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Just completed Rise of Tomb Raider, I felt the ending was lacking. But the game was fun.

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I cant really tell the difference.

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Im a PVE player, i hardly play PVP. Same thing with Destiny 1, i was mainly a PVE player. Never really got into PVP. Not sure why.
I played PVE for about 2 months and never had that same feeling I had when i played Destiny 1. I didnt feel the urge to accomplish missions, raid, strikes, etc in destiny 2. So i stopped playing.
the only time i played PVP is to complete the weekly milestone.
I played destiny 1 a lot, so much that i disregard all othe...

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But a game review is like grading system. But i agree with you that this grading system for games are very subjective from person to person. If a game is not perfect then why give it a perfect score. If there are flaws in a game regardless if its a minor or major flaw. It should never be given a perfect score.
This is the problem with these grading system, game reviewers should hold back on giving perfect score to games that have flaws. This just give consume...

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Look up Kayoss882 on PSN before you make fool out of yourself.

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Hahah, let's add something that they took away to make people think it's "more content".
Three years of feedback and they still royally screwed up destiny 2. If they were listening they may not be in this mess.

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Not a "try", it's fact. If any games deserve the goty, it should be either hzd or Mario.

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An excellent game, yes. But compared to all the other contenders in 2017, it's 4th at best.

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In a normal scaling or grading system, a max score means perfect. What you're saying is not logical. Here's an example,
You scored 10/10 but it's not perfect.

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Almost all Zelda gams and story are the same. A matter of fact, Zelda story is the same story as Mario. Princess is in trouble, needs help from an unlikely hero to save her or her kingdom.
What is so great about botw story wise?

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So by your logic, "smaller games" is not as good as "no games".

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All of Xbox Fan finally rejoice and claim this is the start of a revolution...After a whole entire year.

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My cousin was overweight (obese). when this game came out for home consoles. He went out and bought it with the pads and played for hours. His mom was worried that he was depressed. After almost a year, the dude lost over 100 lbs playing this game and eating right. He never even went to the damn gym. He said he was embarrassed to go to the gym and this was his solution.

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Trust me, lots of people voted. This was proven by the popularity vote. Unfortunately, Trump lost the popularity vote but won the Electoral votes.

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Wait, him talking bad about Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Jews didnt tell you already that this man have racist behavior?

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Donald Trump make Bush look like a damn genius.

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Dont worry, this is only the first chapter.

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Lady and gentlemen, this is our president of the United States. A person who cant distinguish facts from fiction.

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Yes, but that doesn’t mean another company make a better game. Just because Zelda is a big name brand, it gets all the accolades. Even if it was undeserving.
This year, Bias played a big role in determining GOTY... in my opinion.

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I was referring to the one where he still have purple long hair after coming out of the hyperbolic time chamber.

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