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Well done that guy!

It's unusual to read such a level-headed opinion of modern VR. It's always either 'it'll die' or 'you're an idiot for not buying it'. The last thing we want is for VR to turn into another fanboy war, but sadly it feels as though it's already gone too far down that road...

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The Prompto shooter was bad, but this?

Get Sega to give us Seaman VR!

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This is really good on Rift. PSVR guys - buy it!

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They still had games announced though. And news in general. Don't think you can say PSVR won because it was the only contender.

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The PlayStation brand is a strong pull. Awareness of PSVR is arguably higher than any other format, despite Oculus' 2 year headstart.

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Phil Harrison is one of the main reasons we all know what PlayStation is! Can't wait to see what he brings to VR.

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Xbox One X exclusives.

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Both have their strengths and weaknesses. It'd be hard not to see that XoX is an attempt by Microsoft to reset the playing field, but without exclusives it's not clear what the long term strategy is.

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Free content is always good - and this one will be great for PSVR owners!

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Theseus has really caught my eye. Liking the look of a God of War style game in VR!

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Sad that it's totally removed from Resi 7, but more VR content for PSVR owners is always a good thing!

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Zuck didn't have him assassinated, then.

At least, not yet...

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It's not my kind of thing, but I don't see anything 'wrong' with it per se...

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Make sure you turn the TV/monitor off when playing that one in VR... don't want anybody walking in!

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Good news! VR is here to stay!

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What's the general thoughts on SFV? Given that RE5 and 6 are two of Capcom's best selling games ever, quality obviously isn't always a requirement for commercial success...

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In the unlikely event PSVR hits those numbers (unlikely due to manufacturing rate, not demand) Sony would own current-gen VR for the foreseeable future. Which is great for consumers and the medium.

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They've already confirmed the new tracks will be given to existing owners for free:

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Here comes all the naysayers...

I'm actually quite looking forward to this myself.

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If Shu says it, it must be true.

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