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I feel like this game should have been called "Gran Turismo 5: Complete Edition". I've played GT6 for almost 2 months now and honestly, this game is not a big jump from GT5. In my opinion, its a little a disappointing #1.3
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Wow a troll calling another person out... He stated facts and yet you're here bashing him. He even said, "Indeed. XB1 is still a zero for me, but like you said everyone has their own preferences." but yet you still some how find a way to call him a troll. Are you that insecured that you must go on here to defend your precious xbox one? #1.1.3
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You have only one bubble rofl. #1.2.9
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Ok ill go out and buy a "piston" so that I can finally play those exclusives game these console fanboys been bragging about. Games like the last of us, god war, Mario kart, Zelda, gear of war. Andrew since you know so much about the piston. If I buy god of war 3, do I need to optimize it to play it? Or is it just insert the disk and play? #1.2.2
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Wow I've been under a rock for way too long. I emerge from my slumber and found out that a pc is now a console. What's next, North Korea going to give up nuclear weapons and make peace with South Korea? #1.2
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I dont think the price is the issue with the PS4. Maybe someone mentioned this before, but its the lack of japanese centric games. When the PS4 was released, the games available to japanese consumers were very limited. Some japanese developers refuse to make games for PS4 because its more profitable to make games for the PS3, PSP, and PS vita, therefore there's a drought when it comes to japanese centric PS4 games. #2.3.3
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The situation might change. Sony is experimenting with PS now on different devices. If PS Now is a hit and game streaming without a console takes off. We may not even see a release of a PS5. The only thing that you will need is internet, a dual shock controller, and a tv. #1.1
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Right now the PS Vita is becoming the 2nd screen device. Unless sony push hard on getting exclusive games for the PS vita, the ps vita will always remain a second screen. I've been using my PS vita everyday since i bought it. but i do understand where gamers are coming from. Why would you want to play a game on a small screen instead of a big screen.
What Sony needs to do is set a balance for the Vita. Have it doing what its doing now with the remote play for the PS4, but at the... #6.1
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Well you cant blame them. Until Sony releases official numbers, gamers only have these number to go by. Where else do you expect them to get numbers from? VGC maybe notorious for their accuracies. However, this at least give gamers an idea of how well a game is selling. #1.2.5
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I really really hope that's just an early build of the game for fh2. #15.1.2
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Here's are some facts for you to get through life.

Game: you can drive a $100,000 - 1 million dollar car.
Real life: you can only dream of driving a car that expensive
Game: you can drive a car at break neck speed on a public road
Real life: you can break your neck driving break neck speed on a public road.
Game: you can crash your car racing and start over
Real life: you will crash your car racing and will be buried six feet unde... #5.2
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Don't be silly, that would mean they would have to use their brain to read the article and nobody got time for that! #4.3.2
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I dont think Final fantasy 10 was open world. the story was pretty linear until you get the airship. Which was near the end of the game. But I agree with the rest of your statements.

Besides Crisis core, i dont like the live battle system. For some reasons i love the turn base system. #1.2
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I agree. Most people might had more rams but how many of the software or games they have on that pc actually uses 8gb? I would say almost to none. #1.2.3
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I'm not sure if you understand, the_infected said with cloud computing players a can control the game. Say if the computing for cloud and Ai on the server ran into communication issues with your console, then all you get is broken images while play a game. How do you control something that is obviously out of your control? #2.1.2
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Damn that one hurts. I'll give you that. Now Seattle can say they belong in the NFL and finally be considered a team. #1.2.7
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So you're telling me i can get a 55 inch 4k Samsung monitor for $700? because i currently have a 55 inch 1080p sony TV for gaming. If you want me to play on a 24inch Samsung 4K monitor vs a 55inch 1080p TV, then you're delusional.

Why does it say 4K and the description
"Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50" 4K UHD 2160p 120Hz LED HDTV" say its "2160p"? #1.4.7
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I read a lot of "if's" in your post. 4K monitor cost you at least $2000, a new GPU will cost a you a few hundred dollars... Spending this much money for a game, is it worth the price? How bout i spend $400 for a PS4 and $60 for TLOU remaster and play the game pre-optimized instead of spending a few thousand dollars?

I swear, common sense is no longer important to some people. #1.4.3
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Thank god... I was about to go super saiyin and KamehameHa this planet. Close call. #1.2
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How do you have control over the game locally for cloud computing? If there is latency between the connections what ever cloud computing is done on a server will most likely be delayed. How do you control that? #2.1
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