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well in all fairness, the beta is public to everyone. If you pre-order you get to play it a few days earlier. Its an incentive to preordering. It like saying, you get $500 to open account with a bank. You open an account, get the money and then closes it. You cant keep the $500.

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What? I went to New York last week and picked up 2 nintendo switches at the Nintendo Store. I asked them if they have a lot in stock and the guy told me they have plenty. Try going to the Nintendo Store in New York. Here in San Francisco, it has been out of stock everywhere for a few months.

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You have to take in consideration, what other heavy hitter was also released during that same time period for the Switch. If im not mistaken, nothing else was really released so there is a chance that thats the only game worth getting for the switch at that time.

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Do we really need the last of us Part 2? Hell Yes!
Do we really need an article like this? Hell No!

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The demand seems to be inflated due to the low supply. This is normal for Nintendo. The Wii was a different story. That thing sold like hot cakes.

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Turn off your ps4, then unplug it from the power source. Let sit for about 10mins and plug it back in and start up the ps4. That is how you clear out your cache.

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I think this was meant for Xbox one, but since Xbox one X needed an exclusive for launch, they decided to move it to the xboX. This may explain the graphics.

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I cleared my cache, it worked. Played for about 20 mins then turned off my PS4. 3 hours later, i turned it back on and the same error came up. So I cleared my cache again.

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If you spend more than $100 on something like this, you deserved to get scammed.

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I will guarantee you if I was to place a screen shot of 2 identical images from the same source, But label them each Xbox one and the other PS4. There will be people that say one looks better than other, even though they're identical.

I think by the time a PS5, it maybe more than 10 tflop, it could be a different or a more powerful CPU.

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Silver one is from GT Sports

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It wont be called the Playstation 5. It will be call "Playstation 5 Playstation" or P5P

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I hope stores have a limit on how many you can purchase.

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Didn't Sony one time asked Nintendo if they can borrow one of their characters and Sony will lend them one of theirs?? I remember something like that happening but not sure if it was a joke or being serious.

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Wait isnt crash bandicoot Playstations mascot?

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The article forget that the PS5 may come out in 3 years. The xbox and the PS4 may starting to reach it saturation point. To think that the xbox one X will sell 17 millions by 2021 is stretching it by a lot. YOu forget that the xbox one S and Xbox one are still in the market so that will influence buyers as well.

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Does that just mean that Xbox 360 also had very few exclusives?

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Cost bro... think about the cost.

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I don't think it will be out for another 3-4 years. Why, The ps4 is the best selling console out there and developers have not fully use its full potential (especially first party). Remember the PS3, all their exclusives were incredible when it was released near the end of the PS3 life cycle. I expect the same for the PS4.

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