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Ill just leave this right here for you.
I hope you enjoy eating humble pie or crow.

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@ N4G_Rookie,
The same can be said about MS
They don't care about built in HDMI or Blutooth, Giving away games every month, They don't care about Bluray, and I could go on and on. So, yeah MS doesn't care what Sony is doing.
Also, I have bad news there for you, the Xbox achievements were taken from WOW. So, yeah, there is that.

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I guess you missed the XB360 with the 54% fail rate.

@343 Yep, you missed it all right and now you are ignoring it and going for spin. But nice try.

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Then that would kill the "no gamer left behind", because the One would not be able to play it.

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What's this thing called "Vacation"???

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That is why I just installed a 2tb HDD SSD.

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You forgot Minecraft lol

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Considering that MS only released QB this year (and it is a game I have no desire to play), your argument is null and void.

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Isn't your back killing you from moving that goalpost?

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Well, vega, after coelot named just a few, I guess it is time to get rid of that XB1.
What say you?

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Phantom Dust

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Fable Legends says Hi.
Another XB1 exclusive game that was shown early to hype fans and that will never release. What a shame

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No. One is not a troll if he or she speaks up for Microsoft or not Pro Sony around here. But,one IS a troll when they throw out the terms "ponies" or "Xbots".

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So, you have no source, your just guessing.
Here is some food for thought: The 360had a full year head start which in fact did cut into Sony's market share. But there is no proof that it was 50%. Also, the epic fail rate of the 360 at over 50% according to IGN (look it up). More busted consoles resulted in more replacement consoles sold, which padded the sales numbers. Finally, at the end of last gen, Sony managed to get back the market share that they lost and was neck and neck...

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LMAO @ "Sony had all those same exclusives last gen and lost 50% of their market share."
Source please.

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This is the site that got it 100% wrong last month.
Ill just leave this right here as a reminder.

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This is the best I could find.
It is rather interesting & shady that you can not find any real hard evidence about the outcome from this.

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I was thinking the same thing.

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Your bad, was stealing others work & then admitting to it. (see above post)

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