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Living up to your name.

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Seriously though. Motion sickness varies from people to people. How do you explain some people getting sick while on a boat, reading while someone is driving, 3D glasses, fps games, etc... And others don't?
Two people playing a fps, one get sick and the other don't. Is that due to the lack of power in the console. Seriously dude, think thoroughly before you write a bias and non factual article.

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Didn't Xbox 360 also have a 1 year head start as well? The ps4 and X1 released nearly the same time and the ps4 has a 20 million lead.

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The Norse gods and creatures are in for a rude awakening. I honestly think that kratos was responsible for all the extinction events that ever occurred on earth.

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Oh look, it's polygon review.

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That's because people who owns a wii u is so low, so sales will suffer. Here an example. There are about 40 million people who owns a ps4, but how many copies of uncharted 4 were sold? Compared to number of console out there to how many uc4 sold, it's very small.

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VR will be the future...for porn.

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True, the only advantage that Xbox took was with the Xbox 360 one year head start over the PS3 and they still screwed up that one.

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Almost 20 million consoles separates the two. I'm not sure there is anything Microsoft can do to cut into that lead.

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hahahah, Salty much DOOPY?

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Im a year 1 player, i grind, grind, grind, grind some more and never got the Ghjally. I will preordering this so that i can get one.

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I dont care for the enemies because i will be blowing them sky high with the revival of the Ghjallahorn.

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Will power is the key my friend. If you dont like the leak, dont click the link. Its very simple and very easy to do.

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Good games should be experienced by everyone... except for Uncharted 4, you guys cant have uncharted 4.

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Why you think they got bought out in the first place. If you own a business and your priority is not about profits, you have no business running a business.
You think blizzard or any company wants to spend millions of dollars to make a game because it from the kindness of their heart?

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"Watch_Dogs 2 Will Focus on Parkour & Delivering the Ultimate Hacker Fantasy; Co-op Included."
Is downgraded graphics included as well just like the first one?

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I like this idea, but i would want the avengers to join in the fray as well.

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I know E3 show trailers usually show cases game with best graphics and i understand that the game that is released will have some differences but after watching this video, the downgrades are crazy.
False advertising??

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yes you dont go to jail for a life time for robbing a bank, thats why some people go back to robbing banks when they are released.
This is why rapists, murderers, etc.. continue to do what they were doing after leaving prison.

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