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Thanks for the compliment, man.

I'll definitely be picking up the collection when it finally comes out. It's been so long since I've played the earlier KH games that this seems like a good excuse to dive back in again.

Plus, I'm pretty sure my PS2 is going to die on me soon. #2.1
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I agree with you, but I remember, back when Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days first came out, there were many people who blew them off because they only cared about the numbered sequels.

At a quick glance, they could be seem as filler or meaningless side stories, when they really have important information to give with regards to the, as you said, 'series lore.' #1.1
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Oh, yeah, I know you can have more people with you by the end of episode 4. Its just that, in my game, I only have Kenny and the two people from the train left.

I didn't know you could save Ben until the credits rolled and I was shown all the different choices you could make (which made me feel bad because I decided to drop him). #1.1
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I think I may have given off the wrong impression. When I said it had to be an event or a 'bang', I didn't mean big, flashing lights, and loud music for Gabe Newell to walk out onto stage too. I meant that it would have to be the most memorable thing that Valve has ever done. A series of events that people will compare other long awaited announcements to. An ARG to end all ARGs.

A metaphorical bang, I guess.

And sure, Valve could just post a sin... #14
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From what I've seen from the game so far, there doesn't appear to be anything like that. #3.1
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I wouldn't mind a new character either. It's just that I know that as I'm playing as the new guy, I'd be sitting there thinking, "He's okay, but he's no Cole MacGrath. That's for sure."

And what's wrong with Zeke? Sure, he ran off with Kessler at one point, but he was by your side until the end. #2.1.1
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The one you run into shortly after you meet Samara for the first time? The Volus that's, basically, high and thinks he's awesome?

Because he's the only Volus I remember with Biotic powers in ME2. #1.3.1
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It does that if you don't play the multiplayer for a bit. I had 90% one day, came back the next and it dropped to 87%.

I see it as a way to encourage players to come back and play it some more. #7.1
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A friend and I actually did that whole 'holding up' strategy and made it to wave 9.

The MP is good, but it's not as great as it should be coming from BioWare. I want the MP to mean something, to make me play with my friends as a team instead of as a bunch of dudes who happen to be in the same area running around killing stuff. #1.1
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I don't think the series is great because of 'hardcore' Disney fans, but the fact that people were interested in seeing the outcome of such an odd crossover. It's not perfect, but it's done pretty damn well considering it's initial concept.

And despite all that, I still have this fear that Square-Enix will do to this what they did to Final Fantasy VII: Movie, needless side stories, ignoring fan outcries for a remake... #1.2
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Amazon is great when it comes to buying games and saving money, which is why I buy most of my games from them.

And about that games in the picture: From what I've seen, they all look like fun, interesting games, but $60 would be too much to spend on them. Especially Asura's Wrath. #2.1
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I've heard that 'war never changes' line so many times.

If I had a nickel.... #1.1
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I'll admit that Comic Jumper isn't a game for everyone. For me, it was a decent game and it entertained me enough to want to continue playing it and see it through to the end.

Good point on the checkpoint placements though, I had completely forgotten about that. #2.1
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Yeah no kiddding. When it first came out I was all for it until I found out that it was an ipad exclusive. Now I can finally get it on something I actually have. #1.1
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