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exact same game? i can easily tell you dont have mw3 or have never had played the previous games

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i hope you dont believe what you just said

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im having more fun than ever in any game ive played in mw3s multiplayer, no its not a let down in any way

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so by what your saying then i can see how the minds of battlefield fans and call of duty haters think, thats why you all say theres nothing new in call of duty games cause you have a horrible standard of what you call new cause if that means new to you and you still believe call of duty has nothing new then that lies the problem with the voiced internet minority saying mw3 is the "same" or isnt "innovating" lol now i got it

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adding stuff? like what im still trying to understand what makes you think more has been added to battlefield 3 from its past games than mw3 from its past

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whats different in battlefield 3 from its predecessors or gears from its predecessors or any game from its predecessors and then we can talk

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i can tell the people that say that mw3 is the same and has nothing new and all of these hate comments really have never had a call of duty game let alone mw3 and are just copying one anothers comments and only see call of duty games in pictures or on videos to gain your judgement to say these things

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if i were to compare call of duty mw3 to battlefield 3 which is the direct closest competitor, and compare both these games to there predecessors, id have to say battlefield maybe you could say that game has changed more LOOKS wise, but as far as the game and what it includes mw3 has definitely added and changed more from its predecessors

on this not i still dont get why so many people single call of duty out for being the "same"

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call of duty mw3 feels darn worth $60 or more and the elite service isnt up and running yet

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i dont see whats so the same about mw3 and i actually have it, if anything is the same its the hackers, the game itself is more different from its predecessors than battlefield 3 from its predecessors

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i love it

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if i was going by internet logic and internet truth i would agree with about 97% of the commenters hear BUT since im a real life realist yes im getting it and all these nobodys can go play their graphics mod for battlefield 2 all night and that boring skyrim crap im getting mw3

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and cod elite and more customization and head shot cams and prestige shop and 2 new modes, yes its nothing new and no additions they need to make you able to fly in the game

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you should have a k/d over 5 if your saying this game is that easy

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how so explain how it looks alot like mw2, i always hear that on the internet but its never explained explain this

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me too gaming droid

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i bet about 10 of you here are battlefield fans

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dont worry its the internet truth, the truth is it has loads more new and different compared to its previous game than any game this year, the internet is the home of truths that can be only truth online, and at the top of the list of what i said, MW3 being the same as mw2 is absolutely at the top

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can you get me a free one

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well enjoy your boring game

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