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I call it Xbox 1/2 ?? #2.2
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I think the problem you were having is that you're so used to the PS4 interface that when going back to the xb1 you feel lost or not use to it. When i go to my cousin house who owns an Xbox 1 and help him level up his Destiny characters, i honestly thought the interface was crappy. But the more I use it the more intuitive it become. It just getting use to it. There are a lot of stuff that i like on the xbox 1 interface but there are also a lot of stuff that i like on the ps4's. I jus... #10.4
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Cant compare a keyboard to a controller. A keyboard rest on a flat surface and does not need to be held. Therefore it does not work the same way as a controller. Since a controller need to be held at all times, you need to build a controller that take this into consideration.
I used have an xbox 360 and the controller was physically symmetrical, but the placement of the buttons and joystick were not. I do notice a bit more fatigue when using it when compared to a DS3. #1.2.1
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dont forget the replayability of this game. multiple endings. #3.1
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I actually will buy this instead of fallout 4. Because i was never a big fan of fallout series. Its a good game but it wasnt for me. However, i will be buying it for the PS4 (dont have a xbox one). I might buy this collector edition just for the statue and resell the game. Im a collector of statues of games, anime, comic characters. I have over 250 in my "Man cave". #4.3
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Anyone wants to help me win 66 more crucible matches? Im trying to get the Triumph Emblem comes Sept 9th. I just suck at PVP and dont really have a team to play in. Im on the PS4 #6
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But one of the key element that made FF7 special was its battle system. Yes it was turned base but for a good reason. With how the the Materia and summons work in FF7, im not sure how they will implement it if they were going with an action battle system. The enemies in FF7 are elemental base and are weak against certain elements and im not sure how we would change elemental attacks or spell on the fly if its action based. But i guess we have to wait and see. #1.1.4
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If you noticed, Sony rarely market a lot of third party games. Most of their heavy marketing are for their first party games. I think Sony relies on word of mouth for their marketing. But i agree, they should market all their exclusives. #1.4
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What is it that you don't get. Polygons review doesn't match his score, "ill recommend the game to my friends and can't wait to play it again, here's a 6.5" . he claim that he had problems but all his problems were his fault, poor choices and not quick enough to react to a certain action and as a result, died. He also mentioned that he understood that game suppose to be a b rate horror movie with cliches but yet he still seem surprised that the stor... #2.1.5
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Going to make my wife play this in the dark room. She hates horror. Should be fun to watch. Lol #4.3
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His concept of a game.
Must go pew pew pew
Also occasional bang boom pow! #5.2
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Twice the framerate but yet they both run comparably smooth. #6.1.2
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The way the rain falls on the windsheild in project looks very un-natural to me. If you watch the Drive club clip, as the windshield wipes away the droplets. You can clearly see the rain building up on the side but at the same time the droplets doesnt just appear all at once. In Project cars, the droplets just all Pop out all at once. #1.3.1
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Talking about remote play. Have anyone of you been experiencing a lot of remote play disconnections?
I remember a few months back, i was able to remote play with good results when im away for work. But for the last month or so, I've been having a hard time connecting. I even lose connection when I'm three feet away from my PS4 and router. I did not make any setting changes to my system. Anyone experiencing this? #2.2
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Now if they can add a L3/R3 button to this I would be so grateful. However, if they do release the 1000 version, I would buy it. #1.2
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i stopped doing POE for these etheric of light thing. I love this game but I feel like it was a slap in the face when they announce that Legendaries wont be carried over. Why the hell did i grind to get these Etheric of light to level up my weapons then? #1.3
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I think he is referring to the fact that in order for you to purchase the TTK, you have to have bought the two previous DLC's. #1.1.1
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Most gamers have two controllers. I usually have one charging and when the one that i use is out of battery. I just switch them out and press the PS button. simple as that. There's no need for me to go scrambling around looking for batteries or making sure that my rechargeable batteries are being charged. #1.3.1
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One question for you... Can you play those remastered games on the PS3 (the key word is remastered, not the original)? #1.2
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You know what you're talking about lemon cake??? #9.3
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