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Considering that there's no OS-level voice chat on Wii U, adding it to the game would also impact CPU performance and available memory. Sure it's a bit lame the way things are now, but maybe they can find a way to utilise the gamepad for suggested tactics. Anyway, the game is so hectic there won't be too much useful to say. At least it'll likely be in a possible sequel. If you're playing with friends, Skype would do a better job anyway. #6
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Seriously, the game is cheap and incredibly good value from day one. If you've pirated this game, you should buy it immediately to support the devs. If you can't afford it, then guess what: you're not entitled to play it. Save some money on candy and pop, put it in this instead. It's a genre niche enough to get effed should publishers decide to use counter-measures like F2P. #4
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Genius marketing. I just wish the too low nose on my Villager was a defect and not crummy production. #3
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Bayonetta is unrealisticly proportioned though.

Edit: But come to think of it, it would be possible to get close using clever camera manipulation. #1.7
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To me, the difference between 900p and 1080p isn't as important as having a solid framerate and v-sync. The difference is most notable in 2D games and text-heavy games. #78
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I quite like Forza Horizons plan for monthly updates, but I thought having three different digital versions day one was stupid. Personally, I bought the Ultimate edition to have everything.

Nintendo is knocking it out of the park and setting new standards though. I'm excited for what they'll do for Smash. #2
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Well, technically it's current-gen, like PS4 and XO. #1.2.4
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It's rather hilarious that the game is out, but there's still no firm knowledge on resolution or framerates. I'm currently downloading Xbone version myself right now to find out. I have a PS4, but I can get it cheaper on Xbox. #5
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Might need a stability-patch if it's too wobbly.

Can't help but smirk at it being high priority. Why is she even playable? That makes no sense to me. #12
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Animal Crossing continues its crossover world domination. #10
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Smash does come out first, on 3DS in Japan. It would make sense for her inclusion for marketing purposes. I'd love it. #1.3
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Yeah, that's pretty close.... To a PS2. #10
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Uhm, this is not news. I've been using a wireless 360 controller for half a decade. It's simple:

Install driver, plug in receiver dongle (which has an insanely long cable for a wireless solution) and put batteries in the controller. Sync the two.

After that it's just plug and play.

(this works on Vista, 7 and 8. Probably XP too...) #2
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It shouldn't be half-arsed though, keep in mind that most (if not all) NPCs in this game are likely already set. Just charging the name of one that bears no relation to Williams doesn't make sense. It'll only deteriorate the "lore" (for lack of a better word).

Instead, I'd say they should give him a special thanks or something in the credits. #7
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Posted on wrong thread... #18
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Now that Cory Barlog is probably directing the mext game, new mythologies are actually quite likely. He and David Jaffe originally planned to introduce new pantheons of gods at the end of the third game. But when neither were involved after 2, plans changed. #1.2.4
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It actually annoys me that they made a bloody mobile version in stead of a new gen remaster. This game needs to be experienced on a large screen with good audio (preferably surround), not on a tiny touchscreen.

My dislike for mobile grows. Stupid future. #4
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Graphics fidelity > pixel resolution

Aesthetics is king. #26
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The softer look comes from the difference in calibration. This is a user fault. Not the systems. Both versions should have identical colour if properly calibrated. #1.10
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What a clickbait. The only info is that they're using a deferred renderer which is good with lighting. Pretty much all engines these days use this... #4
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