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Im not sure but i think people seperate 3rd party support vs Indie support. It seems that Indie games fall into a different category. It is a form of 3rd party developer. But in a sense of scope, Indie are much smaller "studio".
The 3rd party support from big developers for Wii and Wii U is dwindling in numbers. Why you think Nintendo been pushing the development of first party franchises to the Wii U and 3ds so quickly?
Wii sold lots of consoles be... #2.2.7
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What did they expect. Even the hottest console on the market is struggling in Japan. What do you think will happen to the xbox one? #1.1.11
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No pun intended? #1.1
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Hmmm... With your logic. Adults who play video games are still man child? Adults who go to Comic Con are Man Child? Adults who go to watch Marvel and DC movies are also Man Child?

I'm an adult and i frequent bars on weekends and i can tell you that. There are a lot of "Men" who get drunk at the bar and act worst than a "Man Child".

This is a hobby and a passion for some adults. Collecting stuff like these. #1.1.7
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Secret of Mana was my first ever RPG. It was because of SOM that i fell in love with RPG. I cant wait for the Rise of Mana to be released in the US on the PS Vita. #4
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I say it's not extreme enough. Make them watch the notebook. That should teach them to never even think about the word hack ever again. #5.3.4
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Did I hurt someone's feeling? Maybe you should go play titanfall to make you feel better. On second thought, if you're easily ticked off, playing a game like titanfall shouldn't be your priority. Anger management might be best for you. #3.2
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But the playstation always been the winner. #5.1
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Didn't know halo came out for the Xbox 1. This kid must be from the future. #3.1
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Reason why is because a gaming console could be a center piece of your entertainment hub. Who the hell wants a damn external hard drive sticking out of a nice looking machine? If I want my entertainment hub to look nice and clean, I for sure wouldn't want wires hanging ou. #1.2
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Finally! Justice has been served. Wait... What the hell is this article about? All I see is polygon and kotaku and my mind goes straight to , "they deserved it". #1
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I swear "Compitition" is supposed to be spelled "Competition", No? #1
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That's because MS only have like 4 exclusives
Gears of War
Alan Wake
and did i mention Halo. #2.4.1
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"At least the company is struggling to regain their reputation as the console of choice."

They thought they were the console of choice during the xbox 360. but then all of sudden the PS3 was released a year later and still manage to outsell the xbox 360. The xbox brand has never been a console of choice. You are Psychotic to beleive such non sense. #2.3.5
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No, You have one bubble because most of your comments confirmed that you are blind and are in denial. We have no problem you supporting the Xbox one, for you to sit there and deny Microsoft 180, and PR stunts earn you just one bubble. Actually I'm suprised they even let you post anything at all. #2.2.6
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Sony wins = less support to Xbox one from third party developer. Look at the wii u, it's getting shafted by 3rd party developers due to its lack of appeal and sales. Look at the original Xbox. It couldn't compete against the ps2 therefore developer flocked to the ps2, therefore you should care about who wins early on, because it will determine the number one platform that 3rd parties will side with. Thus holds true too if the role is reversed wher xb1 is leading in console sales. #16.2
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I bought a ps4 because....well just because. #2.5.1
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He has a memory of a gold fish... #2.1.2
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Bigger question is, how is the the ps4 still selling over 100,000 units per week still when there are still shortage of ps4? #13.1
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You're an idiot... "That's all".... This is a remaster of a one year old game that according vgcharts, sold over 600,000 copies in its first week. The number sold world wide should be about one million by now. For a re-release this is very impressive. How many did tomb raiders definite edition sale it's first week? #8.1
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