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Don't sideshow make statues and not figures? Play art Kai make figures. #1.3
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I reached level 34 last night for my hunter. I cant wait to do Crota's Raid with my level 34 guardian. I want to see how fast it would take me to take down those Crota. #2.2
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I cant believe you guys dont have your priorities straight. Shame on you. Taking work off so you guys can play game. Some people out there are still looking for a job and would give anything to have your job. But you guys are here abusing it.

Why dont you all grow up and do what i do. Cancel a week vacation plan with the wife so i can play Destiney House of wolves . Thats the more mature thing to do. #6
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Youre destined to fall in love with destiny. #1.1
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Wait, I have to play the salvage mode to get salvage coins so I can play trial of Osiris? Well that sucks. #2
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243 riddler trophies is still a lot. I always hated getting these. I try to complete games by doing all the side quests and missions. But when it comes to getting these, i give up half way. #2.1
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Why do I get disagree for giving him what he asked for? #3.2
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Do you even Destiny bro?? #1.1.4
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Can't believe people still play this game. There u go buddy. #3.1
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Sure, lets generalize an entire population due to a few who decided to deal in drugs. #1.2.7
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I agree with you. But The problem I have with the Titans and Warlocks jumps is because they float in the air. This is very frustrating when you are playing PvP. There are countless of time where im trying to jump out the way but im floating in the air and I get sniped mid air. There are also times in PvE where im trying to jump out of the way and my Titan is hanging in mid air against a wall.
The hunters jump, eventhough limited by its height, to me its more versal... #4.3.4
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I really miss the cinematic of Summons. They were one of the highlights in final fantasy games. It would be cool if they've added the Knights of the Round Summon in Final fantasy 15 as fan service. #2.1
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I totally agree with you. Imagine 20-30 years from now when you tell your grand kids about the good time you had playing games on the PS4. Your grand kids be like,

Grand kids: Grandpa, how can we play those games
Grand pa; You cant, because i went full digital.
Grand Kids: Grandpa, everyone knows you never go full digital.
Grand Pa: *Puzzle look*
Grand Kids: Because when you go full digital, you go home empty handed.
Grand Pa: DoH!
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Dont forget all this licensing B.S. too. #2.1
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I'm not big on open world games ( I feel lost when i play them but its due to my fault). But if I was into open world games, the Witcher 3 would be a no brainer. but since I've already bought the season pass for Destiny, i will be playing the H.O.W DLC. #2.2.2
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A bitch that everyone keeps going back to.
Xur and his boss could probably end this Crota invasion non-sense. They apparently have all the good gears and weapons. Why dont they just use it against Crota? #1.1
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Not an advantage. 19 bucks is only for a DLC which is about 2/3 of the Witcher 3 entire game. To me, the DLC is too expensive. #2.2
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I need shards to level up lots of my Raid gears. My biggest mistake was creating only one character and playing with that character for over 7 months. By having one character, i couldnt cash in some of the loot that the raids gives you. one character means one times the loot, where as 3 characters equal to three times the loot. #2.1
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Your level should not matter when it comes to the crucible. Everyone will start on a level playing field. The gun that you have will make a difference though. I hated the crucible because i really suck at it. The only reason why i play the crucible are:
1. Rank up my crucible
2. Complete bounties
3. Complete the exotic bounties

Lots of people play the crucible to get a chance at a good reward. I've never got anything good out of the... #4.3.2
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This is not due to Sony's fault. If you going to blame someone, blame Brazilian government. Games are expensive in Brazil is because they fall in the "Gambling" category. This means that anything that falls into this category will get taxed higher (i think 120%). To make up the difference due the taxes, Sony have to charge brazil higher to make up for it.
This higher tax is a burden on the company and the citizens of Brazil. #1.2.4
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