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I dont think Final fantasy 10 was open world. the story was pretty linear until you get the airship. Which was near the end of the game. But I agree with the rest of your statements.

Besides Crisis core, i dont like the live battle system. For some reasons i love the turn base system. #1.2
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I agree. Most people might had more rams but how many of the software or games they have on that pc actually uses 8gb? I would say almost to none. #1.2.3
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I'm not sure if you understand, the_infected said with cloud computing players a can control the game. Say if the computing for cloud and Ai on the server ran into communication issues with your console, then all you get is broken images while play a game. How do you control something that is obviously out of your control? #2.1.2
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Damn that one hurts. I'll give you that. Now Seattle can say they belong in the NFL and finally be considered a team. #1.2.7
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So you're telling me i can get a 55 inch 4k Samsung monitor for $700? because i currently have a 55 inch 1080p sony TV for gaming. If you want me to play on a 24inch Samsung 4K monitor vs a 55inch 1080p TV, then you're delusional.

Why does it say 4K and the description
"Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50" 4K UHD 2160p 120Hz LED HDTV" say its "2160p"? #1.4.7
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I read a lot of "if's" in your post. 4K monitor cost you at least $2000, a new GPU will cost a you a few hundred dollars... Spending this much money for a game, is it worth the price? How bout i spend $400 for a PS4 and $60 for TLOU remaster and play the game pre-optimized instead of spending a few thousand dollars?

I swear, common sense is no longer important to some people. #1.4.3
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Thank god... I was about to go super saiyin and KamehameHa this planet. Close call. #1.2
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How do you have control over the game locally for cloud computing? If there is latency between the connections what ever cloud computing is done on a server will most likely be delayed. How do you control that? #2.1
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You can laugh all you want, but Sony has proven that game streaming is a very likely possibility through PS Now. They even showed and had beta testing for it as well. Cloud gaming and cloud computing on the other hand...

Still laughing??? #1.2
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I know how to comprehend what you wrote. What im trying to say to you is VR is much more a reality for everyone else who can afford it. Cloud is not a reality for the majority of the consumers. Why?? Bandwidth is the biggest issue with Cloud computing and cloud gaming. The majority of the people in the united states don't even have high speed internet let alone think about cloud computing. where is your common sense? Why get defensive? when all im trying to do is explain to you. No where... #3.1.2
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The Cloud and Sony's VR is not alike. The cloud will be implemented to players if they like or not. It will be implemented even if the consumers do not have the bandwidth to fully utilize it, it may mean that there will be parity between consumers for the same game depending if they have internet connection or not. Sony's VR is an accessory. Its not mandatory for consumers to use it. There are no parity between users. #3.1
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Some of those games havent even been released yet. #1.1.16
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You act like you've never heard the story before or seen the gameplay before. Its was released on the PS3 a year ago you derp! #3.4
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it seems that this remaster is being hyped like its a brand new IP that have never been released before. Honestly, i think it is very deserving. The PS3 version was awesome but from the sounds of things, the PS3 did not do TLOU justice. It seems like this game was meant to be made on the PS4. Day one purchase for me. I will have my wife watch me play this game again and watch her cry at the beginning. #1.5
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Not down playing Ryse. It looks incredible but we are forgetting that Ryse is not an open world game. Infamouse is an open world game and for it to look this good is mind boggling. #1.2.1
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When have we ever question a developer who have the reputation to use the consoles full potential to develope their games? If this was activision saying this, I would not even listen. This is naughty dog, naughty dog. #2.3.7
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Just like the kardashian's, this game is becoming famous for no god damn reason. I say kill it with fire. #6.1
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When this game comes out, I'm telling my wife that im making a career change. I wonder how she's going to take it. #1.1.2
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Get them all my friend, get them all. #3.1
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I'm actually excited about this game. Cant wait. I hope I start off on Pluto. #1
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