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Lol, first of all they should fire their forecasting team, as mentioned in the article, 3 games 3 strikes... they were not even close lol, someone should be able to deliver a more realistic forecast after 2 games with those gaps...

however... they should be happy of getting TR out of the graveyard and launch a sequel which I expect can deliver quite good results

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lolololol Ezz2013 we should take that approach for console wars...

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We prefer 720 @ 60 fps over 1080 @ 30 fps right?

Anyway PS4 should be able to play BF4 1080 60 fps anyday, no excuse IMO...

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PS5 anyone?

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They should be working on a fighting game... that actually would be a megaton...

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lol well played... srly how the hell did we approve this... it is a new low for me in terms of journalism. they are not even trying.

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great to see Senran Kagura boobsting PSV sales, if you know what I mean

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Achieved with BustEngine 3

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^ ey troll you are doing it wrong... the next xbox will have the same "pc architecture"

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Scumbag FarCryLover... ruining gaming drems since 2013

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I, indeed, can't wait to get my hands on the DS4.I love that MF

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"The rest of the non-delusional gaming world knows that the PS4 reveal was underwhelming to good at best"

Dude, fanboy aside, how can you actually say that the PS4 reveal was underwhelming? What did you expected? Srly? Most of the articles basically rants about the missing console and a bunch of nonsense crap. Sony proposal was very complete. E3 is going to be epic. I agree with you on not wasting our time bashing a non existent console, but...

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Lol this is getting weird... It seems that pc gained a lot of momentum for gamming in the last years, everything is so affordable now. I've seen a lot of trolling from pc users with the ps4 release.

On topic... I loved this trailer... but I still have my doubts on how the final product will look like. I mean... its Capcom.

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I'm not sure why but I enjoyed more Infamous 1... a lot more actually. Can't wait for the second son.

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Anti-Social Gaming LOL... if people start using streaming functionality as chat roullete... we are doomed :( LOL

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1TB? I was wondering if Sony will add a mixed SDD HDD feature as Sony did in some of their ultrabooks, I know SDD is expensive but it would be use only for key processes and loading time reduction.I wouldn't mind to see a smaller drive with this feature.

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SquareEnix was a total waste of time, at least Blizzard was unexpected and gave me the impresion that we'll see some nice games in the future from them

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Come on guys... Kotaku is serious journalism,

"Sausage Party - Over a dozen men took to the stage to represent the cream of Sony's development crop. There was not a single woman" (Kotaku expert convinced that only 3 "Worst" points weren't enough...)

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I love how they added grip on the back, really well done sony

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Ohhh the irony... he can't use "Bungie" anymore... LOL

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