe gestures; overuse can take away from the experience. However, they were generally unobtrusive during my time with game. Hopefully, Guerilla Cambridge takes a measured approach in its use in the final product.

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Absolutely. Sony is on the right side of history. While I understand Microsoft's stance on moving towards a purely digital platform, I thoroughly disagree with their approach and timing.

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I think you define "Halo" in much different terms than I, and many others who have enjoyed the title through the years. Whether or not you agree with me or others matters little, after all, experiences are primarily subjective. So how you define halo and how I define halo aren't mutually exclusive, but simply two perspectives of the same thing.

The discomfort of change is better than ennui of complacency. If Halo didn't evolve through the years, it would ...

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I feared a copious amount of cheesiness and was, instead, pleasantly surprised. It's connection to Halo 4 through Lasky is a definite plus.

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I'll admit, it was nice to see the chief in action. And the Elites look terrifying, the film imbuing them with a predator-esque feel.

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I still remember the first live-action promo for Halo...they've come a long way since.

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4GB is hardly enough for anything but game saves and maybe a couple of games. I'd go with at least 8GB, but you'll soon be pining for more.

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I'm not a PlayStation Plus member but with all the free to download games and perks Sony is providing, it's getting harder for me to ignore the service.

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64 GB of on-board memory would be great, but it's unlikely they'd add such a large amount of memory to the system without the cost of the system increasing significantly. The 16GB bundle seems more likely...but hardly enough for what's available on PSN.

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Headshots were pretty consistent...but nailing them wasn't always easy. Some guys have body armor and after getting shot in the chest, would get up after a few seconds. The guys with no armor went down permanently.

Having to choose between popping out of cover longer (thus exposing yourself to more danger) to line up a headshot for an instant kill, versus a quicker (thus safer) spray of bullets to center mass for a "maybe" kill made for more exciting and dynami...

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My expectations were low and that's how I felt about it initially. But after finishing it I was impressed with the whole production. And although I don't see myself playing the multiplayer mode as often as other shooters, my brief time with it was rather enjoyable.

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It seems that there is aversion to things that could potentially "damage the calm" that has become the status quo. But I can't see how this can negatively affect the industry, affect your ability to play the games on the consoles you love, or your right to not buy the system.

No one knows for sure if the OUYA will succeed. It could be a complete failure. Hell, it could become a complete success and turn into its antithesis. But for its boldness alone it sh...

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The OUYA will require all games to allow some free version of their software to be free to the public, much like the games you currently see on the Android market, so I don't see your currently free-to-play games becoming pay only titles; the OUYA is maintaining spirit of the Android market.

As far what the public currently knows about the system...they'll know more soon enough. Right now, OUYA has the right people backing it: developers with a passion to create game...

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What the OUYA represents is more than just another console to play games; it's a platform that allows developers to create games for the television without prohibitive marketing and licensing costs, allowing them to take more risks. Now, I don't see myself playing existing cell phone games on my TV, but I am interested to see the creativity this console will encourage across the industry.

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Agreed. No significant compromises had to be when ported to the Vita with the result being an improved control layout, and ultimately, a slightly better expereince than the console.

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It's amazing how well both games hold up. It's like revisiting an old friend, witnessing the familiar levels and situations and remembering the different approaches taken in the past. I still remember the anxiety I felt during my first fight with The End. Timeless.

I'm still holding out hope for a complete remake of the original Metal Gear.

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My sentiments exactly. They do, indeed, play quite perfectly on the Vita. The touchscreen item and weapon management work incredibly well.

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