Wahoo! I'm a four-pointer now baby! Rocking that N4G...


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Zuck didn't have him assassinated, then.

At least, not yet...

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It's not my kind of thing, but I don't see anything 'wrong' with it per se...

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Make sure you turn the TV/monitor off when playing that one in VR... don't want anybody walking in!

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Good news! VR is here to stay!

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What's the general thoughts on SFV? Given that RE5 and 6 are two of Capcom's best selling games ever, quality obviously isn't always a requirement for commercial success...

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In the unlikely event PSVR hits those numbers (unlikely due to manufacturing rate, not demand) Sony would own current-gen VR for the foreseeable future. Which is great for consumers and the medium.

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They've already confirmed the new tracks will be given to existing owners for free:

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Here comes all the naysayers...

I'm actually quite looking forward to this myself.

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If Shu says it, it must be true.

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A very interesting concept. Not sure how it compares to SQEENIX's other VR projects, though.

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Still no price for the gun, though. Probably means it won't be available at launch now.

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I don't see much of a benefit to PS4 Pro right now. Fine if you're buying a new PS4 or your current one busts, but I won't be upgrading immediately.

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I'm actually really looking forward to this, not entirely sure why...

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Summer Lesson, DOX3 and now Happy Manager - the future of VR looks questionable...

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I doubt Sony would do that know, after several months of telling people to buy it separately. :/

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Trying and failing will lead to success quicker than not trying!

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It was bound to happen, but so soon?

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I don't think it confirms it, could just be bad wording on behalf of an Amazon employee without prior knowledge, but is a strong hint certainly!

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That's two more games I'll have on launch day...

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It's not great...

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