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i cant blame you but then your a minority saying that

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i would never buy boring skyrim

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says who? not sales, and no matter how much you bring up to try and trash call of duty you never truly have anything to discredit why sales happen so much for call of duty games and why so many people play them, and you spelled TITLES wrong idiot

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then again 360 was the lead platform of all of those games

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just like soda is terrible for your body yet it taste so good

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rehashed? and you got 8 agrees for that, anyone that says that mw3 is "rehashed" or agrees with it are nothing but trolls and never have anything to back up their comments with in saying its the "same" or "rehashed"

yet skyrim has nothing new AND its a fictional game so thats even worse

below, thats not naive, i have played ever call of duty since cod2 and from what i have seen of mw3 theres no way its the same or rehashed, its...

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1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 X360 2 406,250

2,386,019 for 360

2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS3 2 195,752

968,794 for ps3

and this is just america

this is cod black ops

1 Call of Duty: Black Ops X360 2 228,599

1,572,795 on 360

2 Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 2 124,848

783,579 on ps3

again this is just america


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i would only use pc as lead platform on games that have a full photorealism graphics aim, since this game doesnt then no, cause as ive said i have no proof that pc can do the best graphics outside of photorealism

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battlefield bad company 3 came out on october 25th 2011

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if you count that the icenhancer mods have to depend fully on photorealism for their visual presentation and mods are much tuned down to things running in any normal game thus allowing for the overrated visuals that mods usually offer, not to mention gta5 has far bigger worlds than gta4 so i cant say in actuality that gta4 with icenhancer mod looks better

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mw3 has the potential to sell much more than people can even expect for several reasons

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discstu37 what if he had no amazon cards, paypal, or credit card?

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so much for waiting for new platforms, this game is darn easily good enough no need for ps4 and 720 once again proven
only a matter of time before pc fans with the old,"doesnt look near as good as the enhancer mod" talk, well from what this does by not trying to force visuals into an over saturation of exact photorealism and making an engine more like part real world environment visuals design part art, im already more impressed by these visuals than the enhancer mod, and al...

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to bad it will look like zelda ocarina of time graphics

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so what zelda was in smash bros
and jigglypuff

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modern warfare 3 on top as usual

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worse, many cgs run at less than 30fps as uncharted and other ps3 exclusive games aim for that type of visual look anyway, so 30fps is the only way to make the game have that cinematic look 60fps probably wouldnt look any where near as good as the 30fps cause it would be to fast for it to be cinematic, and on the subject of a pc dev kit, there are none they make ps3 and 360 games on their own hardware and software kits, so dont hype the "mighty" pc as doing anything other than desig...

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yeah with 60 bucks xbox live per year

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really? and a developer of a pioneering shooter for lan multiplayer gaming on consoles saying such a monumental statement like this matters little right? man gtfo

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lol endless fun? maybe to a world of warcraft lifetime player gamer demographic

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