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This could be a great time to invest on sony, low price stock backed with a tech company with high values and strong r&d investment...

*to the stock market*

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They must include an hdmi cord… no excuse this time

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god... if people keeps buying this garbage... they'll keep making garbage

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Thank you Sony for supporting this amazing dev...

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Gaikai combined with PS+... nice

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This kind of viral advert can't be something smaller than the ps4. This is new... this is the ps4

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if true... here you have a PS Vita mad user...

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Dude, you just wrote your wet dream as a comment; the weird thing is that I had a similar LOL

The hype train is at hyperspeed, Sony is aiming to be a game changer this gen.

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Sony will improve the 3rd party timed exclusives just as they did at the end of current gen. In first party exclusives Sony will keep the amazing and creative job

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an absolute must... just no...

Not that I love the idea, but Sony and MS will push on line content as much as they possibly can. I would love to see backward capability but I wont't be surprised if they get rid of it.

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I just shat myself

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I don't see any interest from Nintendo to play the "generations" game in the industry, wich somehow is a good thing for consumers. Diversity is always good.

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SCEE's London mostly develop casual games, so... don't expect a big change

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I love the franchise... just fix the lag and make guild system more accesible and easy to understand

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wo thx, totally missed that teaser

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@ezz2013 this gif is from psp prequels?

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Everytime I see that image, I can hear in my head that creepy old woman voice saying:


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Dust 514 free to play beauty

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Ni No Kuni deserves all the atention is getting, it's fresh air

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