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I'm sure it do well, but this sounds like a dumb ideal..

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apparently you didn't read the article. I agree no one deserve to be yell at, cursed at or abusive on anything especially a dam VR headset. I'm glad he was taking of for his employees.

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it's really not the gaming community some how all the PlayStation fanboys are on this site.

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@NOWITZ, the developers already said this was alpha build

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I would love to see NCAA Football

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This shit is Hilarious...

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you were doing so well until you mention Uncharted.

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just looking at your comment history, you are clearly a PS4 fanboy and Microsoft hater so it's not surprise that you would post something like this.

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the only thing generic is this post

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mine is too, too bad my preorder is for July lol.

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I think this might be one of the worst launch ever. I don't understand with backing that Oculus have with Facebook and all the years and resources you put in this headset that you can't shipped the unit. And still haven't figure it out.

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Clearly, you didn't read the article. Oculus is back order until July. the article is about shipping of the rift.

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i'm not mad at them, if somebody is willing to pay 3x price more power to them.

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I thought Microsoft was first to hint of a upgrade console before the Sony rumors came out.

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I think Oculus/vive will have the edge over PlayStation because of open apps like this and VR porn. but all VR will be great.

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Oculus was built for stereo 3d not too sure about the rift.

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this is why PC will have the edge in VR because of open apps like this and VR porn. this video is amazing.

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