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and dont forget that PS plus is free

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According to "Rumours" it looks like the Scorpio will be the more powerful of the two. This will be interesting to see but not sure if these will be considered an "upgrade" to current consoles or will it be considered next gen consoles?

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uhhhh when was this game released??

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I get the same reaction from the server. did you know some theatres dont allow that? weird huh?

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If they have a price drop, then i think it can happen.

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Wait... Let me get my popcorn ready with a cup of butter for dipping. This will get good.

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The game is only 50% complete according to sources. But if this is just 50% complete, i cant imagine how it would look once it's 100%. It may even rival DriveClub.

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I finally got to play this game last week. Was finally able to get to the darkzone and boy did i get my ass kicked. I finally decided to partner up with a guy that just started as well. We still got our asses handed to us. The guy had enough and left. I removed myself from the darkzone and wandered around for about 30mins then finally turned it off. I might give it another try though.

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I want this game so bad for the PS Vita...

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How would a upgradeable console work tho? Wouldnt that cause parity among gamers? I mean PS4 Neo and PS4 will have parity but it sound like PS4 neo games will work on PS4 (but this still need to be confirmed).
However, an upgradeable console i cant imagine a console having multiple upgrades that can cause more parity among players.
One console could have no upgrades another could have 10 upgrades and other could be some where in between. How would games work on systems like...

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Would love to see Naughty Dog make a Marvel related game. Imagine them making a Captain America game.

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never look directly into awesomeness. I spent 10 minutes drooling at one single scene. This how a game should be made.

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When i play DriveClub, my wife thought i was watching a race on TV and asked why cant we see the entire race. Are they focusing on jsut that one racer? I told, her im playing a video game. She of course didnt believe me. THis morning after picking up the game, i start to play and she ask me if this a video game you're playing. It looks scary real.

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Dont worry bro youre not alone. I havent bought a cod game since Modern Warfare 2. Actually I've never even bought World at War. I was hoping that they will release it seperately but then i remember it's activision.

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The ghillie mission. Enough said.

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.., has become utter shit?
They've been utter shit for a long time. By pulling something like this, they are making people who already hate them...hate them more. I stop playing cod after black ops. But my all time favorite were Modern warfare and modern warfare 2.

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Microsoft stopped at 7 years if you think about. There were very very little to no exclusives for it for it last 3 years.

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If i remember correctly, didnt polygon give TLOU a not so good score, but they gave Uncharted...a Sony exclusive a 9?
Everyone pack your bag and family and start heading for a bunker because the apocalypse is upon us.

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Reviews are so subjective and in some case, some reviewer can be bias as well. So i will not take reviews seriously.

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If this game is called "Infinite" warfare, Im expecting them never to release another cod ever again.

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