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I agree with what you said. But I think his point is that Microsoft become so focus with their new console that they disregard the current console. You look at the original Xbox and I'm pretty sure you remember what happened to the console when the Xbox 360 was announced. Microsoft act like no one owns the xbox so they never really released any software for it. Same thing happened to the xbox360 when the xbox one was announced. Almost 3 years and no significant software was released for t...

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Until I see Microsoft consistently release exclusives on their consoles I will give them a pass. The only system that they have shown to have consistent software was the xbox360. But even with the 360, the last 2-3 years of its life, Microsoft did not release any great software for it because they were too focused on Xbox One. I have feeling they will do the same to the Xbox One regardless of what they claim.

With that said, I feel competition is great for gaming industry ...

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How is it Nintendos fault that people decided to buy a handful of Nintendos at Target and resell it for a higher price? Yes, Nintendo didn't make a lot but it's not their fault you didn't preorder. If you wanted one so bad you would have preorder or do some research to get one.

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Either do it episodically or wait 5-10 years for the complete game.

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I understand what you're saying but by talking about , especially in a forum such as this, will start a war. If you go down and read all the comments, people are already at each other throats.

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Sony make good consoles but one of the ps vita selling points was remote play ps4 games on the go, they poorly designed this console for that purpose. Most if not all ps4 games uses all the buttons on a dual shock, yet the ps vita lack those buttons therefore, playing ps4 game using the ps vita is almost impossible.

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You want it to stop but continue to write an opinion piece about it. You want it to stop? Stop talking about it.

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Sounds like Microsoft and trump have something in common. Over promise to their supporters but never really give detail plans of how they will achieve those promises.

"Believe me, it will be tremendous. Everyone will be covered, believe me. I know health care."
- Donald Trump

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Thats the problem. For you its fine because you have a back log of games for the xbox one. but for the majority of gamers, they want to finish one game and move onto the next game. Thats the problem with the xbox one. Once fans finish one exclusives they're itching for the next one. However, there are none. This is why most people are going to the PS4, not only they have more exclusives, in addition theres something for everyone.

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I guess you forgot the, "forever 29". People complained it took to much grinding to max out during first year. Because when you infuse a higher level gear, it only level you up to a max percentage. So they change it where infusing a high level gear will make the lower level gear match the infused gear. So I'm not sure what you're talking about.

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5 things you can expect from Destiny’s Age of Triumph
1. More Nerfing
2. More people bitching and whining
3. More people getting mad because LFG only wants experienced Raiders
4. More people getting mad because LFG only wants K/D 3.0 or higher
5. More people getting mad because they got killed by the Meta

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I'm an beta player and been playing for the last three years. Destiny was the only game i actually played. But for the past month or so, i stopped playing and stopped helping people all together. Ive sherpa people through raids and PVE activities. However, i suck at PVP and it seems like no one want to help me go flawless in Trials (this is the only thing that i havent done yet). But this gave me time to catch up on other games.

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Cant argue with that.

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This is a very tough one. but after thinking about what games i played on SNES, it became clear that the PSone was a clear winner.
SNES, the only games i remembered playing were Zelda, mario bro, Donkey Kong, and super metroid.
BUt with the PSone, i played more diverse games and had more fond memory of it. But again, each person will have their own opinions.

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Yes there are plus and minus indicator. Batteries also have plus and minus indicators, but yet people will sometime put them on wrong. We all make mistakes, but we shouldnt be punished for them if the mistake is a minor mistake. Putting a strap backward is not an indication of how stupid you are, it just show that the smartest person can make mistakes.

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This is why i wait to buy new consoles.

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How in tarnation do you translate a "Fictional Language"? I have to give it up to some of these fans. This is dedication at its finest.

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The problem here is that Microsoft knows that they make more profits through Subscriptions. This is why Sony when with the paid subscription for PS plus. I think Microsoft feels that making new exclusives and IP's is to risky in terms of profits because everyone knows that the Xbox division is losing money.

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Zack was mentioned in VII but not too extensively mostly flash back. There was a few scenes that occurred Nibelheim. Again, through flash backs and in my opinion it was kind of hard to follow. by including the Crisis Core in the remake, I will think this game story will be complete.

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I think remaking Crisis Core maybe a harder task then FFVII. Remember that crisis core was limited by the platform it was on. The game had to be very simplified. If they just do a HD port for the PS4, it wont do the game justice. I think they have to revamp the game and its mechanics.

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