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Nintendo just does other things. Several developers have been quoted in articles now how they think NX will capture the casual audience again (like the Wii). That's a polite way of saying, it's not going for power for the hardcore crowd.

Nintendo actually has a long history of being the most powerful hardware or close to it until after the GameCube. The GameCube did not sell well and it was the most powerful with the exception of the gpu. Xbox edged it out, but in ...

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PlayStation One for me. The first time I played Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 1 + 2 + 3 and many others. To name a very tiny few. Simply just the start of some of the best franchises in gaming. Nostalgia is strong with me.

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What is with the assumption Steam is our friend? Steam is nearly a monopoly in PC gaming. The platform is filled with DRM. PC is the system of freedom? Pfft. You are free to play 95% of games on Steam. Bought a disc for a PC game? Steam download. If it isn't a major EA game or Blizzard; It's Steam. Microsoft carving a tiny portion of games out for their own store won't even make Steam sweat. Meanwhile Gabe is sweating just sitting on his throne with no clothes on, sticking your mo...

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Look at me. Spamming my own comments. I forgot you could embed videos in your post, so I just did that and removed them from the comments. Check out some video evidence of lag compensation in action above!

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Deleted this comment. You can't actually delete them however...

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I appreciate the discussion! Thanks to those that had a read so far. Just an update, after playing a few more days. I just want to lay to rest the searching for "best" connection doesn't really help as much as people want people to believe. I've been using this feature since day 1, and my gripes on the lag compensation still remain. I've died further around corners than I've ever seen. I'm trying to find a video that shows a good example of how bad the lag compen...

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