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next up on Xbox fans to do list when Xbox one s and Scorpio are released.
1. Graphic suddenly matter again
2. Number of consoles sold suddenly matter again
3. Power suddenly matter again
4. The size of the console suddenly matter again

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If you want to talk software, ps4 is outselling the xbox1 in every multiplatform games almost 2:1. So software will not be neck and neck.

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How the hell do you know it's not a good game if you've never bought it and played it?
So a game is only considered really good only if you've bought it? GTFO. The majority of gamers and critic said this game was one of the best game last generation, but I guess since you didn't buy it, it's all non sense right?
Just because you have no interest in this game or any other exclusives, doesn't mean that it's not a good game.
This is the po...

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I know this question may be hard to answer because there are some things that we dont know and may never know. But i wonder how many unit could Rise of the Tomb Raider have made if it was released on the PS4 the same time it was released on the X1?
We know for a fact that this game wont sell as many units once it is released on the PS4, but i feel like SquareEnix screwed up with this exclusive deal they have with Microsoft. But then again, we dont know how much Microsoft paid Square...

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Landslide? i think we should upgrade it to a tsunami.

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I went to my local best buy and tried this. I was a skeptic of virtual reality at first but after trying the PSVR, i can say that its a great experience. However, with that said, I believe for me this might be just something that i do not want to invest too much money in. I may use it for a few games such as racing games and maybe a FPS type games. So for me to buy very expensive VR is out of the question. I feel the pricing for the PSVR is the price range that i would spend on a VR.

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PS Vita failed as a portable gaming device?? far from it. Since the launch of the Vita, many other hand held device were released and none have survived or even come close to what the PS Vita can offer. The only thing that fail in this case is Sony's support for the PS Vita. It just unfortunate that it has to go down the way it did. this device have so much potential.

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I've been waiting for a sale like this to get my hands on Ubisoft best games. Now i can buy them at a discounted price. Thanks Ubisoft!

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@theshredded You post is a contradiction To your statement.
"...only they'd offer gameplay on par with the narrative."
Next sentence...
"...the main problem is that they focus too much on story..."

So what you're saying is that they should focus on story but at the same time they focus too much on story. I bet you don't even own a ps4 or even played an uncharted game so your contradicting comment is not valid.

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Living up to your name.

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Seriously though. Motion sickness varies from people to people. How do you explain some people getting sick while on a boat, reading while someone is driving, 3D glasses, fps games, etc... And others don't?
Two people playing a fps, one get sick and the other don't. Is that due to the lack of power in the console. Seriously dude, think thoroughly before you write a bias and non factual article.

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Didn't Xbox 360 also have a 1 year head start as well? The ps4 and X1 released nearly the same time and the ps4 has a 20 million lead.

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The Norse gods and creatures are in for a rude awakening. I honestly think that kratos was responsible for all the extinction events that ever occurred on earth.

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Oh look, it's polygon review.

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That's because people who owns a wii u is so low, so sales will suffer. Here an example. There are about 40 million people who owns a ps4, but how many copies of uncharted 4 were sold? Compared to number of console out there to how many uc4 sold, it's very small.

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VR will be the future...for porn.

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True, the only advantage that Xbox took was with the Xbox 360 one year head start over the PS3 and they still screwed up that one.

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Almost 20 million consoles separates the two. I'm not sure there is anything Microsoft can do to cut into that lead.

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hahahah, Salty much DOOPY?

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