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Perhaps - perhaps not
I was a police officer London for 30years (I am 50, based London)
I attented a number of calls with young men dead including one very fit in front of the T.V (this was the early 1980s before much Video gaming) - was it T.V that killed him?.

This is just speclualtion and linking of cause and effect - sorry for spelling I have dyslexia #70
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Japan - 2022 World Cup Bid
into YouTube and you can see where Japan expects Holographic TV to be within 10 years - Holographic TV will probably come within about that time span long before - we are all dead - any check on google of the subject will show research being done - TV companies obviously want it as it will give them a whole new load of T.Vs to sell.
Anyone who says they can`t well watch the Video above THEN go to Japan and share yr expertise with them a... #16
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