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Yes I do. Sony give my PSVR, PS4, 1yr PS+ and a Sony 4K TV for this.

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At Best buy. And it was about revenue.

"PS4 Uncharted bundle highest earning product at Best Buy"(From neogaf) - http://blog.infoscout.co/bl...

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"I didn't mean to go off topic or patronise, but there was suggestion in the thread that the reported sales numbers reflect poorly on the dev team,".

While you choose a bad comment to reply to because for someone who says they are "unqualified" to discuss numbers why would you enter a thread about sales and mention the quality of the game when the comment you're replying "It's funny looking back at some older posts how we had the same conv...

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"I wish we'd all stop giving them media attention, perhaps they'd stop then."

Well you're giving them credit also by saying they were responsible. Them saying that would take it down 30 mins before doesn't prove their claim because it takes a while for reports to be reported by the media so could have already been happening and this isn't the first time as pointed out by Nitrowolf2 PSn has struggled during peak times.

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If it's not too much work could there be better separation between hot stories and regular stories as the one thing I have hated about the Tabloid view is that there is no timeline. I think that's one thing that would make the new layout more accepting because it would make it more organised and in line with the current view.

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Based on the Rod Fergusson's answer at the PC gaming conference last E3. It's either that or a port of another gears which seems unlikely based on MS's current strategy which is if it makes sense to be on both platforms and that was put into consideration from the time of development then it will be PC/Xbox like Halo wars 2, Sea of Thieves.


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Yep - From a trails fusion dev -

"We reach double frame rate compared to the graphically demanding titles such as Infamous Second Son, Killzone (SP), Assassin's Creed and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Rough mapping:
720p @ 60 fps is slightly more demanding to the GPU than 1080p @ 30 fps
900p @ 60 fps is almost 50% more demanding to the GPU than 1080p @ 30 fps
1080p @ 60 fps is twice as demanding to the GPU than 1080p @ 30 fps

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Based on videos on youtube it seems to be only when the account is new. If so then the point is valid.

Logging in - https://www.youtube.com/wat...

New account - https://www.youtube.com/wat...

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Well it's been a while since we had such differences. I do wonder how close it will reach the 60fps target like TR:DE before it was estimated to be about 50.98fps on average in gameplay performance.


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I'm thankful for life, my parents and friends that have supported me throughout the years to be where I am now.

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Yes because that's the only games available in the 2 yrs or so of PS4 life or have been ever bundled.

Man these troll posts are getting old.

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Well said. Plus it would be a waste of their licensing from Disney to just sit around.

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Because 60fps + the graphical features BF is pushing doesn't come cheap.

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"lol, yet right above that maria/new Monday gives random sales % data without the benefit of knowing Halo5's digital sales and you only question jetlian #s. Microsoft is on record saying digital sales are increasing significantly, Halo5 will likely be the biggest selling digital game on X1, nobody here can say what the final sales difference between Halo5 and it's predecessors is even remotely without the benefit of digital sales data, for previous Halo i...

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I don't understand why people continue to try and do silly calculations like yours. That revenue figure is for all things Halo 5. Hardware(Accessories, Consoles, etc), Software(Micro transitions, DD, etc). You can't randomly just estimate the percentage share each section did.

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"Neogaf isn't the holy grail. This NPD George guy who claims to work for npd hasn't even been approved by the mods at Gaf. "

If you don't browse sales gaf too much that you would know the numbers are legit because Cosmic pretty much hinted at it being legit so did John(And we know they have access to NPD data) and if Nirolak hasn't banned him then he is as close to legit as we will get.

"Goes to ...

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This is NPD and there were no numbers mentioned so...


They don't give numbers last year either. Numbers will get are from insiders so you can't really count that because it's not from MS.


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"At the moment, while the Playstation Now service does offer more games associated with its service via a Netflix-like experience, Microsoft’s more traditional approach to backwards compatibility isn’t asking you for a monthly fee or a rental charge to play the games you may already own. You can never go wrong with BC allowing users to simply put their older games into their new system and play."

PSnow is closer to an actual service and not more of a feature like BC...

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"The gap can only close with a GAME changer like a new game that really makes other console owners jealous." - That will not close the gap at the moment none can one game or even several games do that. Years worth of sales is needed for any gap to be closed as of now at which the XB1 needs to be outselling the PS4 by a large margin everywhere!

All you you need to know is look at history at see what impact a game release does.It's a boost not a complete change in...

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"I don't even understand why Sony is celebrating him". Easy he's a marketing juggernaut. Just look at what his influence did with Skate 3 - http://www.mcvuk.com/news/r...

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