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I wonder why this handheld is struggling at sales? Is it a price matter, no enough games, faulty mkt campaign... I just don't see any compelling argument.

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"a game made in Canada, by a team mostly comprised of Canadians, laughing at a farcical luchador who gets his powers from a talking goat."

Dear lord... now THAT's an elevator pitch

churros, huaraches, tacos, tortas, chilaquiles, enchiladas, pepitadas y tostadas

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agree @dcbronco, good point

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they did a terrible port for the PS3. No excuses at that time for such a mediocre job...

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Make it simple... this is not just for MS. We are moving so fast in terms of capabilities and "multi functionality" that companies are loosing focus on what really matters. GAMING...

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Gamer Rage!... lol chill out

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I love the PS3, but saying that it actually won the current gen... just no.

Gamers won in terms of general improvements all around the consoles service. MS and Nintendo enlarged the pie and took a piece from Sony. Sony wasn't dominant to actually be declared the winner. Its amazing how much popularity MS and Nintendo won in this gen.I think Sony set the basis for an amazing PS4 launch.

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Bad luck UK gamer

Gets Injustice better edition....

Still a UK gamer...

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lol after reading the title I was like... well at least they got the batman right...

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Things have changed, PS+ redefined the meaning of subscription. MS needs to catch up or GTFO

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You got to admit it was a major improvement from previous games...

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What a jerk.. MS should fire that scumbag ASAP

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In emerging markets Xbox dominated because of piracy... Even nowadays is hard to see PS3 piracy.. if this is true... things will change a lot..

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Fear... come on... It wasn't fear it's part of their objectives, to have a big install base.

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Oooo Sony... really?

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Actually metro design could be a very good option for 720. I like how it works for phones. Also this would contribute to the whole MS ecosystem experience. Seamless integration with pc, tablet and Windows Phone.

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OMG this is sick! PS+ is out of control... so much bang for your bucks... DS is a beast... totally going back to made newcomers life miserable... and don't whine about that, being pwned by phantoms is part of the deal...

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Ok, after watching the video I must say... 60 fps or GTFO lol

1817d ago 8 agree1 disagreeView comment got to admit that as soon as you enter to Gamestop you start to think in games... Is pure assumption but the bias should be significant in the results...

Still, I can't deny that 34% is quite a number... the hype train is full... see ya in october

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