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Im chinese and those sales number are very decieving. Why? i have a billion family members in china and since the government dont allow us to buy it there. I have to buy millions of PS4 to send it to them. Sorry about that. I will be buying more since I have more family members in Taiwan too so expect PS4 numbers to rise. #3.3
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Hot Cakes are overrated. I rather have Waffles and a side of PS4 #1.8.1
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So true, but you're be playing those exclusives for the next 9 months. You probably have to wait until next holiday to get more exclusive. have fun with your 3 maps and awful story. Halo 3 was awesome, Halo 4 was bad, Halo 5 was, "What the hell happen?". #7.2
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you mean the 3 maps? I know what you are going to say next is that the new maps will be free. Then i will tell you that Halo 5 was released unfinished. #6.2
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All those games you mentioned has nothing to do with how it effects Battlefront sales on the Xbox one. Septic is pointing out that due to the similar released window of Battlefront and Halo 5, it may have affect battlefront sales numbers on the X1. Dont forget, Fallout 4 was also released near the same time.
I think the additional factor is that Battlefront is something new to everyone. Halo 5 is a series that people maybe getting bored of. #1.1.11
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Not sure if this will work the same way as the PS vita or PSTV. But i live in California and travel to Toronto often for work. I used to bring my PS4 because i could be there for weeks. But it sucks carrying a system around in your luggage. The PS Vita works great (i tried it) but playing Destiny on that thing sucks. So i bought a PS TV so that i can use my dualshock 4. Even with the shoddy hotel internet, I was able to stream Destiny. I completed an entire raid with no hiccups. But i do run... #2.2
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Sony have a history of not advertising their games. They mainly use word of mouth from gamers. #6.1
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Well you think about it, a lot of Sony's new IP's that are good dont sell well. #1.2.1
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The problem with this is, if you only want the two previous DLC's without the TTK, you're still locked out of a lot of content. Contents such as Nightfall, daily heroic, weekly heroic. These activities existed with the previous DLC's but now that TTK is out and you want to play these activities, youre forced to get TTK. These are now only available for people who have TTK. So people without TTK, will only get to play story missions.

This to me is not a good move... #2.1
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Those clickable analog sticks though!!! This will make playing all PS4 game much easier and better via Remote play. #1.2
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I do the "take a jog" strategy because it gives you an oppurtunity pick up ammo and give you a breather from the constant attacks. To me, its the adds that you need to worry about not skola. #3.2
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VOG is one of the best designed raid in Destiny. #1.3
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It looks like thrills, wizards, and captains re skinned. #3.1
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You're right it doesn't, but the fact that people were able to find secret level that are related to the dark below and house of wolves before they were even released was a little alarming in my opinion.
I agree, game budget are at it's all time highest, however that doesn't give them the right to deceive their fans. Fir a consumer to pay full price for a fame, they are expecting what was promised, not chopped up pieces. #6.1
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Ha! Can't wait punctilious we go all digital. That would be something exciting to see. Look ma, it's been at 25% for nearly 2 hours now. #7
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I have to agree with Gokuking here. I bought GT5 when it came out and even though it did very well in sales i feel like it was incomplete. When they release GT6 i honestly thought it was GT5.5. Not much difference between the two. But that just what i see. #5.1.5
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What??? FF13 was touted as one of the worst in the series by majority of fans. There are a handful of fans who adore the game. The game looks great but it was not a final fantasy game. #1.2.2
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Now only if that was clouds buster sword. I would love to pull off an omnislash on oryx. #5
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I dont understand these critics. They know this is a b movie horror base game. Yet they are still surprised by the story after playing it. This game have a better story then most horror movies today. FACT! #2.2
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DLC's are no longer minor. They are starting to cost as much as the entire game. This going to be a trend and a trend that will hurt the consumers. #6.1.1
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