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ES is too small for next gen... #74
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I think the ps4 controller compatibily would fix 90% of these problems. #2.2
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Then it's a little bit of a pointless review. Anything to do with import...everyone knows generally is expensive..especailly if the product isn't found in the origin country...

The whole review seems completely out of place, like the device is supposed to be some miracle when being imported.

And again why not say...oh device is a 8/10 BUT I personally don't think it's worth importing.

Or 6/10 it's just not a great system... #1.2.2
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It's still sold out...everywhere...it's what? 3 months later....

Ps4 will slow down when enough people bought the device.

If anyone thinks the Wii.U is the best next gen is fairly delusional, especially considering how bad their sales are.

PS4 and Xbox One are close to matching it within 3 months...and the Wii.U had a 1 year advantage.

At this point the only devices keeping them in is the 3Ds which is selling like CR... #1.3.1
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-- Reported by the community --
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ofc not...lol #1.1.2
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I actually agree here, the game looks very dull and empty...kinda like Cod with mechs:S

I don't remember the trailers and previews looking like this:S

I have the game preordered for PC.

I hope this changes:S. I know the game is gameplay first, but I didn't expect such empty arenas:S

Meh We'll wait and see. In the video the compression makes it hard to see much, it does look like the Xbox One verion has slight ail... #9.1
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More 1080p than the Xbox one:) #10.1
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I suddenly want jalapeno poppers. #2
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Jesus u sound like Microsoft has it's hand up ur arse:P lol..

Something like "I'm glad I bought this game" would have sounded a lot less Biased haha

MS PR please stop creating accounts here;) #15.1
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And yet, it's metacritic score is still higher and is still one of the most popular launch titles out for the next gen systems.

The answer was ignorant because it feels very one sided. There are plenty of great games that came out for both the Xbox one and Ps4 at launch including Resogun, NFS, Forza,Battlefield 4, Assasin's creed 4....I mean there were plenty of amazing games at launch..I don't know why people need 50 games to release at... #6.2.3
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including 13 gb patch that does nothing? Don't be ignorant...def not the best launch title...Need for speed was a very under appreciated game and BF 4 (even with all it's bus) got higher scores.

It's not a bad game...but let's not get carried away.. there are plenty of zombies games out there even now that are better and others that completely revolutionized a generation. #6.2
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No #11
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how the ps vita version could have looked if it wasn't held back by 3Ds' port:(
(not knocking the 3Ds just saying the whole port factor). #2
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Insurgency is much better, do not buy this! I bought 4 copies for 4.50$ and then got 8 copies LMAO... #5
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Let's all read this guide for this crap game...pass #1
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Plain stupid. If rust has plays like this I don't see why I would ever want to play this game.

20$ saved! #3
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i'm sorry but sonic lost world was terrible...and the 3Ds one even worse thatn the Wii.U one...First off it was way too easy and second the mechanics were just aweful.

It's too bad that the art and graphics were top notch imo.

Sonic Generations stands as the best Sonic game this last decade. (Not 3Ds version, seriously Dimps suck ass why are they getting rehired? Their last good game was the first Sonic on the DS) #6.1
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Deja Vu month.

I can't wait till the next Wii.U is doomed/Wii.U is not doomed article.

Can N4G start putting up a calendar for these articles? #7
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Knuckles looks like he's on roids:P I prefer the old knuckles but the new sonic looks pretty cool:P #7
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