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Nah the Crocodile Hunter episode was incredibly distasteful too. Don't put words in my mouth.

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Trust me, I've gotten plenty of laughs out of them. Started watching the show in secret when it first debuted back in 5th grade so I wouldn't get in trouble. There's something about making fun of someone's deceased mother and the ambitious project he dedicated to her that rubs me the wrong way though. Not to mention the "mammy" caricature they have going on. I'd imagine a good chunk of this website are young or children that still live with their parents. Eventua...

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Oh boy, you sure hit me hard with that one from behind your keyboard lmfao.

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Hmm, I was pretty excited for this game, but just cancelled my pre-order. IDK WTF they were thinking when putting this together.

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WTF?! I almost passed out watching that. That's the coolest damn thing I've seen in a loooong while. Super hyped now.

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Just got mine 2 days ago and I am in awe of how amazing my games sound now. The Destiny profile is amazing. I'm pretty much forcing all my friends to get em now lol.

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That video is still absolutely hilarious.

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I haven't watched wrestling in well over a decade, but I'm seriously thinking about getting this just to re-live the Attitude Era.

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Been wanting this so bad, but didn't wanna pay $60. Can't wait to finally play on PS4.

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My friend and I are loving this game. It's gotten far more play than any titles we actually spent money on. If you're a fan of Phantasy Star Online definitely check it out. The environments and enemies may seem repetitive at first, but it quickly diversifies.

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Before today, I pretty much brushed this title off. However, after seeing it in motion and being able to grasp the mmo/Borderlands type gameplay, it really clicked with me. Moved way up my list of most-wanted titles. So glad I was wrong on the PS4 DRM stuff.

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I may have you beat. I was already on the PS4 page and kept refreshing it until the price and pre-order option appeared lol. This time, I'll do my waiting at home. Forget the overnight lines lol.

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Same here, can't wait to download it later on tonight.

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Stfu? All the good conversations going on in this post and you come up with that?

Folks, this is what happens when your mother and father are also brother and sister.

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I really hope that's exactly what happens. I just don't know if there are enough gamers out there that care about losing their rights to cause MS or these publishers to rethink their strategy.

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When the publishers force you to login to authenticate your game. It won't be Sony forcing you to do it, it'll be blamed on the dev/publisher. Even if I'm wrong, and trust me I'd love to be wrong on this, Sony and their fan base will suffer when third parties gravitate heavily toward the X1. This is a publishers dream to kill used games and a plan that's been in the works for years now.

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Finally. Very much deserved.

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Yup that's exactly my point. Sony will choose not to disappoint these publishers. I might have to put my PS4 money toward a new PC instead. I'll find out in just a few days. Sure, I can't sell/loan out my Steam games, but I also didn't have to pay a full $60 for any of them.

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@ #8

This. MS coming out with this information pretty much confirms PS4 will have some kind of similar DRM. It may not require 24 hour checks, but there will be some kind of restrictions. EA didn't get rid of online passes because they were against the practice, they did it because they had already inked tentative deals with MS/Sony in regards to DRM. I'm sure the original plans had to be revised after the initial XBone backlash, but it'll still exist. MS is getti...

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I thought this was known from day 1. You see his hand go into his pocket anytime he did a voice command. They also showed a "live" Miami Heat game that happened several weeks/months earlier...

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