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Wow... just wow... i wasn't expecting that much of a gap

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Since when 60 fps became a must for every game?

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31.6% in their fifties or older. Lol who the hell made this survey, no wonder why the "not planning" to buy" option is so high...

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I made a similar expresion when I got mine... and I'm not turkish:
ieeeeiiiii io dai sui suuuu roooo

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It sounds like a pretext for... Capcom games will be more expensive

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It makes sense, you cant get ps2 or ps1 titles for free just because you owned the game in the past... they are offering the service of playing those games on a PS4, you can always undust your ps1,2,3 to play those games right?

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I'm somehow disappointed, I was expecting -Valve- to release an affordable machine to run PC games via Steam, one or maybe two models... with a clear message on games library, price, versatility and not much focus on stats.

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regardless the graphics, the art direction is awesome, can't wait to use those armor sets...

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lol forget the mimics... look at those black demons... creepy mf

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... IE....

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Give me a break… Why is Verge rating a console as it was a cellphone or a laptop? They even gave it a score for god sake… They can share their opinion regarding the system but rate it? Pointless.

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LOL Zod18

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4:40 look at the jaggies in the truck... seriously? I wonder if we can argue lazy developers or hardware limitations at this point... i'll wait and see...

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I like knack for this matter... just like crash and spyro... good times

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Game looks OK give them a break...

Communication on the other hand is pretty lame indeed

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He should stop doing all the PR crap he does then, I love Kojima even with his gigantic ego but he should be well aware of why he is involved in the console wars...

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Trackpads trying to replace thumbsticks is like kinect trying to replace buttons... we are not there yet, maybe later

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@darksky ... and noisy

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I don't mind if SEGA buys Atlus... but I got to admit that I never though that SEGA had the financial punch to actually buy something as big as

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