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Well i expect Nintendo to have more 1st party exclusives than Xbox one and PS4. Nintendo currently lacking in 3rd party support but i hope that changes with the Switch, but im not going to hold my breath.

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Some author just want to watch the world burn.

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So respawn respond with a "f*ck no!"?

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" I feel bad for Sony fans you get lied to about release dates, you get sub par shooters and you never get racing games. "

Sony fan get lied about release dates, yes but the game get released. Microsoft lied about a games in development and never get released.
Last I checked call of duty, battlefield, etc were also on ps4.
Granted turismo and driveclub would like to have a word with you. Xbox only have forza.

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Im very interested in the Zelda game. It looks like it has some Shadow of the Colossus elements to it.

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If im going to get the switch, its most likely going to be for Zelda and hopefully a new Metroid game. One question, why the Zelda's game still called, "Legend of Zelda"? Shouldnt it be the Legend of Link. The damn guy is doing all the work but get no recognition for it.

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We're talking about 3rd support not Nintendo 1st party games.

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Sorry but what about patches and updates? 32gb for just patches alone is not enough.

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When did The Order and LBP3 become 3rd parties?

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I bought most of these when they were on sale. Some I got as gifts.

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I have 24 games that are unopened. 24 FREAKIN GAMES!!

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We will no longer support the xbox brand. We're shifting our focus to Kinect and the benefits of 4K blu ray players.

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Its not Unreal Engine that you should blame. Its the people using it. If they dont know how to use it then they shouldnt use it. Its like blaming adobe Photoshop for doing a piss poor job of editing a picture, but the tools are there. Its up to the user to know how to use it effectively.

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This is just my speculation, but i feel like by having it playable on PC, Xbox one, Xbox One S, and possibly on Scorpio. The development to have games be playable on all these platforms is taking a toll on the developers?
I know that Xbox one is a PC architecture, but you still need to optimize for it work on the PC and multiple Xbox one versions.
I think that this game was made for the xbox one, but Microsoft wanted Platinum Games to make it work for Scorpio. This may cause...

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If a shop left unattended, would you take the stuff you didnt pay for?

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I honestly feel that by making multiple ports for PC, xbox one, xbox one S, and now Scorpio is taking a toll on the development team. But thats just my speculations.

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This is the trend with Microsoft, when a new console is about to be released, they tend to kick the current to the side. it happened with the xbox, xbox 360, now xbox One.

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Because its click bait. If you hate the first one so much, why would you be excited for the second one? Not like they showed a lot in the trailer that can give you any indication of its game play.

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Just look at DriveClub. Til this day, in my opinion its the best looking console racer to date.

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Glacier white looks nice. It been awesome if they have aqua blue where the blacks are or even blue LED lights

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