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It looks really cool, I think its the perfect balance between something new and the beloved DS design... My only concern is how effective is going to be the touchpad, I hope it doesn't end as the sixaxis feature.

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LMAO welcome to the hype train, I did the same...

It takes you to the main page featuring a giant Destiny image, maybe they'll release more details tomorrow.

F*ck Christmas and 4,20... 2,20 is my new favorite day of the year.

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Lol me too, see u tomorrow at the internet meltdown

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Hail to the king!

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Christmas in February?

Yes sir!

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It gets weirder when you get to number five and discover that they run out of ideas… yes… It’s a top 4…

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You just gave me chills to the spine with that list... The PS was just too damn epic

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I do appreciate your opinion, but are you really considering how much money and brand equity is Sony investing in this solo event at New York with investors media and a bunch of gamers watching the stream online... Dude if they planned this just for a price cut they better shot themselves. There is no need to argue they'll be introducing new games or features, they have plenty of time to do that at E3 and other major gaming shows.

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OMG I must be missing something here... people is wining about having to rebuy their games... by common sense I assume you have a PS3 to play those games right? If you are so in love with your PS3 games library you should keep your PS3. Stop this non sense, this is pure trolling.

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I cried...

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Someone should sue those guys... cynics

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thank you kaz for your passion to get sony back to the top

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Sony troll mode on... LOL

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Or MS wants to troll Sony

Or Sony wants to troll everyone

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I don't mind to keep current gen graphs if they add 60fps/1080p/bigger and more open worlds/smarter AI and bigger multiplayer options.

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600 dls price point would make sense if they add a 1 yr subscription to ps+... however, I don't think sony will push that price. No blu ray troy horse this time...

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"Spills the beanS" not really, anyone still arguing that the next gen is not coming is living under an ugly and heavy rock...

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lol that cereal guy made my day...

On topic... it's kinda early to get that specific with in game mechanics, lets wait and see how it works trough actual gameplay

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oh man feb 20 is going to be huge... I’m starting to wonder how the E3 is going to work after this move...

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