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THANK YOU, there is no winner but ofcourse mw3 ftw

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how about the Z warriors, literally

and i mean one of the garbage ones as the main character like yamcha

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fun, fun sells, look at wii games and ofcourse call of duty

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12x the vram of ps3s? i would agree with your comment if it wasnt for ps3 exclusives, multiplats are the best looking games on pc in the world of multiplats but they are not close to being the best looking games kid, and back to your subject of 12x the vram of ps3? i would agree if you could show me a ps3 spec sheet FINALIZED, then after that show me what ps3s specs are after cell and rsx are working together, cause they infact change when the 2 work together and then give me your numbers, A...

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twisted metal

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pr? not the actual hardware? ive got some exclusives on ps3 that make me really give your comment both my middle fingers

guy below, how far they are from current pc tech? you must mean wii

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do you know ps3s final specs? even if you did then do you know its specs when cell and rsx are working together, cause thats another change to the specs? do you know what the specs of ps3 are when cell and rsx are working together at top yields top together yields? or do you know what ps3s specs are when the cell rsx and blueray are working together with the ACTUAL finalized ps3 specs all in perfect 100% yields in perfect top together yields? that game has never been seen as of yet, digi ...

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ps3s exclusives are the best looking games period since they dont depend on motion blur for good visuals and dont have to aim for photorealism, and ps3 exclusives have definitely ushered in the cg ingame era and i dont care what anyone says on the matter

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im sure the pc fans are DEFINITELY who your disagrees came from, that pc pride of truth coming out that is contrary to the internet norm really hurts their feelings

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what hype train? the entire internet has been trashing it since before it was even announced, im trying to figure out what hype your talking about, whats wrong battlefield 3 hype has died down ALOT and people are diverting all there attention from that to mw3 and your not happy that your favorite game all of your favorite games cant keep up? YES

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varied gameplay? with 4 modes and bland maps your getting varied gameplay? gtfo

Cod gets old quick? lol, i know people of a demographic that play call of duty games for over a year for each game that would never touch battlefield with a 10 inch pole, you should have state it, "the going around in circles gameplay AS ACCORDING TO ME thats how it feels in the games, gets old quick to ME" then you would have a little credibility but no just no

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and BF3‘s spawning system works far better.

taken from his number 2 point

im sorry but NO

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Cant wait for it day one boy, early

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Yeah, "bf3 offers so much more than mw3" i believe these are the words of patrick bach, and i say, "LOL."

BUT, i agree it offers so much more than mw3, in costs.

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youd be the delusional one to think it doesnt look like cgi, especially after seeing the water levels and sand levels not to mention the animations, best looking game period? yes

but cgi? yes just yes

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lol, and why no ingame console app

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defending objectives? and in those super dark cornders, yeah thats defending the objective

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agreed fully, and im getting skyward sword and saints row the third

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for what? uncharted 3 ps3

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wow wonder what they got this idea from?

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