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You are tripping if you think 8k will be the standard in 4-5 years. As of this writing, 4k is not even the standard what make you think there will be a market for 8K in 2-3 years?
Microsoft will release a more powerful machine after Sony release there's. However, the question becomes, will microsoft stay in the Console business if X dont do well.

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Some games dont age that well, but this game.... I can still play the PS2 version.

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Anyone want to carry me?

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Still waiting for a sequel...

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It is a mistake, If Nintendo re-releases the Nintendo Classic again, i wont able to sell my 6 other Nintendo classics for 10 times the retail price and make a profit. Nintendo please dont do this to us greedy and opportunistic douche bags.

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Xbox fans to Playstation fans, "Same old games...I will pass"
Playstation fans to Xbox fans, "Same old games... oh wait... No new or old games... I'll pass"

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Next game will be called: Call of Duty: Future Warfare

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I agree with you that PVP changes should not affect PVE. However, it comes down to Bungie's laziness to separate the two. The game was rushed and was cut up into bits to sell as DLC (according to rumors but thats a different discussion).
But if you look at what was the goal of the game before it came out, you will understand why Bungie went the route of requiring players to go find their own team to do raids and nightfalls. This was suppose to be a MMO shooter. Most MMO games, y...

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All i did was the first Red war mission, 2 crucible matches (went 0.22 and 0.15 KD), did tons of public events, and got half of the lost sector missions completed, got my gunslinger, and now at level 12. All that in about 5 hours of play. Not too shabby. However, My KD is now horrible.

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Where's the spoiler alert?!?!?!?

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I started playing the crucible yesterday. I told myself that im going to try and keep my KD up for destiny 2. Proceeded to go 0.22 and 0.15 for the first two crucible matches. I totally suck at PVP man! But i finally made it to Mercury.

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Hahahaha, Its only cosmetic.

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Destiny was not a perfect game. It has it flaws and issues. However, the problem with Destiny are the players. It seems that any fixes or changes to the game is not good enough for them. You have a group who loves the changes, but you have another group who hates the change. I just hate it that the developers bends the knee to every little complaints and make changes just to please the whiners. The raids are too hard, the raids are too easy, everyone is using specials, there is not enough spe...

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I dont agree with everything he wrote but i understand where is coming from. Destiny was touted as an MMO shooter (correct me if im wrong). but the game environment are so static. I would love to see growth in the settlement that we visit. See progression, like new cabins being built and getting completed as the game progresses forward. Enemies spawn in an unpredictable cycle, etc... I was hoping for Destiny 1 to be more MMO but I felt that Bungie decided to abandon that concept and went wit...

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WOW look at the xbox fans. All of a sudden resolution matters now.

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The only thing the Xbox have the edge over the PS4 NOW is power and resolution. In terms of software the PS4 have outsold the xbox almost 2:1. Lets put it this way, if you're going to release a multiplatform game and the only difference between the PS4 and Xbox one X version is higher resolution. THere is a high chance that people who already owned a PS4 Pro or Xbox S wont be running to stores to buy a Xbox one X just to play a higher resolution game.

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Have you guys not learn anything. When it comes down to third party, developer will develope on the lowest common denominator. Which will be the Xbox one. Once they've then that they will release patches for the PS4 pro and xb1x to "optimize" it. No third party developers in their right mind will develop 4 different versions of the same game.
Rise of tomb raider was develop on the xbox one, then released to PS4 and PS4 pro with patches. Then now they are release a patch...

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Watched paint dried for while, then i moved on to watching hair grow on some guy's head. But instead of growing it fell off his head. He no longer have hair. So now i want to watch a programmer program.

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Where is Zack Fair.
TIdus is annoying but again, i dont think its due to his character design but the person who voiced him (the japanese voice is a lot more better) and I agree with the author. However, Tidus played a critical role in the development of all the characters around him. You can pin point exactly where his maturity began in the game and I think that it is very rare in a final fantasy game.

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I have no skills in programming or game design. But i really really like the last of us.Can you just hire me and let me sit there to watch you guys do your work?

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