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So you don't have a sport team you root for? If you do, you've never got upset when your team screws up?
"Fanboys" invested in a company by buying their product in hope that that company will put out products to justify "fanboys" purchase. Sony and Nintendo have treated their "fanboys" like kings, they respected them, and reward them with top notch games. What have Microsoft done for their "fanboys"???
You own a corvette righ...

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I think you need to lay off on the destiny

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Kratos's son, Atreus have red hair and freckles, really good with a bow and arrow. You know who else has red hair, freckles, and good at bow and arrow? Aloy.
I think kratos and Aloy hooked up and had Atreus.

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i have to go to the hospital. I threw the Destiny 2 ninja star to test it. It flew back and poked me in the eye.

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speaking of grind. Im grinding the Destiny 2 game disk right now with my table grinder to turn it into a ninja star.

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Many tends to focus on the mistakes that these developers make. But they fail to see the hard work, dedication, and the commitment that these developers put into these games. As a gamers, we expect perfections and anything less is considered a failure in our eyes. Maybe we need to change our mentality as a gamer. Some of these games are in development for 5 years or more and that's considered a long project. I will now have more respect for game developers and games that have flaws... Ex...

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I was being sarcastic...

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The best version of Hellblade is on the Xbox One X... A year later.

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Ive just started on the PS4 version. But looking forward to it.

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I think "nail in the coffin" is a nice way of putting it. I think the cement is about to be poured over the coffin.

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Bro, this is the only time i agree with what you have to say. Good job Septic, you're slowly regaining your common sense.

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Yes, its very classless. However, there are a lot of truth to what he said. Xbox fans are loyal to the brand but how does Microsoft thank them? They give them empty promises. This is nothing new, it started 3 years before xbox one was released.

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the problem with iteration consoles, it make it tough for game developers to develop games for. Its already hard for developers to support one version of the game, now they have to support 3-4 versions of the same games for different iteration of the console. Look at Xbox ONe X, microsoft promised that all game made for the xbox one x will be playable on xbox one and xbox one S. but there will be a point where that is no longer sustainable.

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Here’s an example of an incomplete game that was released too soon...destiny 2. The game lack content and added Eververse into the mix to make up for the lack of content. Drove away thousands of players. Now bungie is slowly filling up the game with new content but the
damage was done. No mans sky is the other game ( but no mans sky was made by a very small studio)

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Dont you think they have the right too? Fans who are xbox fans invested in the xbox One due to promises made but then left disappointed. The Sony "Zealots" are not wrong when they criticize Microsoft. Microsoft have been all talk and empty promises. Dont you think they deserve the ridicules and bashing. Im a sony "Zealot" but i can tell you that most PS4 fans dont want Microsoft to bow out of the console industry. I feel that Sony need the competition s...

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So you're saying that all these sites have something against Xbox? So all the sites are lying? You're telling me Xbox have tons of exclusives and IPs but since these sites hate Xbox, they don't advertise these Xbox exclusives?.. Wow...

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Near the end of the the xbox 360 life, Microsoft became complacent. They forgot that the xbox was a game console and stop making meaningful games. They felt that Halo, GOW, and, Forza will make up for the lack of new IPs and exclusives. Instead they relied on buying up exclusives from third parties.

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