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For some reason(s) i cant find myself deleting games from my hard drive. I have a ps3 that is full but i refuse to delete anything from it, same goes for my PS vita. Even games that i know i will never play again. #2.2.2
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We can not lose Aeris...again. Since this the remaster, prevent her from dying. #1
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It's always that one person... #2.2
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As much as I love destiny. The only game I felt got multiplayer right was call of duty modern warfare 2. I dunno but that game was very balanced. #4.1
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As much as I love ARs, I have to agree that any decent player will beat you with a hand canon. I use to use ARs a lot in PvP, but would get my butt handed to me by a person with a hand canon. So I switch to hawkmoon or word of crota.
Plus, most PvP players play to get kills. I have been in control games where no one would try to get the objective. One guy had 38 kills and no capturing. #2.2.3
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Complain about crucible (PVP) being broken proceed to embed a video about a PVE strike. #1
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Im not saying all gamers do this. Most gamers complains about it but end buying into stuff like this.
I so miss the days of unlocking secrets and missions in a game. #2.1.2
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Dr. Phil say stuff that everyone with common sense knows about. The only reason why it resonate with people is because he is somewhat of a celebrity and he is on TV. #6.2
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I agree. This kid is very depress. If you put him on a stage and embarrass him. You dont know what he would do, commit suicide, harm other, or become even more depress. having a private doctor to access his condition is the way to go. #4.1
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My Xfinity (comcast) goes down more than a porn star. But seriously, my xfinity connection is usually the culprit. I just reset and call xfinity. #3.8
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Add to this, Japanese people are proud of their products and will support their home brand Sony and Nintendo. Its unfortunate actually because Xbox do have good games. Its just that the game do not resonated with the japanese culture and their taste. #4.2
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It feels like i just stepped into the ocean. Because damn its so salty.
I guess its ok for Xbox fans to brag about it when it benefits them, but when they get the short end of the stick. Its "week" exclusive contents. #4.2
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You do not understand the meaning of long term gain do you. Sony maybe throwing money out for exclusives right now. But those exclusive may get fans to buy into their product. If a die hard tony hawk fan decided to buy the game. His first question will be, "which console should i choose?" If he decided to buy the PS4 for its exclusive contents, then its a win for Sony. Why, because from now on, when this person buys a game. It would be most likely for the PS4.
Potential incr... #3.1.1
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I have to agree with you. But the original tony hawk game looked like garbage too but it was fun as hell. As long as the game is fun to play like the original, I dont really mind. #1.1
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They post things like this because they're inconsiderate of others. The world revolves around them and they're self entitled brats. #1.1.4
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I dont think there are enough days in my life to explore every single damn planets in this game. I may have to leave a will that states,
"In order to receive this will you must agree to explore whatever planets that are left over in No Man's Sky that I was unable to explore in my lifetime. If you are unable to explore all the planets in your life time. You must agree to pass this requirement down to your heir and have them explore the untouched planets. This requirement will... #2
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Nintendo name is on the back of the controllers. If you watch the video, the guy actually show it to you. #2.1.3
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The controller does say nintendo on it on the back. remember, Sony designed the system so that it can play both nintendo cartridges and CD. The only thing that belongs to Nintendo would be the brand name and their games. The entire system was built by Sony, and remember this was just a prototype of how the system would look. But of course if Sony and Nintendo's partnership came to fruition. We would have seen both their names on the system. #1.4.2
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With summons and how the materia system works. I don't see how they will make it other than turned base. #1.2
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Please define what does your definition of closing the gap mean. Because trying to close a 10 million+ console lead in one holiday is pretty much impossible. Microsoft will be lucky if they lower the 10 million gap to 9 million comes this holiday.
The only way Microsoft can catch up is if Sony suddenly stop all sales of the PS4 for two whole years. People keep acting as if PS4 will stop selling this holiday regardless of not having AAA games. #6.3
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