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"Yes, he does go on to talk more about it, but it's certainly a far cry from a couple of years ago." - Not really in the past they have made exceptions with games that were hyped,etc i.e Warframe had known timed launch exclusivity on PS4 yet launched later with no added content. Difference between 2013/2014 and now is that any dev can now come to the platform if they made a deal elsewhere by making a deal with them and adding "unique content". So th...

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"If Xbox is gonna get sloppy seconds" - This is false and disrespectful. So devs physically and mentally not able to do simultaneous release = "sloopy seconds". Come one now... And if this is the case MS don't actually require "unique" content.

The requirement is only if you have made a deal elsewhere in the past a requirement which Sony none Nintendo have.

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"in exchange for console exclusivity. Without Sony, YS net would have to divert their KS funds towards this." - This isn't completely true. As far as we know neither Sony or YS.net announced any kind of formal exclusivity so Sony's involvement isn't the reason why it's console exclusivity. i.e with something like Street fighter they clearly say it was console exclusive when it was announced.

It's exclusive because they are the only one outside S...

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If you really care the info has been detailed and re detailed several times an can be found on kickstarter.

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Could do with a better keyboard

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And you think the majority are not doing the same with XB1. Maybe you should look at sales charts once in a while.

Also receipts on your numbers.

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People read what is said on the picture. It is listed as a trailer in both the genre, system/platform and in title. No where does it say it will be a playable demo for attendees.

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Amazon gift cards would be great :)

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This is straight up trolling.

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Yh it's either XB1 or PC. This "leak" though is a bit funny because "It was announced for both consoles" is not true at all and makes it sound like the rep is misinformed but then they do have a listing for it so...

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"hat’s not to mention how unfair this whole activity is on other development studios. Isn’t the point of a Kickstarter that anyone can have their project funded? But when the big studios start to exploit this, won’t the small ones peter out? " - When did Ys.net become a big studio? And there is no pre-defined requires for Sony size in order to be funded by Kickstarter.

"What chance does a small Kickstarter have if all the money is being invested into a project ...

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To you. To me there are multiple stories here including the PC increase, PS4 difference between XB1, big increase in others. Expected maybe but given the AC bundles you could argue the difference shouldn't be as large.

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"troll article" - You mean Facts. FTFY.

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And that PS4 makes more money. Yes...

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"The real story here should be the strong push PC gaming is making up 9%" - Based on your judgement. The author choose to focus on something else. It doesn't make it any less of the "real story".

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You trolls must be having a blast with having 5 bubbles now.

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I would say they will likely stick to their correct setup of dropping res but maybe not as often as now because of time to optimize more. I say this because dropping res is something you do on PC if were a game is gpu-bound to increase framerate. I did this with dark souls on intel hd graphics to get a good 30fps refresh. If they were CPU-bound then dropping res wouldn't help too much you can test this with PC games that are cpu-bound.

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Everyone likes free stuff. Thanks as always Mods. Looking forward to see what is highlighted each day.

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Ughh.... There are divisions outside Xbox you know. Businesses work together every time even when they are competitors. They are not fanboys or kids. If a solution works for them and the competitor is willing to work with/for them they would work together.

Also even if this is true MS isn't going to suddenly lock down their chips to themselves. They would be losing shit tonnes of money on their investment. There is a reason minecraft is staying as a multi-plat title.

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The one part of F2P I would argue the most basic and what makes a game truly F2P isn't embraced yet on XBL because access is locked behind a pay wall until then those games are P2A(Pay to access) than free to play.

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